"That was pathetic!" Albedo stated with a sneer as she crossed her arms, scowling at the mirror of remote viewing.

Beside her was Cocytus, Demiurge, Shalltear, and Sebas, all of who were watching the events unfold on the mirror as well. Behind them, upon his throne as he rightfully should be, was Ainz, watching with a curious gaze that Albedo could not begin to fathom.

"And what part of it do you mean, Albedo?" Demiurge asked calmly, his crystalline eyes gazing at her.

"The whole thing!" Albedo stated angrily as she pointed at the mirror. "They were clearly superior to any of those disgusting humans, yet they insisted on using foolish ambush and fear tactics! They should have just gone ahead and killed their enemies!"

"You would have had them charge headfirst then?" Demiurge asked with a smile. "At an enemy that had bested them once because of preparedness, and who they knew would sacrifice their pawns to get away?"

"Wha-" Albedo was shocked at Demiurge protecting them, but before she could speak up, Shalltear joined in on the defence, adding to her surprise.

"By keeping them in those tunnels they chose where they could hunt, and by making them scared, they did not fight with their minds. They hunted them down like predators, like how humans should be hunted."

"They should have just killed them! Those humans couldn't even put up a fight to them!"

"Because they were afraid," Shalltear said angrily before Sebas put a hand between the two women.

"Regardless of personal opinions, they did what they set out to do, kill the one who had once defeated them. Is that not worthy of some modicum of praise?"

"Perhaps," Albedo finally said without losing her scowl.

"They fought well, even if some actions were not intended," Ainz suddenly said, making everyone turn to him.

"May I ask what you refer to my lord?" Demiurge asked.

". . . . Cocytus, What do you notice about the way some of them fought?" Ainz asked in response, making those in the room all look at Cocytus.

" . . . .Nia and Arisa were the only two who were fully into the actions they took. Their movements were clear and filled with their intent, while the others were either holding back, or letting their natures or emotions control them," Cocytus started simply.

"You mean some of them were not putting their all into it?" Shalltear asked.

Cocytus nodded. "Anya, the Glacies. She struck with extreme force and killing intent, even splitting one human in half with such force that their body flew apart. Afterword's however, she seemed to lament her actions. While holding back your strength against those lesser than you can be difficult, she lamented her actions, and clearly did not mean to kill them in such a manner. The others were merely hesitant.

"Remember that they all were, up until a time ago, Humans," Ainz said with a knowing chuckle. "For now they are holding onto that as much as they can. I honestly quiet enjoyed their plan, it was well thought out with the skills and knowledge they had available to them, and ended how they wished it too."

"But what will you do with them now?" Albedo suddenly asked, almost seeming distressed. "They are not embracing their new superior forms, and only the Kitsune shows any respect for you!"

"Hmmm, I have a few ideas of what to do," Ainz said as he stood up from his throne and walked down, everyone party to allow him to see the mirror. It was now showing the countryside outside of E-Rantel as the group was making their way out after completing their mission. What was odd though was a figure walking through the forest, right toward them. "Hmm, strange, that creature. . . ."

"Do you recognize it milord?" Sebas asked.

"No, however," Ainz paused as he zoomed in the mirrors view until he could see that the person was very clearly a demon, and not one that was weak "Well, that is certainly, interesting."


"Ugh that sucked!" Anya groaned in annoyance as she hung her head low, imagining how everything in the underground had gone.

"How exactly did it suck?" Kris asked calmly as she walked beside Anya with a soft smile. "We did what we set out to do. We killed the ones responsible for our deaths, and released those under his control."

"Yeah, didn't you see the look on his face?" Lowgen said with a hearty laugh. "He was so damn scared of Arisa and Nia's work, it was perfect!"

"I just did what seemed like the best to make him realize his place!" Arisa Said with an insane laugh and a grin that matched it that made her look as if she was chaos incarnate!

"While I don't agree entirely, with that statement, what do you think sucked?" Sven asked as he glanced at Anya with a worried expression.

"The lead up!" Anya yelled in anger as some tears formed at the corner of her eyes. "Too many of those that were under his control were killed. By all of us!"

"Are you still broken up over that one girl?" Lowgen asked carefully.

Anya nodded. "I, I killed her, brutally split her apart with enough force to tear down a wall! I shouldn't have killed her, not that way!"

