Chapter One: Earth Shattering Changes

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Kagome watched as Inu Yasha leapt into the highest branch of a tall tree. His white hair stood out against his bright red clothing. She continued to watch as he sat down to rest. Fingering her own black hair, Kagome sat down as well and thought about the day. She let go of her hair to fiddle with the jewel around her neck. They had acquired another shard today. She looked at the jewel and wondered aloud. "How many more pieces are there?"

Her school uniform was especially dirty from the blood that had gotten onto her after that battle. Thinking of which, reminded her that she was supposed to be taking a bath. She picked at the green material that made up her skirt. "At this rate Mom is going to go bankrupt just from getting me new outfits at every turn." She sighed looking at Inu Yasha again. "I had better go take that bath before he changes his mind about resting for the afternoon."

The water was unusually warm and quickly erased the traces of dirt and grime that had covered her body. She leaned back, ducking her head under the water and sighing at the pleasant sensations it caused. She heard a small splash in the water and quickly jerked upright.

Sango was undressed and scrubbing her body also. "I wanted to get clean." The taija explained quickly scrubbing her arms and shoulders. Kagome nodded and continued bathing. "I think I should do this more often.. I finally see why it appeals to you Kagome." She smiled as though she had revealed that she was Bill Gates the billionaire in disguise.

"The water is unusually warm today. That's why it feels so good." Kagome commented ducking her head underwater again.

"You take a bath in cold water?" Sango frowned as she finished scrubbing and climbed out. Wringing her hair out, she flipped it back over her shoulder and wrapped the towel she had brough around her body.

"Yes. Its either that or be dirty." She followed Sango out of the water drying herself off with her towel. Kagome looked at her as if the choice should be obvious then she remembered she was in renaissance times. She figured things were going a little too smoothley and looked at the trees surrounding them trying to sense if Inu Yasha was there.

"He's not there." Sango said bluntly as she finished pulling on her dress. She looked at Kagome and smiled. "He's still in that tree that he climbed in earlier." She picked up Kagome's bag and headed off toward Kaeda's village.

Kagome watched her go. 'She probably thinks I'm right behind her'. Kagome relaxed against a tree trunk and focused on letting each of her muscles go lax. Once she was fully relaxed she released her pent up breath. Shoving the wet strands of hair out of her eyes, she watched the sun sink lower and lower in the sky.

When the sun touched the tops of the trees, she climbed to her feet and went back to the village. Inu Yasha was the first to stand in her way, "Sure took you long enough." She raised her eyebrows and stepped around him continuing on her way. He huffed and followed her. "I never knew you could take so long. Sango was back here a few hours ago."

"Yeah I can take long. I felt like relaxing, so I did." She tossed a glare over her shoulder; "I can take care of myself for at least a little while."

"Well that 'little while' is all it takes for a demon to come and attack you. Didn't think of that did you?" He snapped back not liking her being so rude especially to him who saved her on a daily basis almost...

"You didn't seem to think too much of it as you were still lounging on that tree when Sango came to bathe with me." Kagome retorted and was pleased to find that he couldn't come up with a reply quickly enough so he opted with his 'Feh,' which more or less meant that he thought the argument was over and he was superior as usual.

She stepped in Kaeda's hut and sat down on the floor, digging through her pack for a brush. Finding it, she quickly straightened out her hair. Miroku sat near Sango, but was behaving himself for once which meant that something had to be up. Kagome put down her brush. "What? I got back okay?"

"Are you okay, Kagome?" Miroku asked with an underlying tone of worry. Sango frowned at him having caught the tone as well.

'What sort of stupid question is that?' she thought. "Of course I'm okay. Why wouldn't I be?" she asked looking at them expectantly. Sango and Miroku just avoided her gaze. Shippo made himself known by launching himself at her midsection. She smiled down at the kit and patted his head. "Hey Shippo." The kit looked up at her with worried, watery eyes. Sango and Miroku exchanged worried looks with each other wondering if the little kit was going to spill the beans. 'What is going on?' thought Kagome. Her worries only grew when Inu Yasha came to sleep inside. She stood up and glowered at them all, "What is going on?!"

