Yuri Katsuki sighed as he walked down the street back to his hotel where he was staying. He finished a little run to get rid of his stress so that he could get a fitful sleep before his competition the next day. It definitely had cleared his head, and he seemed more relaxed than he felt before any other competition.

He pulled out his phone, checking the time and noticing just how late it was. It was already midnight and he had yet to eat anything for dinner. Sighing in discontent as his stomach growled loudly, he looked around him on the street.

'The hotel lobby won't be serving dinner this late at night, all the food would have been put up by now,' he thought to himself. 'Where is a close place to here that I can eat something this late at night?'

It took a few moments before his eyes landed on a hot pot place that looked like it was still open. His eyes lit up as the smell of food from its interior finally wafted into his nose. He checked both sides of the road, waiting as a few cars passed before jogging across and pushing open the doors.

To his surprise, he wasn't the only competitive figure skater out this late and eating. In fact, he could practically see everyone that was competing. Christophe Giacometti was sitting with a few other rink skaters, and they all seemed to be having a great time, even though they weren't eating anything. The only person that Yuri didn't see with the group was Viktor Nikiforov.

'Figures. A world champion of quite a few years knows a thing or two about sleeping right before a competition.'

He was startled when someone grabbed his arm and jerked him to the side, dragging him to one of the booths in the diner. He was forced into one side of the booth and the person who dragged him sat on the other side, putting his head in his hands and smiling joyfully at him.

'Or not.'

"V-Viktor?" Yuri stuttered out in surprise.

"Yuri~! Your short preformance today really got me going!" Viktor began, a slight slur in his words. "It was really too bad that you were unable to land all of your jumps. The preformance would have been that much better."

Yuri watched uncertainly as Viktor took a bite of fish and smiled happily. "Vkusno!"

Upon closer inspection, Yuri had gathered that his idol was drunk and eating raw fish foods the night before a competition, both of which were not very safe before the Grand Prix Final.

"V-Viktor," Yuri began, adjusting his glasses slightly as he gained the Russian skater's attention. "A-Are you sure you should be eating and drinking as you are the night before the free skate?"

"This is nothing to really worry about," Viktor stated and waved his hand up and down. "I do this every night before a competition."

'R-Really?' Yuri thought, surprised. His eyes widened slightly and he fidgeted in his seat.

"You should eat, Yuri!" Viktor announced, pointing to the sea of food on the table in front of them. "This is why you came in here, is it not?" The Russian skater tilted his head to the side with a questioning look on his face, his electric blue eyes staring curiously into Yuri's warm brown ones.

Yuri nodded his head, uncertainly looking down at his food choices. He knew that the raw fishes would definitely mess with his preformance the next day and anything too heavy would cause him to gain unnecessary weight and be unable to wear his costume the next day. So he had to chose something light or just decline the offer and order something himself.

Surprisingly, he found what looked like greek yogurt near the end of the table. It was something light, and it appeared to have strawberries in it, which were also great for the skin. He looked at it for a moment before turning back to Viktor.

"U-Um... can I eat that yogurt?" he asked, a light film of red coating his cheeks and spreading across the top of his nose.

Viktor blinked a couple of times at him, moving and placing his hand on top of Yuri's. "Is that really all you want?"

Yuri's entire face lit up in red and he quickly removed his hand from Viktor's and nodded his head, his glasses going a skew. Viktor just smiled at him and nodded his head.

"Sure! If that's what you want," he replied before taking a drink from his cup and sighing as a woozy effect over took his form.

Yuri ate silently, feeling awkward as Viktor stared at him. Neither spoke, which caused Yuri to shrink a little in his seat. Who would have thought that meeting his idol would be during such and awkward situation?

As he was finishing his yogurt, Yuri found that the other skaters were leaving the diner and it was now only him and Viktor inside. Yuri noticed Christophe look over to the two of them, smiling slightly before exiting.

This caused Yuri to sigh, hoping that the elder figure skater wasn't going to take this the wrong way. He eyes flicked over to a nearby clock and widened as he saw where the hour hand was.

'How is this place still open?' Yuri wondered as he noticed that the time was nearing half past midnight.

He put the empty yogurt cup down, and he was startled when Viktor's thumb suddenly caught the bottom in his chin. The Russian male leaned awfully close to his face and smiled seductively down at him. Yuri was so entrance in the look that he found he couldn't pull away. He felt that just by the look he was getting alone he would become pregnant. It was as if no gender rules applied to the man right in front of him and he couldn't tear himself away.

Viktor flicked his tongue out of his mouth, licking right beside Yuri's lips where there was a little bit of yogurt left over. Yuri's face got really red and he pulled back furiously, staring wide eyed at Viktor.