"Anya, we checked before, and after. That woman was a criminal before she was taken by him. Why does it matter how she died?"

"Of course it matters!" Anya yelled again. "I didn't feel anything while killing her! I was so cold; it felt as simple as snapping a twig, plucking a flower, or tossing a stone into a lake. I felt nothing when I killed her, or when I looked at what I had done to her!"

"So, she was a criminal, that's normal for-" Lowgen began to say, until Sven blew a gust of wind right into his mouth, making him choke on it and stop.

"Lowgen, Anya's still not sure about this whole reincarnation thing, remember?" Sven muttered as he stepped up beside Lowgen and began patting his chest as if to help him stop choking. " Just because Arisa has embraced it to the extent that Nia has, doesn't mean we should forget that she is still nervous about this!"

"Ah, err, right. . . .Sorry, I just . . .sorry," Lowgen muttered in reply.

"I'm not the one you need to apologize too!"

"its fine you know," Nia suddenly said loudly, gathering everyone's attention to her. After killing Jordan and clementine she had said that they needed to leave the city, but little else. The entire trek through the underground and out of the city she had been completely quiet, and had said nothing to anyone, not even looking at them when they spoke. Her expression had been neutral, as if chiselled out of stone. Now though, she had a calm, almost fanciful expression, one that screamed freedom and calm. "If we want to keep our humanity we can, just like if we give it up, there's nothing wrong with it either. We're not human anymore, but that does not mean we can't have our own morals, or our own ideas of justice."

"Brutality is not justice though. I shouldn't have killed her like that," Anya stated solemnly.

"No, but you can think of it as a, compulsion, right?" Nia asked with a strange smile that said she did not need an answer.

"That doesn't mean I need to like it. . . . I'm too aggressive like this, to uncaring, too cold," Anya grumbled, totally ignoring the ironic fact that she was made of ice.

"That fine, just remember that-" Nia suddenly stopped, Tails going still as her eyes began darting around the tree's.

"What's-" anya began to say, stopping when both Arisa and Lowgen raised their hands.

"Something is in the forest with us," Lowgen said quietly.

"Yeah, and I can't read its thoughts, I just can tell it's here, but not where," Arisa said as she glanced at the tree's, her grin becoming maniacal. "They must be really strong if I can't sense their thoughts!"

"Yes, I feel. . . . This is wrong," Lowgen stated anxiously as he glanced around. "I feel like we're being hunted all of a sudden."

"Yeah, there's something on the wind," Sven muttered as everyone prepared their weapons.

"There is indeed, and it may be for good or ill!" Came an unknown, Sauvé voice from amongst the trees. A second later a tall, clearly Demonic being stepped out from between them. He was similar to Demiurge in the way that he looked mostly human. He was very tall, and muscular, built like a barbarian from stories. He had deep red horns easily a foot long protruding from the side of his head and up towards the sky. Leathery wings like a bats sprouted out from his shoulder blades, each nearly three meters in length and the color of burning coals. The tips of his fingers were capped with two inch black serrated claws, while his feet looked like a Birds claw made of obsidian. His face was angular and clear with a small well groomed moustache underneath his nose, and his solid black eyes were like pits to the abyss itself. He smiled at them all, his teeth jagged and irregular, yet nearly glowing a vibrant blood red. "Of course, that all depends on what you consider ill!"

Nia was the first to React, her tails blazing with flame as she pointed her moon blade at the demon. And barely a second later, everyone else had tensed with their weapons at the ready.

To their surprise though, the demon raised his hands in front of his chest and smiled. "Now now, there's no need to react with violence instantly, I am not human after all, just as you are not. Humans can speak as equal, so shall we not engage in the same?"

"You are a demon," Sven said simply as he glared at the demon.

"Yes, and you are elementals, incarnations of gluttony, and abyssal horrors," He replied with a smile. "We are not so different, so why not engage in a bit of, conversation?"

"So talk, what do you want?" Kris stated callously.

The demon smiled and then bowed. "Allow me to first introduce myself, I am the Demon prince of corruption, desire and lust. You may call me Sitri. I am here for a singular reason; I would ask you all to join me!"

"Huh?" Anya nearly yelled, completely scandalized by the very idea. "Why the hell would we join you?!"