"Go to sleep, Kagome. You look awful." Inu Yasha commented while watching the door. His amber gaze fell on her when she didn't move. "I said- "

"I heard what you said." She fumed. "That doesn't mean I'm going to do it though." Inu Yasha just stared at her. She glared at the entire group. "Be that way." She went over to her pack and dug out her CD player. Turning the volume on high she listened as hard rock music filled her ears. Inu Yasha sighed. 'At least she's not asking any questions.' He didn't sleep any that night and Sango and Miroku kept watch over Kagome.

The next morning, Inu Yasha stepped outside to breathe in the clean morning air. 'I will never stay inside like that again.' He stretched and heard his back pop a few times. 'That stupid demon having me worried like that. Should've killed him sooner.'

He recalled the words that had sounded in his and Shippo's head shuddering. That demon had seemed so threatening and serious then. He had noticed that the inu youkai they had just killed the day before which was something that he rarely did but it didn't surprise him that the face stuck with him. It looked almost like him and Sesshomaru but it had had green eyes instead of amber and it was a full demon. The body had been structured different. The young demon had been more stocky and muscular whereas he and Sesshomaru were leaner. The marks on his face were a livid purple.

He looked back at where Kagome was emerging from the small hut. Her blue eyes were blurry from sleep and her limbs moved slowly and stiffly. Sango came out after her. Sango's giant boomerang strapped to her back. She was moving around much better obviously having been up a while longer than Kagome. Miroku stepped out after Sango stretching much like Inu Yasha had earlier.

"Are we going to leave already? If we're gonna go I want to go now." Shippo called from Kagome's back. Inu Yasha came up to her and plucked the kit off of her.

"Yes we're leaving now." Inu Yasha snapped and picked up Kagome's bike from the ground setting her bag in the basket on the front. "Lets go."

"Which way are we going today Inu Yasha?" Kagome asked. She straddled the bike seat and put her right foot on its respective pedal. Kaeda stepped up to the hanyou and eyed him. "Be careful on this journey, Inu Yasha."

Kagome shot death glares at his back. "What is going on Inu Yasha? And don't you dare try to avoid it this time Kaeda wouldn't have said that if she didn't know what was going on." Kagome eyed him as if she wanted to put her foot through his back.

"Have ye not told her?" Kaeda asked not surprised in the least.

"Told me what?" Kagome demanded. Openly glaring at the entire group. "You all know don't you?" She got off her bike and dropped it. "Where ever it is you guys are going, have fun without me as I'm not going where I'm not trusted." Kagome steamed and stalked off.

Kaeda let out a sigh. "Inu Yasha that was a bad move."

"What are you talking about Kaeda-baba? You're the one who said it not me." He glared at her when all they did was stare at him expectantly. "What do you expect me to do about it?" He crossed his arms over his chest.

The entire group eyed him evilly for not already leaving to go fetch Kagome. Letting out a frustrated sigh he followed Kagome where she had left. Following her scent, he found her fuming as she sat on the lip of the well her legs dangling on the inside of it. He quickly rushed over and gripped her around the waist. "You're not leaving." She tried to get out of his arms but he didn't let her budge an inch.

"You're not leaving." He repeated firmly.

"I know I'm not leaving Inu Yasha. I wasn't planning on it." She huffed. He pulled her off of the well and set her away from it with him in between her and it. She sat down on the ground and looked at her feet. "Why won't you tell me what the problem is? It involves me I know it does because of what Kaeda said."

Inu Yasha hunched down in front of her "Kagome." She turned away from him. "Listen we are going to tell you... just not right now."

"Why not?" She faced him "It's not like I can't handle it." Her eyes bored into his. Inu Yasha looked away and muttered something she didn't catch. "What was that?"

"I said... that I promise we'll tell you, but right now that is just too much to ask, okay?" he sat back on his haunches uncomfortable with their closeness. He sighed.

"Whatever." She got up. "Are we moving so fast because of the problem?" He just nodded as he rose to his feet also. "Lets go." she called over her shoulder.

He followed. "Uh, Kagome? You're going the wrong way.."

"I am?" she turned around and waited on him to show her the right direction. He pointed towards a different patch of trees and she followed his direction. After a while of not getting to the village she turned around "Inu Yasha are you sure it was me who was going in the wrong direction?" She turned around and gave him an exasperated look.

