What if he just played?

What if he just acted like everything was okay?

What if he was never that good at everything?

What if he was buying drugs to keep him awake?

What if he was buying drugs to improve his studying?

What if he found out that he was never wanted?

What if Zack was the one that they wanted?

What if they wanted to leave him at orphanage?

What if he couldn't stand it?

What if he tried to be wanted?

What if he failed?

What if there were no people at his funeral?

What if he actually survived from a nearly suicide?

What if he found that one girl?

What if he was finally happy?

Thanks for reading. As you can see I prefer Cody. I'll try to write new stories, whenever I'll find the time. I have to many in my head, but it's hard for me to write then /not native in English/. But I hope you'll understand. I'm that kind of fan of fiction and TSLOZ&C/OD that I'll update as soon as possible. I read many amazing stories who never ended and it makes me upset. Cause I want to know the ending. So I hope I'll post everything on time. Have a wonderful evening 3