NOTE: I realize that this story has been moving at a fast pace. I've taken all the reviews and helpful criticisms to consideration and I'm going to put Slave of Passion on hold while I rewrite it. The flames have not stopped me. The nice reviews that have told me that people like my idea have been gleefully read, and I thank you. This might take me awhile; I'm a beginning authoress and I'm working on the plot. I'm also thinking of doing it a different way, with a different title. It could take me a month or so, I am doing other things, of course.

Yes, the story moved too fast. Yes, Erik has been stereotyped, much to my dismay. Yes, Raoul is a flamer. *cackle* But no, I'm working on this. The new and improved Slave of Passion will go slower, and, hopefully, be not a short. That sometimes seems to happen. I totally agree, once again, that it moved too fast. Yes, "creepy" and "sleepyhead" probably didn't work themselves into 19th century vocabulary, but hey. I was trying to go for a lighter side of things.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has reviewed, and keep them coming. *g* While I work on Slave of Passion, I'll probably be working on a LOTR/POTO parody, for your horrific amusement, co-writing with a friend of mine. We'll see how it ends up.

Until next time.