"Yeah I pointed you in the right direction. We're just not getting there." He looked worriedly into the trees. "Kagome.. don't move." He leapt down on top of her shielding her from the gigantic fang that had flown through the air at her. He glared up into the trees as he took her and leapt through the air trying to dodge all the fangs aimed at her. 'If just one were to touch her..' He didn't continue the thought afraid of the answer.

"Inu Yasha what's going on?" she clutched the front of his haori tightly. Her head ducked back to his chest when a fang trailed too close and caught her hair. She squealed and clutched tighter. Once the squeal was out of her mouth, the fangs stopped. He leapt to the ground and checked her body. She repeated her earlier question.

He ignored it and kept looking for any kind of scratch. "Are you scratched anywhere I can't see?" She looked worriedly down at him and shook her head.

"Inu Yasha? Why are you looking.. like that?" She bit her lip chewing on it. He looked up at her and shook his head. "Don't you do that to me! What is this? I almost got hit with those things!" She fumed letting her anger pushing away her fear.

"That was part of the problem Kagome. We have to go to get it fixed. I suggest you not leave like that again." He picked her up and turned around "We passed the village a ways back there." He leapt back up into the air and landed on solid ground directly in front of Miroku, Sango and Shippo. "We're leaving. Now." Sango put a hand on Kagome's shoulder assuming that Inu Yasha had told her. Kagome looked back at her and smiled. Miroku patted her other shoulder and Shippo attached himself to her arms as she followed Inu Yasha.

She stayed quiet the whole time they walked. She ignored it when Sango and Miroku tried to talk to her. Inu Yasha glanced back every so often only to see her staring at him diligently. He ignored her the rest of the way keeping his eyes and ears open for any more attacks that could come.

Miroku's staff jingled as he walked. Kagome looked at him. His black hair pulled back in a small ponytail gave off a blue sheen from the sunlight. His cursed hand waved in front of her face. She ignored it and looked in his brown eyes. The prayer beads on his hand jingled as he clenched his hand into a fist.

Her attention shifted to Sango when she saw her move out of the corner of her eye obviously trying to get her attention. The demon exterminator stared back her. Her dark red eye shadow only made the stare that much more serious. Her dark hair whipping around in her face with the brisk wind caught her attention briefly before Shippo pulled at the front of her shirt shifting her attention yet again. His ginger brown hair was pulled back with a blue ribbon at the top of his head. His little furry tail wrapped around her arm. She smiled down at the kit watching his mouth move but not hearing any of what he was saying. As she watched his mouth move she heard the sounds of the forest around her grow stronger and a chill went through her skin. Looking around she decided it was just her imagination playing tricks on her and ignored it.

They stopped for the night in a small clearing. She quickly unpacked her sleeping bag and dug out a pot for cooking whatever it was that Inu Yasha had caught for them to eat. She stayed up until her eyes dropped shut of their own volition.

"Thank God she's out. I wouldn't be able to take her silence a moment longer." Complained Sango. "I feel so bad with all of this. It always seems like it happens to her.." Miroku nodded in complete agreement with the statement.

"Well just so you both understand, she still doesn't know and her silence is her own way of revenge. She's just upset because she wants to know and she thinks we don't trust her or something like that." Inu Yasha spoke up.

Miroku and Sango glared at him. "You what?!" they yelled at him in unison. He just shrugged and didn't say any more. Shippo ignored them and crawled on top of Kagome's sleeping form.

"No wonder she doesn't trust us! With you not telling her, I wouldn't trust us either if I were here." Sango hissed at him, glaring angrilly.

"Why didn't you tell her?" Shippo asked quietly so as not to wake her up. He would rather be eaten alive than chance that she would stare at him blankly like that again.

"Because I'm still trying to sort this out and she shouldn't need to worry about it. After all I'm here to protect her. So what's there to worry about?" Inu Yasha just shrugged and leaned back against a tree, trying to appear nonchallant about it even though he was becoming worried that they didn't think of him as 'strong enough' anymore. "She won't get hurt with me around." He sighed weariness taking a toll on his body. "Get some sleep we're moving out early in the morning."

