One rainy day while Daryl sat in in his sofa reading a book, that someone he wanted to forget but that he knew would never will gave him, he received a phone call.

"Hello is this Mr. Daryl Dixon?" asked a calm female voice.

"Yes," Daryl answered as he went to get his shoes since he was sure the phone call was about Merle and he had to bail him out of the jail again, settling to the fact that his brother would never change.

"I am Joan from Grady Hospital and I'm calling you about Beth Greene."

Daryl froze then whilst a million of thoughts surged through his head.

Beth? Beth Greene; the love of his life. Hospital?

"Hello? Sir?" the lady named Joan called through the phone after a minute had passed in silence.

"Yes." Daryl choked out remembering that the call was important.

"Yes, we have here that you're Miss. Greene's emergency contact and we would like to inform you that she has been in an accident." Joan informed him.

His heart stopped then.

Beth. In an accident. Is she ok? Emergency contact?

"Is she alright?" Daryl asked in a whisper, whilst praying to a God that he certainly didn't believe in that Beth was ok. No, more than ok, without one single scratch to her perfect body that he loved so much.

"Yes, sir she is alright. She suffered some injuries and had a concussion but she's alright. Now are you capable of coming to the hospital and pick her up? Her car was completely totaled thanks to the accident and she's in no condition to drive home."

Sighing internally in relief since Beth was only just injured but otherwise ok Daryl said," Yes…I can pick her up."

"Thank you sir," answered Joan. "You will find her in the ER."

After Daryl heard that, he set off. He looked again for his shoes that were immediately forgotten when he heard Beth's name, put them on, frantically searched for his truck keys, and went off to Grady Memorial Hospital; a hospital that he absolutely despised.

As he drove, Daryl then couldn't help but think about the fact that he was about to see Beth Greene again.

He hadn't seen her since they parted ways.

He hadn't seen her since that gray, cold December day when she told him that she was going to go to Nashville to follow her dream, and pled him to come along with her which he obviously refused to do.

Thinking back on that day as he drove, he really wished he had gone to Nashville with her because he so missed life with Beth Greene.

Life with Beth Greene had light.

It had music, and songs, and words that made him think. Life with her had happiness, and comfort and he missed that life so much.

He said no, however. He said no to life with her in Nashville because he was just going to pull her behind in her endeavors, or so he believed.

Beth now, though, had been gone for a year, and during that year he had a lot of time to think, and he realized that life with Beth in Nashville would have been better than life in Senoia. No one knew him in Nashville. No one recognized his last name, and no one knew of his pa or his wild older brother, or the words that came along with them.

In Nashville they would've been just Daryl and Beth, Beth and Daryl, and he felt really stupid because he didn't pack up his bags and ask her when they were leaving when she told him her plans.

That was a year ago though, and this was today, and as Daryl drove he appreciated the fact that he was going to see her today, not in the circumstances he would have preferred, but he was going to see her anyways.

He was going to see her and he was going to tell her that he was sorry. He had said it before but only in letters he doesn't think she received, because no reply ever came back. He was going to tell her that he loved her and that he would follow her to then end of the world. He just needed to be away from her for a while to learn that life without her was hell. He had to tell her that Dixons are stubborn as hell and do not know what they have until it's gone, and boy did Daryl learn.

He was going to tell her that he would carry her guitar and hold her hand until the end of the world if she wanted that, and he hoped she did because oh how much did he miss life with Beth Greene.

Arriving at the hospital, Daryl then went to park his truck. After doing so he headed to the ER and was then sent to a private room. After a nurse confirmed that he certainly was Daryl Dixon, Daryl was sent to room 301, and there she sat. There Beth sat against the bed, with stitches in her cheekbone and forehead. There she sat with a cast on her wrist, and looking beautiful as ever before. And when Daryl stepped through the door, and looked, for the first time in a year, into the beautiful eyes of Beth Greene all he could say was,


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