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Running and hiding. It's all she's done for days. As exhausted as she was she had to keep moving. Her life depended on it.

It was dark now and that, theoretically, helped her a bit but when your pursuers had supernaturally heightened senses, the darkness only helped so much. Adelyn was determined and that determination drove her headlong into the darkness, trying her damnedest to keep to the shadows, to remain as quiet as she could but she knew her captors weren't far behind. Her right ankle throbbed as she pushed herself further. She knew she had to have sprained it about a half a mile back when her foot slipped on a moss-covered rock. It didn't matter, though. Nothing mattered but keeping as much of a distances as she could between herself and those who were chasing her.

Addie's all-too-human senses were attuned to the woods around her, her eyes and ears alert to the slightest rustle of the leaves or snap of a twig beneath someone's foot. Adrenaline will do that, sharpen your senses when you need it most, human or not. She was grateful for that now. It was probably the only thing keeping her alive at this point. God knows she's not the fastest or strongest person alive. Standing at only five-foot-one, she was a tiny thing but she liked to think, especially in moments like this, that her small stature gave her an advantage, that maybe because she was small, she was a bit more agile. Hopefully, that was true.

A snap of a branch a few yards away made her head snap in that direction. She stopped where she was and crouched down against the trunk of the nearest tree, trying to keep her ragged breathing low, afraid that would be the thing that would give away her position. Not that it mattered much. The ones pursuing her could sniff her out, literally. Still, she was doing all she could not to make it too easy for them.

The breaking of the branch was accompanied by the sound of voices but these voices were not the familiar voices she expected. Two men and a woman, it sounded like, and they weren't far off. Days she had been out here and this was the first time she had heard the sounds of other people, other than her pursuers. It could be her only chance to get help. Her legs burned with fatigue and her ankle was screaming at her to stop but, taking a deep breath, she forced herself up from where she was hidden and launched herself in the direction of the strangers' voices.

"You really think doing this in the middle of the night is the best idea? I mean, it's not like we're not practically invincible but still. The woods around your house have always kind of given me the creeps."

"'Given you the creeps?' Is that Caroline-speak for 'I'm too chicken to wander the woods after dark?'"

"No. It's just….you know what, Damon? Shut up."

"Both of you shut up. Listen," Stefan held up a hand to quell the childish bickering but his attention was very clearly focused on a sound coming from a few yards off. "Someone's out there."

Their fire wood gathering mission forgotten, now Caroline and Damon were both taking more of a defensive stance, ready to take down whatever it was that was charging in their direction. The very last thing they expected to see come barreling out of the darkness in their direction was a child. At least she looked to be no more than a child. Long auburn hair flying in tangled knots behind her, the girl all but ran face-first into Stefan's chest. If he hadn't caught her by the shoulders just before impact, they both could have ended up stumbling to the ground. "Woah," he began, but didn't have the chance to finish.

"They're coming," was all the girl managed to get out before falling in a dead faint into Stefan's arms.

"'They're coming. What the hell does that mean?" Damon demanded.

"How should I know?! You heard the exact same thing that I did." Caroline was starting to panic, her eyes frantically scanning their surroundings for danger. For all they knew someone else was going to come racing at them and this time it most likely wouldn't be some innocent kid.

"Look, let's just get the hell out of here, back to the house," Stefan reasoned as he scooped the child up into his arms. All three vampires rushed off at top speed toward the Salvatore house.