"You need to tell her." Sango scolded.

"If you want her to know so badly tell her yourself." Inu Yasha spat and was greeted with silence. "See not so easy now is it? So as you seem to not be so keen on telling her yourself you can shut up Miss Hypocrite." He mumbled as he relaxed and tried to sleep. Then he cracked open an eye and smirked at her. "Thanks for seeing it my way by the way." 'As long as we're all together Kagome won't be hurt and I won't have to worry.' After a few hours, he sat up and looked around when he heard the familiar slow breathing that meant the whole group was asleep.

He crept over to Kagome. 'They say that people listen whether they want to or not while they're asleep.' He picked up Shippo and moved him to the other side of Kagome. He got close to her feeling her warm breath on his face. He inhaled deeply, "Kagome.." She sighed in her sleep. Feeling bolder he said her name again. "I don't want you to worry about what happened Kagome. I want you to know that you will always be safe with me no matter what.. I won't let anything happen to you."

Her brows furrowed. "Inu Yasha...I..." she said sleepily not yet awake.

"Just don't worry Kagome I will take care of you." A small smile graced her lips, obviously happy with her dream he thought.

He ran a nervous hand over her cheek, and then quickly drew it back. 'Baka what were you doing that for huh?' He leapt up into the higher branches of the tree over her. 'Stupid Stupid she was asleep. She doesn't need you fawning over her while she isn't conscious of it. Ugh where did that thought come from? I don't fawn over anyone.' He sighed 'I must need sleep more than I had thought to be doing stuff like that. Yeah that's it.' He dropped off to sleep quickly with a slight frown marring his beautiful face.

Kagome waited until she was sure he was asleep. She raised a heavy hand to her cheek feeling his hand on her face again. It had been so hard to keep from saying something. 'He would die if he thought you knew.' She thought to herself. 'Oh well he's just trying to keep you from whatever it is that could hurt you. He... just might care.' She quickly squashed the thought. 'Don't start thinking like that. You'll only get your hopes up and that's never good.' Miroku let out a particularly loud snore startling her. She snickered at him. 'Its amazing Sango doesn't wake up with a bear sleeping next to her. Oh well, they're going to tell me because if they don't I will never say another word to them again.' She smiled and went to sleep finally.

Sango felt something gently stroking her backside. At first she couldn't identify what it was then realization struck and she sat up quickly. "HENTAI!" she squealed as she smacked Miroku.

He picked himself up off the ground. "You didn't wake up when I tried to call to you so I figured I'd try something else to make you wake up. And now you are awake so I guess it worked." he said innocently smiling all the while. She just glared at him murderously.

"Can't you keep your hands to yourself at all Miroku?" Kagome asked as she sat up, stretching and rousing Shippo in the process.

"Stupid Humans... Can't you get up any faster?" Inu Yasha called down from his perch in the tree. "I've been waiting since dawn for you to get up." He leapt down and picked up Kagome's bag. "Fix something quick so we can get going." He shook the bag at her. She glared and jerked it out of his hands.

She dug through the pack and pelted them all with granola bars. Miroku, Sango, and Shippo all glared at him for ruining Kagome's mood. She had actually been saying something to them, possibly forgetting about her little revenge. She stood up and put her sleeping bag away not eating. Inu Yasha quickly shoved his in his mouth and erased all traces of them having stayed there the night before. Kagome just watched not saying anything. 'What could bother him so that he feels he has to cover our trail?'

They started moving following Inu Yasha through the woods. "Seeing as how Lady Kagome isn't talking to any of us." Miroku tried to hint. Kagome just ignored him as was expected. "Why are we going this way Inu Yasha?" he asked. Inu Yasha just gave him a wry glance. "To fix the problem of course why else would we be going?" He glared at Miroku for his stupidity. "And no I am not going to broach the subject with her so stuff it." He turned around and continued on in silence.

Shippo unperturbed by the tension in the air leapt onto Kagome's shoulder. "Kagome? Did you bring any candy with you?" She smiled and patted him on the head. She stepped up behind Inu Yasha digging through her pack. She came out with a giant sucker. He quickly snatched it and licked it quietly. Miroku and Sango entertained themselves by reminiscing about past experiences they've had with youkai.