"To claim dominance over the entire world of course!" Sitri declared with a chuckle. "You are powerful, but with the gifts of a Demon prince like me, you could become even more formidable. With me as your lord, we could claim the entire world and make all those weak, easily mouldable humans into our little toys and servants! The world can be ours, and none could stop us from claiming it! You need merely swear yourselves to me!"

"And you really think we will do that?" Lowgen asked angrily.

"Perhaps you will! Power is an addictive pleasure, and the only way to truly gain undefeatable power, is to pledge yourselves to me!" Sitri declared with a strange and lecherous smile. "You can either join me and gain unrivalled power, or pledge yourselves to the only other option. Death."

As that one word left Sitri's mouth he suddenly flew forward at them, the claws on his hands seemingly radiating hate as embers drifted off his wings like a trail to hell.

Lowgen leapt in the way, clawing at the demon, intent on disembowelling him. But as he swung Sitri caught his arm and threw it down. A sickening snap echoed out just before he hit the ground, and then Sitri used him as a footstool, slamming his foot onto his back and leaping aside to dodge a blast of magic that Arisa had sent his way.

As he rolled to the side a ball of black light formed in his hand and blasted away, striking Arisa and knocking her backwards nto a tree where thick Rubberlike strappssuddenlty wrapped around her tightly, restucting her movement to simple struggling.

Anya rushed him, her Halberd flashing, each thrust like a blast of blue lightning, each swing like a falling avalanche. Much to her surprise Sitri blocked each swing and thrust with his bare wrists and hands, even blocking a couple swings with the tips and edges of his wings. Then he suddenly caught the halberd and crushed it in his grip, then flipped around the remains in his hands, thrust it into Anya's shoulder and beat his wings, sending her backward to the ground from the sudden gale.

In that same instant Sven was behind Sitri and stabbed his blades into his back, only for them to glance off. Sitri's wings then beat backwards, sending Sven backwards just as quickly as he had attacked.

Sitri turned to see Nia and Kris standing before him, a number of skeletons ripping their way out of the ground before Kris as energy rippled from her to the ground. He smiled and snapped his fingers sending a pulse of energy out, energy that began distorting and breaking Kris's power, causing the Skeletons to fall apart. "You cannot defeat me. I am beyond you, beyond any mortal being in this world! You have only the choices of dying by my hand, or serving as my forces!"

"I think not," Kris declared as she flew at Sitri and locked blades to claws "We may not have plans yet, but they will not include you!"

"Oh but they will!" Sitri declared as he blocked strike after strike and moved to strike Kris, only for Nia to be beside her, blocking his claws. He simply smiled. "After all, I can simply shackle you souls once I kill you, and take all the time I need to corrupt what still exists of your beings! You will be mine, one way, or another!"

"Reality Slash!" Came a known voice as a wave of energy ripped through the tree's and struck Sitri's one wing, cutting it cleanly off. A few seconds later Ainz Ooal Gown stepped out from between the trees with his bony jaw twisted into a curious smirk. "I will have to deny your statement. The little fox is my apprentice for the time after all!"

"You, are a High lich. . . . . How, Wonderful!" Sitri suddenly yelled in happiness, seemingly uncaring as everyone had gotten up was now surrounding him. "How excellent, how perfect! I can see your power, enough to rival the gods like my own, the power to claim a whole world! Yes I can see it now, the demons and the dead claiming this world and splitting it evenly! Those who die shall be yours, and those who live and fall to lust, desire and corruption shall be mine! How does that sound oh lord of death? Not a bad deal right?"

"I would say it is. After all, what I see is an arrogant demon, which my own subordinates could, with perhaps some difficulty, defeat. You are not worth my time!" Ainz declared simply as he let go of his staff, allowing it to hover beside him menacingly as she glared at Sitri. "I simply came to make sure you understood your place, Demon Prince."

"You, how dare you!" Skitrie roared as He held out a hand at Ainz and jests of flame to lance out from his fingers.

Ainz simply stood there and took it, chuckling as he did. "Impressive, I can actually feel that. But now, it is my turn! Reality slash!" Ainz stated again, sending three slashed out at Sitri. He tried to dodge, but one of them connected to an arm, severing it right below the elbow and letting thick blackish red goo pour out of the wound.

