It was a grey sky morning, and a Monday. Nothing was going to go well today and she knew it, lifting her face up at the sky she squinted. There was just enough cloud cover to block the sun out so that it seemed as if the morning was bathed in half light. The rain and haze were annoying, sort of like being spit on almost and making her already unruly hair even more so; the auburn strands curled every which way in wisps at the nape of her neck and around her ears. Sighing to herself she pulled her hair into a low ponytail and began the arduous process of getting dressed and ready for the day.

The haze hadn't let up by the time she climbed into her car, and it hung around the whole way to work. Nothing good was on the radio and even her coffee tasted off, it was clear this Monday was truly going to be a Monday. Her green cat eyes scanned the horizon as she pulled into the maze of cars, all holding people on their way to work. Sometimes she wondered if there might be something more, if maybe she had missed an opportunity to escape this mundane drudgery somewhere. It seemed as though she was destined for a middle class life, living paycheck to paycheck and unable to escape the vicious cycle she had made for herself. Perhaps it was just her, but it felt as though the gap between economic classes was widening, with the poor becoming poorer and the rich becoming richer. Harder to carve out a decent life, much less live one she thought was during that train of thought, the one split second in time her attention had wavered that she felt it.

Her body bucked forward and then sideways with the impact, her head banging harshly against the steering wheel. The rust like taste of blood filled her mouth and she felt the warmth trickle down her chin. A searing pain in her left leg was starting to slowly creep up her thigh and into her hips and back, she tried to speak but found she couldn't. Her hands wouldn't move, and her eyes couldn't focus well enough to see what had happened. A slow burn began on her left side, accompanied by a stabbing pain whenever she drew breath; yet she felt like she couldn't breathe. Dimly she was aware of noise and voices in the background, a siren maybe? She blinked, vainly trying to clear her vision, but if anything the cloudy haze over her sight only grew thicker. She felt people touching her, and a cold rush of air hit her skin on her side, causing her to suck her breath in and make a shrill noise in her throat as the pain of the action washed over her.

"Punctured lung..."

"Heart rate dropping..."

"Hospital...blood transfusion..."

"Identity? Anyone found her wallet?"

"Hypovolemic shock..."

She felt her eyes close, the pain was still there slowly embracing her circling around her with it's arms. Almost a comfort, a friend. If she just stopped breathing it would end, the pain, the struggle would end.

The darkness covered her vision and she felt herself losing her grip on consciousness. With a small, involuntary shudder she surrendered herself to the pain, the comfort, the stillness. It embraced her like a lover, wrapping its cool, dark arms around her and drawing her closer, deeper into its circle.

She knew, rather than felt, the moment when her heart stopped beating. Her lungs quit expanding and contracting. She knew she was dead, every fiber, every inch of her soul knew she was dead.

Which was why it was such a shock to her when she opened her eyes.