Kagome dug out her CD player and put in a CD her friends burned for her. "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia came out. She laughed at the first few lyrics.

I thought I saw a man brought to life
He was warm he came around he was dignified
He showed me what is was to cry
You couldn't be that man I adore
You don't seem to know, seem to care what your heart is for

Kagome cringed at how close it came to her feelings. She quickly changed the song and got "In the End" by Linkin Park. 'Wow I guess everything's depressing today.' She thought wryly. The next song was "Beautiful" by Christina Augulera. She grumbled and took the CD out. Rummaging around in her pack she found another CD and put it in. She smiled as more comfortable songs came to her.

"What are you listening to Kagome?" Shippo asked only catching the notes of the song. When she didn't say anything he pulled her hair. "Kagome!" he yelled at her. She looked down at him silent. He pulled the headphones off her head and asked her again. She just put the headphones on his ears and adjusted the volume for his ears. He smiled and tried to sing along but failed horribly. Inu Yasha turned around at him yelling at him to shut up but Shippo couldn't hear over the music. Inu Yasha glared at her. "Why did you have to do that? Now he's probably going to make those horrible sounds until tonight." Kagome didn't say anything just held onto Shippo and smiled smugly.

Inu Yasha glared he was certain she would've 'sat' him for that. Usually she looks for any excuse to slam him into the ground. 'Stupid girl I can hold out longer than you can.' He was already surprised she had held out this long without yelling at him or saying anything. He got uncomfortable in the gripping silence. Usually she was such a chatter box he had a hard time without telling her to shut up. now he just wanted to hear her jabber on like usual. 'Amazing the things you get so used to that you actually miss.' He decided to block the silence out by thinking of some more fighting techniques he could improve on. Later that night, Miroku saw a village and managed to convince Inu Yasha to stay there, instead of sleeping out in the woods like usual. He was hard pressed without Kagome's assistance.

Sango was starting to worry about her silence and as soon as they were settled inside the best lodge she dragged Inu Yasha and Miroku outside. "We seriously need to tell her." She chewed her lip worriedly glancing every now and then at the inn where her best friend was.

"If you want to give into her little fit be my guest." Inu Yasha snapped. "But I'm sure as hell not going to tell her. She can go on with this for as long as she likes, I don't care." The other two just glared at him. He crossed his arms over his chest. "NO. I refuse to tell her. And I know neither of you will so don't think about it." He started to walk away but Sango caught his hair from behind. He growled. "If you know what's good for you, you'll let go NOW." She ignored him and tightened her grip. He whirled around and knocked her hand off his hair. "Don't do that again." He growled. "I don't pull your hair to get your attention, do I?"

"Tell Kagome." She stated point-blank. He glared and shook his head. Miroku came up behind the hanyou and put a hand on his shoulder. "She needs to be told by you. You can tell her and comfort her afterwards better than us."

Inu Yasha snorted dryly. "I have no experience with 'comforting' people yet you guys believe I could do it better?" he asked incredulously. They nodded simultaneously. He glared "Well no matter what you say. I am not. I repeat am NOT going to breathe a word of this to her. Especially not now. I do not 'comfort' people. I never have and I don't see why I have to start now. Besides as I have said time and again I will not let anything happen to her. If I tell her she will worry over nothing. You hear that? Nothing."

"Why not now? I don't see the reasoning. Besides, of course she knows you will protect her. That is not the issue." Miroku blocked his way of escape. Inu Yasha just glared at them.

"Because if she won't believe me when I say I'll tell her later, then I won't tell her at all." he leapt over Miroku's head and into a tree so that they couldn't bother him. He could smell Kagome. She was coming up behind them. He groaned. 'I so don't need her coming around now.' He thought but he leapt down in front of her anyway. "Go back to the lodge Kagome."

Kagome gripped her heart. He had just leapt down in front of her from out of nowhere scaring her out of her wits. She side stepped him and continued out into the woods. He followed her diligently. "I thought I told you not to go anywhere by yourself?" He drawled. Once Kagome was certain she was far enough away from everyone else she made hand motions for him to turn around.