"Eh? Why are you running away?" the silver haired man asked, tweaking an eyebrow. "There was just a little bit of yogurt on your face and I was kindly getting it for you."

"I'm sorry," Yuri replied on impulse, sitting back up completely in his seat as Viktor returned to his original position.

"Why are you apologizing?" Viktor asked.

"I-I..." To be quite honest, Yuri didn't know. He fiddled with his thumbs in his lap, looking at his hands instead of Viktor.

To this, Viktor chuckled.

"Haha~, you're kind of cute," he voiced, putting his hand on his cheek and leaning on the table. He gave Yuri an adorable closed eyed smile, even though the latter didn't notice.

Yuri hardly spared a glance up at the male before standing up. He bowed towards Viktor, thanking him for the yogurt and for offering to let them eat together. Well, Yuri was practically dragged, but that didn't matter very much.

"It was very kind of you to give me something to eat, but I really must be going so that I may get enough rest for the competition." Yuri stood up straight, beginning to walk towards the entrance of the diner when Viktor slid his hand into Yuri's and stopped the younger man in his tracks. Yuri turned to look at the Russain male, who smiled at him happily.

"Let me walk with you back to your room!" Viktor announced excitedly.

Not knowing what else to do, Yuri removed himself from Viktor's grip quickly and nodded his head, a red coat of blush covering his skin.

The walk itself was very quiet, except for when Viktor would hum to himself with a bright smile or when he nearly walked into the road right in front of a car. The car hadn't even attempted to stop, and if Yuri hadn't stopped Viktor himself, there wouldn't have been one less skater to compete against the next day.

When they reached Yuri's room, Yuri turned to say good night to Viktor when he was brushed past by the Russain. He watched in shock as Viktor grabbed his arm and dragged him one room over and inside of it. When the door was closed behind them, Yuri found himself inside of Viktor's hotel room for their stay there and he was unsure of the reason he was brought inside.

"Um... Viktor? I really have to be going to sleep in my room or I won't be prepared for the competition tomorrow."

"Ah, relax!" Viktor replied nonchalantly and motioned for Yuri to follow him. "I just wanted to have a little fun before we retire for the night! You wouldn't mind that, would you?" Viktor looked back at Yuri with wide, seemimgly innocent eyes. Yuri hesitated before he began to follow the Russian to the bedroom.

"I-I guess, but I can't be up too much later," Yuri whispered in reply.


~for resons, the next part of the story will not be posted at this time. It will be revealed at some point, though, so look forward to that! Sorry for teasing you guys like this...~


Yuri scrambled to pull on his clothes, rushing to put his jacket over his form and zip it up. His face was beet red and he fumbled with his shoes, not even trying to tie the laces. He grabbed his glasses, which lay haphazardly on the ground beside Victor's bed and placed them over his eyes.

He made a move towards the door, stopping momentarily to look back at Viktor. The Russian skater was sound asleep, the white bedsheets wrapped tightly around his naked body and an equally white pillow cuddled in his grasp.

'How could he possible sleep after what he just did to me?' Yuri asked himself, tears threatening to spill from the corners of his eyes and he turned, ripping the door open and racing through the room and out into the hallway of the hotel.

He looked around, sighing in relief as he noticed that nobody was out and about. He made his way quickly to the next room over, opening the door and closing it shut behind him. He leaned againts it and sighed, looking down at his hands and noticing that they were quivering.

The tears in his eyes finally fell out, landing in his palms as he brought his hands to his face. Silent sobs cascaded through his body and he slid down the door, plopping on the ground. He brought his legs up to his chest and put is forehead on his knees, wrapping his arms around his legs and crying from the pain in his mind, body, heart, and soul.


"What are you doing lying on the floor in front of your door? The competition is going to start in an hour and I've been looking everywhere for you!"

Yuri opened his eyes, drowsiness causing his movements to become sluggish. He propped himself up on his hands and looked up at the familiar face of his coach. The man stared down at him disapprovingly with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Celestino?" he asked groggily, the feeling that he did something horribly wrong dragging him down to the floor again and making him feel like he was going to throw up. For some reason, he felt immeasurable guilt, but he didn't quite underatand why.

That is, until the memory of the night before resurfaced back in his half-consious mind.

The memory honestly did make him feel like he wanted to throw up, but he forced down the horrible feeling and picked himself up off the ground. He looked down at his hands, the fatigue in his body causing them to shake.

"You look like you barely got a wink of sleep last night!" Celestino reprimanded. "Do you know how important it is for a skater to sleep? You won't be able to compete to your fullest potential looking like that!"

Yuri didn't say anything, only looked at the time on his phone and his eyes widened.

"We have to go Celestino!" Yuri frantically called, changing into his Free Skate outfit as quickly as possible and racing through the halls of the hotel.

