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Hey Everyone! It's me and Pretty Princess bringing you our first fanfic! If you don't like this story, be nice on the flames OK? Please R&R and give us good advice .In the beginning of the story, Goten is about 6 and Bra is 5. I know, a little strange but it works out all well. Now without further adieu, the first chapter of In The Mirror!

" EEEEWW!!!!! How could you stand to even touch those things?"

" Aww come on, just touch it!"

"Goten, put the worm down!" Chichi commanded. It was a beautiful day and the Son Family, The Briefs, Piccolo and Dende were all enjoying a day in the woods. " Mom, I was just showing Bra how cool these things really are." Goten said. Chichi started to giggle. She thought thought it was nice how the two of them were getting along. 'It would be cool if the two of them would get together someday. Oh shake that thought out of your head Chichi. They'll probably be just friends.'  Or so she thought.

 15 Years Later.

Bra started to sob. "It's ok Bra. Some guys are real jerks you know," Goten said. " This guy was different though," Bra said, choking on tears. Goten would have never thought of them as a couple. He just viewed her as a sister and nothing more. " You know what? Let's call Trunks, and Pan, so we could all go out and have a good time to make you feel better. We'll just go and hang out," Goten Offered. " That sounds good," Bra said. Goten picked up the phone and just when he was going to dial Trunks' number, Bra said, "Goten, thank you for being there for me when I needed a friend."

" Hey! What are friends for?"