Ok, this is my first KND fic, but I had the idea before FFN put the category on the site. Now that it's here, I get to post it! Yay! The pairing is 3X4 with a 1X5 mention.

Summary: Numbuh Three is kidnapped by the Delightful Children. When discovered missing, Numbuh Four panics, which is naturally not like him. So why do they have her? And what about her rescue?

Chapter One: Candy Run

"Ay-ai-ai-ai. Ay-ai-ai-ai. Where's my samurai!" Numbuh Three danced up and down the street late one summer night, heading back home from a personal candy run. She was singing her favourite DDR song, Butterfly. "I'm searchin' for a man, all across Japan." Her music and step was cut short by a large cloth with a funny smell to it covering her mouth and nose. Before she could figure out what it was, she blacked out.

The next morning at KND headquarters, everyone sat down to breakfast. They were only half awake, but soon noticed one of their numbuh missing.

"Yo! Where's Numbuh Three? She promised Numbuh Five some choc-mallow blasters from her run!" Numbuh Five asked looking at Numbuh Three's empty place next to Numbuh Two.

"Maybe she stayed out late and is still asleep." Numbuh One said wisely as he too eyed the empty chair. Numbuh Four automatically jumped up.

"I'll go!" And with that short statement, he raced out the door leaving the others in a state of shock, but at the same time, they all knew why.

"So, you think he'll tell her before, or after she accidentally kicks the crap outta him?" Numbuh Five asked softly sipping her chocolate milk.

"After. He'll need a few days to recover." Numbuh Two said with a chuckle. They all knew why he had jumped so fast.

"I'm gonna get her. I owe her for all of those times she's jumped on me when I woke up late." Numbuh Four grumbled sneaking up to the closed door. This in ideal was true. Every time he woke up late, Numbuh Three would slide into his room and jump right into his bed, and grab him around the waist before tugging him out of the bed. Now was his turn. Sliding the door open quietly, he prepared to pounce. But before he did, he took a split second to think. (A/N: Does it seem odd to anyone else that Numbuh Four is thinking?) He thought of what would happen when he walked in there. Numbuh Three would be asleep in her t-shirt and boxers, naturally. But whenever he saw her in them, she was awake and tackling him. He'd never thought until that moment about how nice she looked in them. He automatically shook the thoughts from his head, and ran to the bed with a shout. But when he jumped on the bed, sheets and stuffies only met him. There wasn't a girl in there.

"Where is she? Numbuh Three? Numbuh Three?" He ran around the room trying to find her. He knocked on the bathroom door, but there was no answer. Throwing caution to the wind, he opened the door and walked in. There was no one in there. 'This is freaky.' He thought before speedily bolting outta the room and headed for the kitchen. Without even listening to the other's queries about where Numbuh Three was, he headed for the fridge. "No note, so she didn't go out early." He muttered.

"Like Numbuh Three gets up early. That girl is practically a Vampire with the way she hates to be up early." Numbuh Five said with a chuckle.

"Numbuh Four, what's wrong? Where's Numbuh Three?" He asked worried.

"MISSING!" Numbuh Four screamed. "She's not in her room, not in her bathroom, didn't leave a note, meaning she didn't go out, she's not in her room,"

"You said that one." Numbuh Two pointed out.

"Who CARES! She's bloody missing!" Numbuh Four shouted still, grabbing at Numbuh Two's shirt collar.

"Chill Numbuh Four." Numbuh One said, and eyebrow quirking. He didn't know what Numbuh Four would do if this got to him too badly. "Let's wait a few hours. We'll see if she shows up." Numbuh Four sulked but released his teammate. This wasn't going to be a pleasant day unless Numbuh Three came back safe and sound and had a good reason.

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