"Agg, damn that stings! Sitri yelled in pain as he grabbed at his stump. His hand then glowed, and the stump began writhing as goo stopped pouring out. In seconds his arm was reformed, albeit pale, and without a sleeve. "I have never heard of such a magic. You are supremely powerful!"

"I do try on occasion," Ainz responded with a hearty laugh.

"Yet you refuse to ally for the greater evil of the world?" Sitri asked as he flexed his newly regenerated hand. "Think of the power we could hold! Think of the humans we could control! Think of the evil we could spread!"

"Evil should be repaid by evil, and good with good, is that not how the world should be?" Ainz responded with another chuckle. "That aside, I would prefer to consider myself, lawful neutral at best, and you are endangering those that serve under me!"

"I see. Then I suppose you would prefer I walk away?"

"Unless you would prefer to die by my hand, yes."

"Very well then, I shall take my leave. I truly wished to only gain more Scions for my return to power, but I suppose for now the lovely Mathias will be the only one who serves me so willingly!"

Anya and Arisa perked up instantly. "What! We killed him, he's dead!" Anya declared loudly, her voice nearing hysterical in its tone.

"Ye, he was dead, and I was too, or my avatar was," Sitri said with a shrug. "I simply plucked his soul and moulded it into something better. After all, you survived my potion, and killed us both, so it is only fair that we both live just as you did!"

"You were that imp?" Lowgen asked in surprise.

"Yes, or more aurally, it was an avatar of my consciousness. But that does not matter," Sitri said as his one wing regrew in an instant. "I shall take my leave, and perhaps go elsewhere to leave this land to you, lich. Perhaps in the future we shall have our armies encounter the others, and fight for control of this wonderfully malleable world!"

In that instant the ground seemed to melt, then burst upwards, flinging Sitri high into the air, before he disappeared in a blast of fire.

" . . . . .Well shit. That's not good," Sven stated with a scowl.

"Perhaps not, but he is gone, and I do not believe one like him would Return after leaving in such a way. It would simply not be proper," Ainz explained with a smirk.

"That's good to hear then, but. .why are you here?" Arisa asked with a slight scowl at not being able to read his thoughts.

"Am I not allowed to give congratulations to you for your victory over your foe? Or for my apprentice for doing what she had wanted to do in the first place?" Ainz asked with a laugh that only made everyone more leery as to the reason behind his presence.

"Killing them was a service to the world," Nia stated simply.

"Perhaps, but you were after revenge, and it has been achieved, has it not?" Ainz asked.

"Well, yes, it has. We did kill them finally after all," Lowgen stated with a bit of pride.

"Yes, and it was quiet enjoyable to watch. But now there is a simple situation that could pose a problem to you," Ainz said, sounding uncertain and worried, if it was possible for a lich to be worried. "Most of the guardians believe that you are not strong enough to keep in Nazerick, while others believe you all should be put to work."

"And you?" Sven asked, hearing an undertone in Ainz's voice that seemed, off somehow.

Ainz smiled. "I believe that while I agreed to take Nia on as my apprentice, that tenure is nearing its end. And that I should leave the choice of your futures to you, not those under my command!"

"You mean that you want us to make some kind of choice as to what we do now then?" Kris asked.

"Yes, that is precisely what I am saying. Or to put it in other terms, I am giving you two choices. One, continue to serve Nazarick. Or two, leave and do as you feel is right for you, while keeping some contact with myself as you feel necessary. For example, you could leave to go hunt that demon prince if you wished, or could simply travel and explore your abilities. So, what will it be?"

Nia smiled. "I think that's obvious!"


"I think, that is everything we'll need," Sven said to himself as he looked over all the equipment and supplies that was now loaded onto a decent sized covered wagon. Most of the supplies was foodstuffs and maintenance gear for their equipment, taking up the back and centre of the wagon, allowing it to still be sat in.

The wagon itself was weirdly impressive. Made of dark hardwood and covered in deep black cloth cover, its sides were plated in some kind of metal, and the underside of it was covered by a metal sheet to protect its axles. The Demonic horse seemingly made of shadows was probably the weirdest thing though. Especially since it acted like a regular horse for the most part despite its dangerous looks.

"No, we are still missing one thing!" Arisa exclaimed as she hung upside down from the covering of the wagon, her tentacle legs wrapped around one of the wooden ribs that held the cover over the wagon, a silly smile plastering her face.