"If you can't say it I won't do it." She glared at him. Getting an idea she just shrugged and pulled down her underwear in front of him. His jaw dropped, as she took them all the way off and moved around behind the tree. He blushed furiously, she had just taken off her underwear in front of him. He blushed even more when he heard her using the bathroom behind the tree. 'Oops I guess I should've turned around huh?' He thought sheepishly.

Once she was done she pulled her underwear back on and walked back towards the town. He just followed silently. Before they got too close she turned and faced him. He just stared at her feet. Kagome waited until his amber eyes met hers. While she was waiting, she just looked at his sword and the red outfit covering his body. How many times had that body and sword protected her? She wondered. His feet were very dirty from not wearing any shoes. The mud from the days journey was still caked on his toes and little flecks dotted the top of his feet. The claws on his fingers were digging into his palm. She got another idea and put her hand over his.

He quickly looked up at her surprised. "What?" he said quickly. Now that she had his attention she let go of his hand. "Inu Yasha? Why won't you tell me yet? It's been nearly two days since I've said anything and I'm tired of it."

"I never said you should stop talking. And besides I did say I would tell you soon anyway. Throwing a fit isn't going to help that along." He smiled inwardly she was going to break soon.

"Fine." She ignored him and walked back to the village ignoring him again when he tried to talk. Miroku and Sango noticed her less than happy look as she sat down on her sleeping bag and closed her eyes waiting for the others to fall asleep.

After what seemed like eternity to Kagome, she sat up. Shippo started to stir so thinking quickly, she took off her sleep-warmed shirt and wrapped him in it setting him gently on the floor. She got up and moved outside by herself. 'If he won't tell me after this I swear I will sit him until his back breaks.' She vowed silently. She scanned the trees quickly for any traces of him. Finding none, she moved into the woods by herself.

The silence and darkness were all encompassing and started to wear on her imagination. She heard a twig snap behind her. She purposely ignored it. 'That had better be Inu Yasha or he is in so much trouble.' She continued on not looking back even though she could feel something was following her. Her paranoia grew with every step she took and she couldn't help but think of the strange feeling she had felt earlier. 'Maybe I wasn't just being freaked out.'

After she was too far away from the village for anyone other than Inu Yasha to hear her, she felt something fly by her head. She whirled around and was greeted by darkness. "Who's there?" she ventured trying to keep the fear from her voice. She sensed something moving just out of her line of vision.

She turned and started walking again. Another thing whizzed by her face. Fear peirced her heart. This time she didn't turn around she just ran trying to get away from whatever it was that was following her and obviously trying to do her bodily harm. She heard laughter ringing behind her just before something impaled her in the back. She felt the fang tear through her muscles and crack one of her ribs. She landed on the ground with a thud. She noted dully the blood pooling around her head and body. "Inu Yasha.." She called weakly before her vision blurred and went black.

Miroku and Sango came out after Shippo had woken up to find no Kagome. "INU YASHA!" they yelled at the top of their lungs. The hanyou jumped down from a nearby tree and looked at them angry until he saw their expressions. He rushed inside the lodge but he already knew she wasn't there. He rushed out quickly. "Do you guys know where she went?" 'Baka baka baka you knew better than to leave her to her own she's probably dead... all because you left baka baka baka.'

"No, but Shippo was the first to find that she was missing." Sango supplied but he was already gone following her scent. "Come on Kirara." Sango climbed atop her transformed demon-cat. "Try to keep up with Inu Yasha if you can." She said quietly. Images of a mauled Kagome kept replaying in everyone's mind.

"Well if she's hurt I almost pity the person who did it. Inu Yasha is going to tear them to shreds." Miroku tried to lighten the mood unsuccessfully. He gripped Sango's hips as they took off, a grim look on all of their faces. They had to hold back from panicking. 'Kagome might just be off in the woods for a little adventure.' Miroku tried to think on the bright side but failed to convince himself.

Inu Yasha smelled the fear that permeated the air. "Gods Kagome be-" the words died in his throat as he saw the fang buried deep in her shoulder and her face down in her blood and dirt. He rushed over to her picking her up and cradling her to his chest. "Please be alive Kagome" became a chant as he placed his ear over her heart listening for a beat. It was there... but extremely weak.

