[ World of tanks, 9:00 am]

The crisp cold snow fell on to the town of Himmelstorf as the engines reved, the clock winding down from thirty seconds. It was a tier five battle and near the church was a AT 2 with it's crew checking stations.

"radio check." The commander said, evoking the standard protocols.

"driver here." The driver responded.

"loader here." The loader responded.

"gunner here." The gunner responded.

The crew of four included Carl as commander, Charles as driver, Dave as loader and Michael as gunner. These men drove their tank destroyer 'thestarfighter' in battle time and again, and during some battles they 'died'. Afterwards they would 'awaken'. So they would have no reason to fear the enemy except for exp and silver reasons. This battle was no different to them.

The clock tick it's final tick causing them to drive forward into the one of the buildings overlooking the center with the fountain, enemies tried to rush center with scouts, but the team killed them, 4 of them for a single scout. The enemy arty was deadly, but a panzer 1 c had rushed and gunned it to death before a fire burned it alive, the crew shot themselves in an essence to have minimal memory of the pain.

The enemy destroyers were trying to take center by flanking left and right while holding middle with only five tanks, the attack commenced, the destroyer on the left was destroyed by a kamikaze medium while the right had took care of 3 tanks before it too was kamikazed.

Thestarfighter took out the two destroyers in the middle after a ally was taken out by the both of them. The rest of the team had been dealt with as the hill and railroad only resulted in 'stalemates' as they had no victor.

With 26 tanks out of the match, star and the lone arty teamed to take on the last two. A Russian tier 4 spg and a M3 lee, the spg was located near the railroad shed, or as it was last spotted there. The m3 was on the hill last, five seconds later the arty took care of the m3 lee, leaving a long hunt. Star advance forward to the north flag and turned to the rails.

"Keep a lookout, I rather not be sent back without some good pocket change." Carl ordered.

"You know, I wonder what if we were to actually die, not sleep, to go to the great tank garage in the sky." Charles asked.

"If one of us don't awaken, you can call me dumbass for all you want because it won't happen." Dave answered.

Meanwhile in the Russian spg.

"this not good, we must improvise protocol 4689 now, otherwise the plan will not work." The commander said, turning his head to the driver.

"starting up the mechanism comrade!" He responded.

he bashed a button cause the item to activate. As soon as it did a bright light rose and then it fell, then a wave of force ripped through the game itself. Tanks were hit left and right, 'dead' tanks, and alive tanks, soon it became clear that there was a true difference from each other.

The 'dead' tanks could still transmit messages, a radio man in one was transmitting to star on the last soccer game when it suddenly was cut off.

"Yo James, what happen in overtime, this isn't funny James, I have money on that game." Michael said, doubling as radioman.

"hey what's wrong, did James quit talking to you just like the Tv after you stop paying rent?" Carl asked.

"No, this serious, James is the one who only shuts up after battle. He never stops mid sentence either." Michael said looking worried.

"Check later, we are inching closer to it." Carl responded.

The AT rolled around the corner to a loaded barrel, it fired. A piercing sound rip through the hull as a HE round impact the front while one left the gun. It killed the Russian. Inside the surviving tank, the hit penetrated the driving compartment.

"Charles how are you doing?" Carl asked through the radio, the tank was still in the map which was weird as it only took a second to take them to the garage.

"I think I found my answer." Charles responded.

"what do you mean?" Dave asked.

"I can see all the tanks, mauses, KV-2s, tortoise, all of them." Charles responded.

"Charles, you be fine, the garage wil-" Carl started, but Charles interrupted him.

"No, it's too late, something has changed, 'heavy inhale and exhale', there is no garage for me, not any mortal one. Please, avenge me." The radio went quiet for a second until Michael said his share.

"welp call me dumbass."