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My Dark Flower:


Harry was in his room, or rather, his cousin's second bedroom. As he was about to fall asleep, he heard tapping on his window, he sat up, wondering who would be writing to him at this hour of the night, he just shook his head, walked over to the window, and gently let the owl in.

Or so he thought it was an owl, but before he could do anything else; he heard a flick of a wand behind him, an another, after a few more flicks of the wand from behind, the stranger sighed, Harry on the other hand, didn't know what was happening, he did however, know that someone was in his room, but was unable to think of the name.

Then the stranger covered his mouth, and that's when he heard someone whisper softly, almost a whisper, "Try to escape, and I shell end you."

Harry froze at the sound, he knew who the voice belonged to, try as he might, he didn't know what was happening, now that the other hand was in his pants, unable to think of ways to get her out of his room, he didn't know what to do, as the hand kept stroking his already hard cock, he failed to noticed that the hand that was on his mouth, was suddenly titling his head back, and that's when he felt her lips on his.

Harry didn't know what to do, his hands had a mind all on their own, however, they slowly crept up the woman's thigh, making her deepen the kiss, moaning into his mouth; as for the hand that was still in his pants, it found its way wrapped around the boy, pulling him closer, his hands slipped up the woman's dress; making her groan and moan even more, however, they stopped at her underwear, weather or not to continue.

The woman groaned in desperation, Harry, having heard the desperation in her crazied voice, suddenly found himself taking off his clothes, she stared with dark lustfilled eyes, once he was done, he then watched as she too begun to take off her own clothes, however, they both begun to rub each other, both found themselves on his bed, unable to control each other. Harry soon had one of her nipples in his mouth, one hand on the other, and the other in her underwear, causing her to moan and hiss in pleasure out loud.

As for the woman, who was under him, one of her hands found itself reaching for his already precum soaked cock, while the other gently but fiercely pulled onto the boy's hair, and she soon found herself moaning loudly; as the boy sucked, licked, and played with both of her nipples.

It went on for a few more minutes, but Harry already had a hard time controlling himself; so before the dark witch could do anything more to his cock; they both heard fabric ripping, both looked down as Harry practically torn off her underwear, leaving her naked. Before she could even think of what he was up to, she felt something lick her entrance, unable to think of what was really happening, she let out a howl, not caring that they might be over heard from his relitives.

Harry took her in his mouth, his hands at her waist, sinking into her skin; she fisted the sheets, howling loudly as he begun to stick his tounge in and out. However, he couldn't take it anymore, and so, before she could get calmed down, he made one swift move, he was inside of her, she arched her back, but then he started to move, making her move with him.

She came, shouted loudly as she spill all over the sheets, but when she did, he only sped up, which made the bed move, it was about twenty minutes later, in which he did come inside her, shouted her name loudly.

He pulled out, colasping beside her, she smirked, and climb on top of him; however, before he could even move or say something, she leaned down to whisper in his ear, long dark curls was the only thing he could actually see, "Don't even think about it, we wouldn't want something bad to happen right?"

He only could nod, agreeing with her, however, he couldn't really make any sense as she bounced on him, the bed moving in time with her bounces as she rode him, all night long.

When she came, once more spilling onto the sheets, she got off of him, making him question her, however, as she begun sucking and licking his cock, his hands grabbed onto her hair, and he begun thrusting in her mouth, making her moan in pleasure.

The more she sucked, the more he kept his hand deeply tangled in her dark curls, the moment he did come, he fiercely brother her in a kiss, causing her to attack him, in which she wrapped her legs around him, and as they both pulled apart; she finally had the courage to get up, and got her clothes on, preparing to leave.

Once she was dressed, he too got dressed, in his night clothes, he met her in the center of the room, knowing that soon it would be her to leave, they both stared at each other, one with black eyes, while the other with green eyes, however, before she was about to leave his room, he brought his forehead to hers, wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her closer, she on the other hand, pulled him in for a soft kiss, one that made him rethink his current relationship.

The moment was short-lived, once letting go, she took a step back, and was gone as silently as when she first came.