"And what is that?" Kris asked with a casual smile that suited her oddly well.

"Why Ninya of course!" Arisa declared with a grin. "Or Nia . . . which did she say she was going to go by from now on again? I can never remember because her own mind is odd, she thinks of herself as both."

"She decided to stay with Nia," Anya said simply as she carried over a barrel and placed it in the back of the wagon, having an easy time due to being able to levitate up to it.

"Arisa's right though. She should have gotten here already," Lowgen muttered as he laid on the driver's platform at the front of the wagon in his human form.

"She's saying goodbye to her sister, give her some time," Anya said with a shake of her head as she stretched her arms and glanced over to the entrance to Nazarick. The weird mausoleum unnerved her, especially since it was so much larger inside. "Honestly, she might be getting mobbed by those maids too."

"The Pleiades?" Sven asked.

"Well yes, but also the ones who just keep the place running," Anya said.

"Oh yeah, they like her a lot!" Arisa exclaimed with a giggle. "Or more like they like her tails!" She added, making everyone remember when they had returned from E-Rantel a couple days before. As soon as Nia had been spotted by the Homonculus maids in Nazerick's main eating room they had all mobbed her, mostly grabbing her tail and cuddling it? What was truly surprising though was when CZ and a couple of the other Pleiades also did the same. She was stuck in there for a good few hours.

"They are comfortable. I saw a couple maids sleeping on her tails in the cafeteria yesterday. I don't think she ever actually got out to go to her room until last night."

"Not surprising, that fluffiness is addictive, and most of them are sad they won't get their hands on it after today," Arisa said before her grin turned sick. "Some even had passing thoughts of taking little clippings of her tail fur!"

Everyone paled a bit at that, and Kris even let out a gulp. "Well I hope they do not do that to her. I doubt she would approve, and it would make her tail look odd for weeks. She also would likely feel it constantly.

"Yeah. . . . .seriously though, she's bloody late," Lowgen grumbled as he sat up, then back flipped off the wagon. "Should we go get her?"

"I want to, but none of us have access to the teleporters inside that place. Remember, Pandora's actor had to escort us out, and most of the supplies here were already by the door when we got here," Sven reminded.

"Ugh, I don't want to remember that. He never stops talking, and his mind is a whirlwind of madness," Arisa said with a shudder. "Looks like big blue is coming over though."

"Big what?" Kris asked as she looked over to the mausoleums entrance, to see Cocytus's hulking bulk walking out of it toward them. "Ah, now I get it. He's more teal then blue though."

"Ugh, you are seriously having this conversation now?" Anya asked just before Cocytus got within earshot of them.

"I see your preparation are complete," Cocytus said simply as he stopped a few meters away. "Will you be leaving as soon as Nia arrives then?"

"That is the plan, yes," Anya responded. "We all agreed we'd go after that demon, but we don't know where he went, so we'll likely be travelling for a long time. Better to leave early."

"That is understandable. Before you go then, I would give you all a gift for your success," Cocytus said as he pulled out a small box and placed it on the ground. Before Anya could even move a stiff breeze blew over and Sven was there, lifting the lid off and revealing a number of shining brass coloured stones. "they are magic Sharpening stones. They will be able to repair weapons when used to sharpen them. They have a long use life, and should be invaluable to you for traveling as they are light."

Sven picked one up and tossed it between his hands. "Wow these are light, thanks!"

"It is not a problem. While you did not take as much teaching as I perhaps would have liked, you persevered regardless. I wish you all luck on your journey," Cocytus then said with a bow before he turned and walked back towards the mausoleum.

" . . . .That was nicer than I thought it'd be," Lowan muttered after Cocytus disappeared into the structure.

"He respects warriors and martial prowess, and he believes we have some potential in those regards," Arisa explained with a smile. "He also wanted to give us other equipment, like magic weapons, but the other guardians denied him. He might actually be sulking!"

"Somehow I don't think that's the case," Lowgen growled. "Warriors do not sulk, they get even."

"Ah, so he could not give us weapons, so instead he gave us gear to keep them up," Kris discerned with a nod. "I hope he does not get in trouble. He was the nicest of all those guardians."

"More like the only one without a stick up their asses," Lowgen scoffed. "Even those Pleiades were arrogant, but at least they did not make it as obvious."

