A/N: Pure fluff. Just the way scenes could have played out through Fall. A bottle episode, if you will.


"Hey," Jess said with a smile as he sat in front of Rory, at her desk at the Gazette. "Thanks for seeing me chief. I might finally have a lead on that Spider Man."

"Thank you," Rory laughed. "I could use the distraction. I was just writing a piece on the heated debate on whether or not to discontinue The Butter and Eggs Day parade."

"Where will children be able to have a bounce house made of cholesterol then?"

She laughed. "So what's up?"

"Don't read a whole lot into this, but I'm just a little worried about Luke," replied Jess rather uneasily. " He is a bit more Ron Swanson than normal. Since you are here more than me could you just check in on him... for me."

"It's mom."

"Yeah. He thinks she's going to leave him."

Rory frowned and leaned back in her chair. "What do you think?

Jess laughed. "Are you honestly asking me to understand the inner workings of your mother's mind? All the little people in her head would just be different colors of coffee. Look I get you. She is on another level."

"Oh you get me?" She smirked.

"Yeah," he said, rolling back his shoulders.

"Lucky," Rory sighed. "Because, I don't get you."

With a smile he leaned forward in the squeaky leather seat. "I'm not that complicated. I like what I like and don't pay attention to nonsense."

They both held each other's gaze for a moment and smiled.

"So," he mused. "You'll check up on him?"

"Absolutely. But I need you to report to me too, whenever you're in town sir. I'm staying at Lane's, sometimes at the grandparents place...for the time being."

"Okay," he nodded not pressing for more.

The phone in his pocket buzzed as Jess fumbled with his keys to his apartment. All he wanted was to collapse on his bed after the train ride from Connecticut. It buzzed again as he finally got the door opened, but dropped his bag. Pushing the door open with his foot as he reached for his bag, it buzzed again. Frustratedly he made it in, grabbing the phone from his pocket.

"Hello?" he snapped, trying to keep his balance.

"It's Rory. Is this a bad time?"

"No, just got home. I know it's you," he laughed. "You're picture popped up on the screen."

"What picture is it?"

Jess paused for a moment, standing in his living room, taking off his jacket. "Er...the one you took, I think four or five years ago. You were highly offended that I didn't have your new number and I think it was Thanksgiving. You had too much wine and grabbed my phone, put your number in it and took a selfie of yourself sticking out your tongue."

"You are such a writer."

"Why?" he grunted, throwing himself on the couch.

"You remember everything."

"Can't help it," he grunted as he kicked off his boots. "I am pretty awesome."

Rory laughed. "Okay, well, I just had dinner with Luke. He is pretty depressed. I think you visiting a lot more will help."

"I'll try, but I got a job," he scoffed. " A life."

"I know. But he isn't going to open up to me."

"He isn't going to be Baker Acted. I just wanted you to check in and let him know he is still loved by at least one Gilmore."

Rory was quiet for a moment. "My mom loves him."

Jess groaned. "I know. I'm sorry. I just -"


"You ladies are lovely, not gonna deny it. You got that "The party don't start 'till I walk in" thing going for ya. But she can be selfish. Coming from a pretty selfish guy myself. And for anyone for it to be done to, it shouldn't be Luke Colonel Brandon Danes, who only wants to make her happy."

"I know."

There was a pause for a moment, again. "Rory, you still alive?"

"Am I...selfish?"

"What's the size of the scale we're talking about?"




The Gilmore House still was looming and cold, even without them physically being there. Jess stood in front of the door remembering the few times he had been there before. His embarrassing meeting with his stupid black eye and the time he…

He shook his head. He shouldn't have snuck all the way into her room like a love sick puppy. That last night was just embarrassing, with Logan and…. He was an adult man now and he wasn't going to think about that or her visiting him at the printing house or the kiss.

His fist knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Rory called.

Jess opened the door and walked into the very empty and large house.

"I'm in the office!"

"I don't know where that is!"

"Oh, right," she laughed and stuck her head out of a room. Her hair was in a messy bun on top of her head and she was in very loose flannel pajamas. "Was struck by a moment of inspiration and didn't want to lose it."

"No worries, beautiful."

She glared at him and disappeared back into the office. After a moment he followed suit. Inside was a large mahogany covered office, with books and smoking chairs. Rory sat typing furiously away at the desk on her laptop. The lights were low.

"Are you secretly a Cullen's?"

"Shh," she playfully hissed as she typed.

He wandered all the way to right behind her. She stopped typing for a moment, rereading what she had written.

"You misspelled ishkabibble," Jess snarked from behind her.

She shushed him again and typed a few more words, then faced him. "Okay, you can read it."

"You sure?"

"Yes!" She exclaimed jumping out of the chair. "I need you to read it. I want you to read it. You promised. Before dinner with Luke, you'd read at least one chapter."

"Willst thou shush me henceforth, milady?"

"Sorry," she laughed and escorted him to the chair energetically. "I'll go change and leave you to the chapter."

"You sure? I mean granny chic is very in."

"Shut up and read!" She scolded and hurried out the office.

Jess removed his leather jacket and settled in for the night.

'Gilmore Girls. Chapter One.'