Angelique looked out the closed window of the Dupres family estate, as a man with dark hair stood outside, looking straight at her. The young man outside waved his hand with a big smile across his face.

"Hello up there!" yelled the man. Angelique opened up the window and smiled down at him. She let out a silent laugh. The dark haired man looked up at her with his own very silent laugh.

"What are you doing outside, Barnabas!" yelled Angelique. Barnabas shrugged and motioned her to come down outside with him. She closed the window and ran down the stairs. She put her hooded cape on and stepped out of the servant's house. Angelique made her way over to him as the moon lit up her skin.

"You look very beautiful under the moon, my dear." whispered Barnabas with a long smile. He leaned in and kissed her soft red lips. He then guided her to the guest house. Angelique felt his soft lips press against the skin of her neck. He gently laid her down onto the bed. Everything then went blurry to Angelique's vision.

Angelique woke up the next morning to find that she wasn't wearing her dress she had been wearing that night. Barnabas laid next to her with his naked body touching her back and his arm around her bare side. He woke up and kissed her ear.

"I love you, Angelique." whispered Barnabas. Angelique turned to put her head on his bare chest. He pulled her chin up and kissed her. Barnabas breathed in his lovers sweet scent.

"I love you too, Barnabas." she whispered back as she quickly kissed him. She began to get up, but then he pulled her back with a smile. Angelique let out another smile and began to giggle.

"Please stay a few minutes. I don't want to have to be by myself." Barnabas pleaded with a frown. Angelique let out a smile and nodded. "Good girl." Barnabas kissed her deeply and pulled the blonde woman closer.

"We should run away, so we could be together forever." whispered Angelique. Barnabas smiled and nodded.

"We should do it tonight. We could go back to my home and have as many children as we want. I'll meet you here with your things, but for now let's just stay here, lying next to each other all alone with noone to bother us." he replied. Angelique nodded and nuzzled his naked chest. "I Love you and I will never leave you, my dear Angelique."

"But soon we must get up before your uncle wakes up and sees me with you." Angelique whispered back. Barnabas eyes grew big and he shot up, making Angelique go with him. He stood up and began putting his clothes on. Angelique stood there watching with the blanket wrapped around her naked body. Angelique stood up and pulled her dress over her head with a smile. She began to pull her hair up in curls and Barnabas starred after he was finished getting his clothes back on. He smiled and the couple walked out of the guest house. There was nobody around, but the two lovers. Barnabas kissed her goodbye and walked off.