Viktor decided that there were distinct advantages to being tall. A few were fairly obvious, like being able to reach further than his opponents playing quidditch and reach the snitch first. Or being able to reach the sweets his wife hid in the tallest cupboard.

But as he stood on the crowded subway with his beautiful wife, he was glad that he was able to reach the railings that she couldn't while she held onto him for balance. It wasn't that he was worried of falling over. But Hermione wasn't as assured of his balance as he was.

He thought that being able to stay on his broom after sudden stops from going speeds that she thought were insane, were probably similar enough to the sensation of the train stopping. But he wasn't going to argue with her. She had just told him to hold on and then buried her face in his chest.

He enjoyed being able to hold her close. She wasn't always particularly fond of curling up into his embrace in front of people, but she really didn't like the idea of falling over. And Viktor wasn't going to let something as confusing to him as the subway stopping him from enjoying having her so close.

The door opened on a stop, and Hermione looked at the sign. "Our stop is next," she said.

Viktor nodded as the doors shut with a swish and Hermione tightened her grip on him. He wasn't complaining, but he was curious why she had insisted on the subway if she wasn't particularly comfortable with it.

"Vhy are ve taking train again?" he asked.

"My parents are meeting at the station. It's much easier than explaining portkeys and apparition to them. Better that we just meet them at the station."

"And vhy not apparate there?" Viktor asked amusingly.

"One portkey ride was more than enough for one day. I don't like feeling like I'm going to get squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste," she said.

Viktor smiled a little at her description of magical travel. Even floo powder, the simplest and easiest to use mode of transit aside from brooms, could leave a user feeling discombobulated. And Viktor knew that his wife, even after all her time in the wizarding world, was still not comfortable with any of the sensations.

The train slowed to a stop again and the doors dinged open. Hermione unfolded herself from her husband, a slight blush gracing her cheeks as he took her hand in his. They left the carriage and went to go find her parents.