James and Amber both woke up to see that they had fallen quite a ways down and surprisingly both had survived the fall. They both got up and began to look around to see lots of golden flowers all around where they had landed.

James spoke, "wow, someone really likes flowers around here."

Amber nods, "yeah, they do look very lovely."

Just as Amber spoke, a hand reach for Amber's hair and pull her hair. Amber whip around fast to see nobody but her and James in the room. James looks at Amber with a curious look.

"What's wrong?"

Amber looks at James, "I thought someone had touched my hair."

James shrugs, "well nobody but us is in here. Come on."

Amber sighs, "maybe I was just imagining."

As the two left a child with the green and yellow striped shirt appear as she giggles seeing the two kids leaving.

"I think I'm going to have a good time with those two more than I do with that last one."

As the child disappear into thin air.

Amber and James looks around till they spotted a frog looking right at them. The frog jumps back a little as it eyes widened with fear.

Amber scream as she ran off away from the frog. James knelt down and said as he sees Amber hiding behind a pillar.

"Come on Amber it's just a frog. What harm can this little guy be?"

Amber yell, "get it away from me!"

James sighs, "sorry but can you move so we can go pass?"

The frog tilts its head in confusion as it moved out of the way. James looks back at his sister.

"See the frog is gone now."

"That's great now let's find Sofia and get out of here. I began to not like this place at all."

The two kids travel through the Ruins as James had easily figure out the puzzle of each one they came across.

"This is too easy, " said James as Amber follow him.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. I know I'm not."

James looks at Amber, "come on you've got to have a little bit of fun."

Amber looks at James as she gave him a stern look.

Then they came into a large room with two stairs case at each end and red leaves in between. James looks at Amber.

"Wel, no puzzles to solve here. Bummer, I was really enjoying it too."

Amber just rolls her eyes. Just as she look towards the red leaves she spotted the child that looks almost like Sofia but with red glowing eyes and wearing a green stripe shirt and brown shorts. Amber backed up in shock but then saw the child disappear.

"D… did you see that?!"
James looks at Amber in confusion, "seen what?"

"You didn't see that girl standing in front of the leaves?"

"Uh… no, I think you are really out of it."

Amber cross her arms, "no, I'm not. I swear I saw someone standing right there (points to the leaves) I know now that I'm not imagining that girl!"

"Sure you didn't," said James as he rolls his eyes.

Just then they heard a female voice above the staircase, "oh I didn't hear you two at all. I hope you two are not hurt."

Both kids look up to see Toriel standing in the middle of the staircase.

James spoke, "no mam, we um… looking for our sister Sofia. Have you seen her?"

Toriel's eyes widened as she knew these two are Sofia's siblings. Toriel sighs as she nods slowly.

"I'll explain the rest to you both at my house."

"Okay," said James as he and Amber met up with Toriel on the staircase.

Toriel smiles as she led the two towards her home.


Sofia looks around as she was enjoying the beauty of the white snowy woods. Just then Sofia bumped into someone. She looks up to see a large dog looking right down at her wearing a large gray body armor and has a large sword in his paws.

Sofia smiles, "h… hello um… nice to meet you."

The dog looks at her for a moment then yell, "you're a human! I shall capture you and bring you to the king!"

"Um… why would you do that?"

"Because with you here, we shall… wait a minute you knew what I said?"

Sofia nods, "yes, I heard what you said."


"My amulet gives me the power to talk to animals."

The white dog nods, "heh… most humans I met never could understand what I said."

"Hey, what's going on here!"

The tall dog turns to see a shorter dog wearing the same body armor but has a shield and sword walk up to the taller dog.

"Uh… hey, Lesser Dog um… this human had just understood what I said."

"What? Impossible!"

"Not really" answer Sofia, "my amulet lets me understand animals."

Lesser Dog didn't understand that but was impress this human could understand both him and the taller dog.

"Let's leave this human be for a while. Besides Greater Dog, we have a meeting with the king."

"The king?" Sofia thought to herself.

"Okay, okay, but we will capture her when we are done right?"

"Sure now let's go!"

Sofia watches as both dogs left her by herself once more. She giggles as she began to walk when she heard someone following her. She turns to see nobody at all behind her. Then she heard a small laugh. Again she looks around but she couldn't see anyone. So she decides to continue on through the woods.

Flowey perks back up from the ground as he giggles, "such a naive child. Wait till she meets some monsters who would want to kill her. He, he, he, this should get very interesting indeed."

Flowey pops back into the ground to follow Sofia.

After ten minutes of walking through the woods, she heard Sans' and Papyrus' voice up ahead. So Sofia follows the sound of the two brother's voices. She spotted the two talking not far from the two pine trees. Papyrus, of course, is getting irritated with Sans' puns. Sans kept on going.

Sofia walks up beside a small rock and stood there waiting for the skeleton brothers to look at her. Papyrus turn just an inch to see Sofia looking at them with a small smile.

"Sans, is that a human?"

Sans looks as he too sees Sofia but he had a good trick to play on Papyrus when he spotted a rock beside Sofia.

"No, I think that's a rock."

Papyrus looks at the rock and said, "oh I see."

Sans winks at Sofia as he asks, "what's that beside the rock?"

Papyrus turns and gasp, "is that a human?"

Sans nods, "yup, it looks like a human to me."

Papyrus began to jump up and down excitedly, "do you know what this means Sans? I can finally be in the royal guard!"

Sans nods, "sure does bro. Good job!"

Papyrus turn to Sofia, "stop right there human! I the Great Papyrus shall capture you and then I shall bring you to Undyne so I can join the royal guard, Nyeh, heh, heh!"

Sofia tilts her head "Undyne?"

Papyrus turns around as he ran off, "come along brother we must collaborate our puzzles!"

Sofia looks at Sans as he turns to look at her.

"Heh… you made his day today. Don't worry I'll make sure you don't get hurt. Most of his puzzles are pretty easy anyways."

Sofia nods, "so who is this Undyne he was just talking about?"

Sans laughs, "Undyne, she's the captain of the royal guard. I think she'll be tougher to beat than Paps. Good thing you won't need to worry about her till you get to Waterfall."

"There's another place in the Underground?"

Sans nods, "yup, this isn't the last place to go. You'll have to go to Asgore's kingdom in order to go back home. Come on, I'm sure Paps is waiting for us at his first puzzle."

Sofia nods as she follows Sans to the first puzzle that Papyrus had collaborated.

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