Dirty Mission

Disclaimer: I don't own Cap or Bucky. They both belong to Marvel, so are any other characters in this fanfic. I promise that I write fanfictiion only for fan, with neither illegal nor financial purpose. Not a plot of Hydra either, of course.

The story-CH1:

"Ready to comply."

The Hydra staff sneered when putting the red-covered notebook aside. He narrowed his eyes and stared at the asset sitting bolt upright before extruded his voice through his teeth:"Captain America is your primary obstacle, soldier. He stands on your way of creating a new world of order. Your mission, soldier, is to find him." With a ferocious expression a mix of hiss appeared in his voice, "Foolish public admire him as a god. Find him, soldier, and tear-out his leotard made of hypocrisy. Make him naked, make him bleed, make him torn, make him dirty, so that he would end with degeneration."

"Mission accepted."

There shouldn't be problems in Hydra's logic this time. Obviously, compared with a superhero who sacrificed with honor, Hydra prefer a disputed security risk as Captain America. It is generally agreed within Hydra that it was like cutting blocks with razor to send the top killer for a mission of simply throwing mud at a superhero, but one can never be too serious on important matters.

The problem, actually, was nobody had ever realized the possibility that it took time for some functions of the asset to be restarted after being defrosted, for example, the unit of philology. Winter Soldier, who had just been defrosted for no more than an hour, could not figure out the rhetoric part in the mission discussion. He took the literal meaning instead of the metaphor.

Winter Soldier had the skills of tracking which perfectly matched his alias of the No.1 killer. It took him only about one day to locate Captain America. The target looked mission free with an expression of mission free; the target was possibly on his way to either a daily shopping or a random walking; the target was along; the target was passing by an area with few people; there were more than one suitable place to hide within five hundred meters around target. The only fly in the ointment was that target was not wearing his "leotard made of hypocrisy" for him to tear-out.

Target was getting close to the dot of the Ace-killer of Hydra. Winter Soldier lowed his head for a quick glimpse on himself subconsciously. During the days in Hydra, a circle between mission and refrigeration gave him no memory of lust, nothing erotic at all. Yet even through plural uniform could he make sure that his…"equipment", for the mission was functioning well. On the day before he had just tested his equipment by inspecting it on the body-sized Captain America poster of the leotard version, army-uniform version and casual wearing version respectively.

Order of the matters was not a requirement of the mission. After deliberate analysis Winter Soldier was sure that he could save the leotard for next time, and he could finish the rest of the mission at the moment.