"CZ likes us, so that's partly why they never gave us much trouble," Arisa stated before she suddenly perked up, causing everyone to glance back at the mausoleums entrance.

A few seconds later Nia walked out, her tails waving behind her and partially obscuring Ainz and CZ who were both walking behind her. She was wearing her full Oriental outfit and had her moonblade on her hip, but aside from that she had nothing special on her, yet was strangely radiant. She ran over to the wagon as soon as she stepped off the last step. "Sorry I'm late, the Homonculus maids wouldn't let go, and I had to say goodbye to my sister, and promise her I'd come back."

"That's fine, your sister is important after all, Sven replied with a smile as Arisa dropped off the wagons roof and onto the ground with inhuman bendability.

"Thank you," Nia said with a bow, then noticing the now empty box. "A gift?"

"Whetstones from Cocytus," Anya explained, causing Ainz to laugh.

"I see. The guardians conspire against you it seems. Worry not, I have made sure to put a package inn the wagon for you already. Consider the contents of it gifts from myself for your travels!"

"I, uh, thank you, I guess," Lowgen said as he began looking in the wagon curiously.

"I had them placed in a compartment under the floor. Otherwise Albedo would have likely taken them," Ainz then added before his expression turned neutral. "So, you are prepared to head out then?"

"Yes, I mean, I think we are?" Nia said as she turned to look at everyone.

"Yes, while you were being cuddled into submission we already put everything on the wagon," Lowgen said with a snarky grin.

"Thanks, and sorry," nia said as she turned back to Ainz. "Yes, we've got everything then, and I've said my goodbyes for now."

"I see. You are planning to look for that Demon Prince, yes?" Ainz asked.

"Yes, he is too dangerous to leave alone," Kris responded, her wings twitching slightly.

"Of that I agree. Remember though that you will need to improve yourselves to have a chance against such a being."

"We will. We don't know where he went, so I suppose we'll simply travel the world while improving our skills" Nia explained before suddenly grinning. "I promised my sister I'd return, so we definitely won't die. We'll come back strong enough to make even your guardians pause!"

"Hahahaha, I look forward to seeing that then, and I wish you luck on you travels. Remember, if you require assistance, you can message me," Ainz declared proudly.

"Well, Nia can at least," Lowgen grumbled, earning an elbow from Anya.

"Be . . . safe," CZ suddenly spoke up as she walked up to Nia.

"Don't worry, we will. We'll come back once that demon is dead. All of us will!" Nia declared surely, causing everyone to climb into the wagon. As they did though, the horse suddenly began moving, even with Lowgen trying to stop it.

"Ah, damn animal!"

"Goodbye!" Nia called as she turned and ran after the wagon, jumping in with a little help from one of Arisa's tentacle. As she settled down she found everyone in the back glancing at her and smiled at them. "Let's go see the world. And hunt down a Demon!"


The end. For now.


Authors end notes:

Alright, I know people probably have mixed feelings about this. To some it may seem abrupt, but to others they have seen it coming, so please let me explain.

For the past while I have seen this point coming, where I would have to make a choice to either end the story after they complete their main objective, or to force it forward, fleshing out new plotlines, characters, and story pieces. I have gone with the first option of ending the story here, obviously.

The reasons for this are several.

After about the halfway point of the story, despite my intentions, my writing got a little rough, this was because I was fleshing parts out as I went, and I knew that if I forced myself forward it would only get rougher in all likelihood, which would lower the quality over time.

I also found that this was a good place to end it. As some people have noticed, it feels like a good ending point as they completed their main quest essentially, and while there are some plot bits that were not closed, Mathius and his now demon master Sitri, they would work better as their own major plot point I feel, not as simply another enemy to tag onto the end of this story.

There are other minor reasons as well, but these are the main ones as to why I decided to not force myself to continue. I may make a sequel to this story In the future to continue their adventures, I honestly cannot say at this time, but with the way vie ended it, it feels like I can do either. I've greatly enjoyed writing this story, and seeing everyone enjoy it as well, so I don't want to force more than necessary and ruin things.

I'd like to thank everyone who had passed me characters to use, even if they did not get used. And would also like to thank every one of you who read, followed, reviewed and enjoyed this story. You all made it worth it.

Thank you. I hope to see you all In the future for other stories, and I hope you have enjoyed this work of mine!