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(Bella is currently six years old)

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Chapter 1: Orphaned

The doorbell rang.

"Coming!" I heard my friend Sarah yell out next to me. She always looked after me when I was alone. I bet it's Mommy and Daddy! Eager, I got off the sofa and walked to the front door, tripping a little. Soon after, Sarah's hand reached out above me and pulled the door open.

A man stood outside in the dark, holding an umbrella—it was raining. I knew him! It was Mark, daddy's fishing friend! He also worked with daddy. A shiny golden badge was on his dark blue shirt, and his police car was parked behind him.

"Hi, mister Mark!" I greeted, waving my hand.

He glanced down and gave me a small smile. "Hey there, Bella," he answered back. Something was wrong. I couldn't explain it, but it felt… off. His voice, I realized, was low and sad. And his eyes looked like they were wet.

"What can I do for you, Officer?" asked Sarah, who was holding the door open.

"Umm, I need to talk to Bella. It's about her parents." Again, his voice was sad. Why? I couldn't shake the feeling that something bad happened.

"Oh okay, do you want to come inside? So you can talk in private?" Sarah suggested.

Mark closed his umbrella and placed it on the ground. "No, I don't think that will be necessary. Bella," Mark addressed, moving down onto one knee. His hands gently gripped me, holding me tightly. "I have some bad news. I'm not sure how to tell you. If there's a better way."

He took a deep breath. "Charlie and Renee were involved in a car accident tonight. Looks like Charlie lost control of the vehicle before crashing. It might've been caused by the heavy rain or another car. They were both killed instantly. I'm sorry, Bella, I'm so sorry."

They were… killed? What did that mean? I didn't understand. "What do you mean?" I questioned, confused. Mommy always told me to ask if I didn't know what someone was saying.

Mark looked like he was in pain when he sighed. "It means they're gone, Bella. They can't come home."

"Where did they go?" I demanded as water began to brim in my eyes, spilling over onto my cheeks. Mark was scaring me. Mommy and Daddy was only going out for dinner. Why wouldn't they come back?

He hesitated before answering. It looked like he was thinking about something. "They went somewhere far, far away, Bella. A place where your dad and mom are both really happy and safe," Mark explained softly.

"Why can't I go with them there?" It didn't seem like a lot to ask for. I just wanted be with my Mommy and Daddy again.

Mark paused for a moment. "Do you remember what I told you before? About the car accident?" I nodded. "They went to a place only for grown-ups right after," he said slowly. "They aren't able to come home. Not ever. But I promise you, your parents are happy there, even if they can't ever visit you anymore. And I know they want you to be happy, too."

I started to cry. It felt like I was swimming underwater in the pool—I couldn't breathe. I wanted to stop crying—I hated crying in front of people—but as hard as I tried, my vision would be blurred again by tears. It was pointless.

I buried my face into Mark's shoulder. "But they said they were coming back," I whispered. Saying it made me feel like they would come back.

"It's okay, Bella, it's going to be okay," he comforted quietly. His hands rubbed my back in calming circles.

"What should we do?" asked Sarah, after I had finished crying a few minutes later. I rested my head against her hip. I was sleepy. My eyelids felt heavy. But I fought them—I wanted to stay awake.

Mark sighed and stood up. "I'll have to contact Child Services in the morning. See if we can locate any living relatives and inform them. If not, we'll have to consider adoption or foster care." I didn't like the sound of that. What was 'child services' and 'adoption' and 'foster care'?

"What about tonight? Who's going to stay with her? She can't be alone," Sarah added, a worried expression on her face.

Mark scratched his head. "I don't know. I suppose we can have an officer posted throughout the night or have them occasionally check up on the house during their shift."

"But what about—" Sarah began, but suddenly stopped and looked down at me. "Bella, would you like to go inside? I think it's time for bed," she prompted.

I wasn't going to argue—I was so tired. I had been waiting for Mommy and Daddy to come home all night. "Okay," I said quietly. I hugged Mark and Sarah before turning around and entered my home. I walked to the bathroom, turned on the light, and quickly brushed my teeth just like mommy always made me do. When I was finished, I climbed into bed and laid down under the covers, resting my head on the soft pillow. I fell asleep instantly, dreaming of my happiest moments with my Mommy and Daddy.

The next few days, I visited the police station a lot. Mark would would take me in the morning and bring me home during the afternoon. A friendly lady named Ashley talked to me a lot about my relatives—if I knew where they lived, or if I could remember some of their names. I didn't though—I couldn't remember anyone else but Grandma. Mommy said she'd 'passed away' last year. Mark told me not to worry, and that he would find someone I knew that could take care of me. Sarah continued to visit me around the afternoon, and would look after me until I was asleep at night.

After my visit to the police station today, Mark brought me home as usual. There was some good news. Ashley and Mark both told me they found someone from Daddy's old hometown—was it Spoons? Or Forks? His name was Billy. He was married and had two girls and a boy. He also said he would be willing to take care of me. I think he was one of daddy's friends before he moved away with mommy.

I wasn't sure I wanted to move. I couldn't remember anything or anyone from daddy's old town, even though mommy once said I was born there. I would be moving in with somebody I didn't know anything about. It made me scared.

"Are you worried, Bella?" Mark asked as he led me to the front door, holding my hand. I hadn't realized we had gotten out of the car and started walking.

"A little," I admitted, blushing. How did he see I was so afraid?

Mark's warm smile made me feel everything was going to be okay. "Don't be scared. I've talked to Billy and his wife about you. They're very excited to meet you. And they both expressed their condolences."

"What does con-dolences mean?" I inquired, looking up at him.

"Err… it's a way of somebody saying they feel sorry for you," Mark explained after thinking for a moment. I frowned. I didn't want anybody to feel sorry for me—they would feel sad, too. I didn't want that.

Mark unlocked the door and held it open for me. I whispered out a 'thank you'. For the rest of the day, I worked on my school homework. Since I had missed a few days because of my visits to the police station, I had to make up a lot of worksheets. Thankfully, both Mark and Sarah helped me, especially on math. Math was hard!

When I had finished, it was already time for dinner. I drank some of the chicken noodle soup Sarah made and got ready for bed. "Goodnight, Bella," I heard her say from the doorway once I was in bed.

"Goodnight, Sarah," I said sleepily. She closed the door, and my room became dark and scary. I wished mommy and daddy were here, they would always tell me there were no monsters under my bed or in my closet. I grabbed the comforter and pulled, covering me. It made me feel safe and protected. I yawned, and fell asleep.

I awoke to strange, musical sounds.