By the time they made it to the rink, the second preformance was already finished. Christophe Giacometti was winking at the crowd and waving before turning and leaving the rink. When he saw Yuri, he made his way over to the younger male and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Where were you Yuri?" the male asked the tired looking Japanese. "You weren't there for the practice on ice and the news camera's were going to everyone they could and asking to see you so they could ask about how you feel about your Grand Prix Free Skate. To be honest, it made me a little jealous that they wouldn't ask me."

"I'm sorry Christophe, " Yuri apologized, bowing politely to the man. "Celestino actually woke me up not too long ago and we just didn't get here fast enough."

Christophe looked over Yuri, his eyes immediately noticing the dark bags underneath the chocolate brown eyes. He put his face close to Yuri's and grabbed the boy's chin, looking him over.

"You make it sound as if you've been sleeping for a long time, but it looks like you got very little sleep at all. Hmm..." he brought his face closer and his eyes widened slightly. "It also looks as if you were crying as well. What happened Yuri?"

Yuri jumped back, waving his hands frantically in front of him and shaking his head. "I'm fine, I'm fine! Really! I'm just a little nervous is all."

" Up next is Yuri Katsuki of Japan to preform his free skate. "

Christophe looked down at Yuri worriedly as the boy made his way to the rink. "Good luck, Yuri."

"Thank you," Yuri replied, sitting and quickly lacing his skates, giving his glasses to Celestino before taking the ice.


Yuri ended the call to his family, putting his face in his hands and crying to himself.

He failed them. He failed Celestino. He failed Japan and the Grand Prix. He even failed himself.

He couldn't land a single one of his jumps perfectly, either over rotating or just falling, and he was unable to stay in tune with the music. It was pathetic and he knew the reason why he hadn't been able to preform as well as he had wanted. It was because of his idol, that's why he was unable to achieve what he wanted.

As much as he hated to admit it, it was all Viktor's fault that he failed as miserably as he had. The night before had really messed with his mind, and Viktor had the audacity to skate as perfectly as ever! Winning first as he had the years before without so much as a discomforted look on his part.

Did he not even remember what he had done to Yuri at all?

He jumped when a loud bang attacked the stall he was in, effectively opening it and revealing an angered blond male. Yuri quikly stood and moved to where he was near the ouside of the stall, getting a closer look at the male.

'Yuri Plisetsky! The Russian punk who won gold in the junior Grand Prix Finals!'

He noticed that Plisetsky had been yelling at him, but he didn't even catch anything that was thrown his way. Yuri knew for sure, though, that with the angered expression on the young Russian's face, he was supposed to be on the recieving end of some pretty heavy insults.

But there was one insult that was pretty clear.


It was shouted with such force and anger that Yuri's glasses were now tipping sideways on his nose. He was surprised that Plisetsky's jaw hadn't been ripped off from his own insult, but he didn't have any time to respond before the Russian clicked his tongue and left the bathroom.

Yuri sighed to himself, shaking his head and taking off his glasses. He walked to the sink, placing them on top of it before turning the water on. The cool water was splashed onto his face, removing the heat his skin had gained from crying. He looked at his reflection with slightly unfocused eyes, noticing the redness of his cheeks almost back to their original color. But there was no mistaking the slight tinge of red that was always in his eyes after he cried.

Hopefully no one would notice. He just had to make sure they didn't stare at him for too long.

He walked from the bathroom, placing his glasses back on his face. No one stopped to speak to him and he was able to keep his gaze down cast so they wouldn't have been able to look into his eyes. It was a feeling of relief he was dieing to feel since the night before.

The lobby of the stadium was crowded though, and it took him a while to shuffle his way through the mass of people. He bumped into people on accident and there were even a few people who stopped him and asked for his autograph. He was definitely surprised that, even though he completely bombed his performance, there were still people who supported him.

There were even fans who dared to ask what was bothering him, because they somehow knew that something horrible must have happened for him to have skated the way he did. Of course, even though he had to come up with an excuse on the spot, he was able to veer them away by saying that his poodle, Vicchan, passed away the night before and it really brought him down.

It wasn't so much of a lie, but it wasn't the truth either. Yes, Vicchan had passed away during his time away from his home and he was unable to see his dog one last time before Vicchan had left, but there was extra pain that was added to it.

Pain he hated thinking about. Pain that he hated experiencing. Pain he never thought would be forced onto him.

But, even after all of this time blaming Viktor for everything that happened today, he found that he didn't even hate the man. He couldn't even bring himself dislike Viktor. Something told him that Viktor really didn't understand anything that he was doing last night, and knew that it was an affect from drinking way too much. But he felt like being stubborn and holding it against Viktor, even though he didn't hate him.

Well, it was because of that stubborness that what happened later truly shocked him to his very core.