'All that blood, how can she still be alive after all that blood?' Tears streamed down his cheeks, 'She's alive she hadn't left me alone.' He clutched her tighter and quickly pulled the fang loose. He smelled the poison on the fang. "Where is that stupid flea when I need him?" He heard a small panting just by his ear.

"Lord Inu Yasha I just heard the news.. and I came as fast as I could." Myouga looked at Kagome in Inu Yasha's arms "L-Lord Inu Yasha? Is she-?"

"She's alive flea." He glared at the flea for even suggesting a thing. "I need you to suck the venom out of her body." The flea leapt down looking at her wound. A small sigh escaped him. "I am terribly sorry Lord Inu Yasha but I can't help her."

Inu Yasha snatched the flea. "Don't you DARE say that. I need to make her better and I can't think of anything better than you healing her by taking out the poison from her body like you did for me when I was poisoned by the spider-heads."

Myouga just shook his head. "I'm sorry my Lord but the poison has traveled through too much of her body for me to be of any use. But there is no need to worry-" he was cut off by Inu Yasha putting his ear to Kagome's chest again.

A look of absolute relief flooded his features. "Her heartbeat just got stronger." He clutched her to his chest. "Kagome I swear to God if you get up I will tell you everything." He vowed. Myouga's face dropped. "What's wrong with you flea? Did you want Kagome to die? She's going to be better." Myouga shook his head and hopped down muttering under his breath. "What's that flea?"

"This is not good Lord Inu Yasha." The old flea felt his age hit him in a way he hadn't felt since Inu Yasha's father died. His heart sank as he looked upon Kagome and thought of all the things that may happen to her.

"What do you mean its not good? This is great!" Inu Yasha replied shocked that the flea would think it wasn't. "She's going to be better. That is great news."

The flea shook his head again and walked a ways away. "Kagome needs to be taken back to the village. Kaeda will be able to help. I suggest you abandon whatever you were doing here and get there as fast as possible. Bring the thing that inflicted her wound also." Inu Yasha looked around for the fang but it had disappeared.

"Its not here." He looked worried. "What's wrong with Kagome, Myouga- jiji? Tell me... What can I do to make her better?" He looked down at the pale girl in his arms. Her lips were bright red against the white of her skin. Her black hair and eyelashes stood out in stark contrast against her pale face. He buried his face in her neck feeling her cold skin against his warm self he tried to cover her more and warm her up.

"Take off and get to Kaeda's as fast as possible. I'll stay and tell the others. We should be there in a few days. If Kagome isn't awake by tomorrow then I'd start to worry." Inu Yasha stood up clutching the girl in his arms to his chest. He nodded quickly then took to the air. He traveled most of the day by air but when night fell he walked on the forest ground not sleeping but getting her to Kaeda's as fast as he could. He talked to her the entire time assuring her that she would be okay and apologizing for letting her get hurt, swearing that he would get whoever it was that did this to her. Her color came back slowly but as it did her hair started to get lighter as the time wore on. By the time he got her to Kaeda's her hair had a bluish tinge to it. Her skin was slightly flushed and she was sweating.

"Kaeda." He called not caring that it was almost dawn and decent people were still asleep. He barged into the hut. "Kaeda get up we need you." He yelled at the poor old sleeping woman. Rain started to pour down outside. "Great." He muttered and nudged the woman with his foot.

Kaeda grumbled at him and reluctantly sat up. "What is it that ye would rouse me in such a fashion Inu Yasha?" the lady miko grumbled. She got up and got a good look at Kagome. "What happened to her?" Kaeda asked, her one visible eye widening in worry.

"That's what I came here to find out." He said exasperatedly.

"I meant for ye to tell me how this was brought about." Kaeda stated as she examined the girl in his arms. Her eye squinted as she moved her face from side to side.

"Well I went off last night to search for whoever it was that had attacked us while we were here before we left because I had a feeling they were near. Kagome obviously left while I was gone and the sneaky girl got by Miroku and Sango even though they were supposed to stand guard. I had refused earlier to tell her what the demon had threatened and I think she did this to get back at me. I came back this morning to hear them yelling for me. I ran inside the lodge but Kagome was already gone. I went off to find her and I smelled her fear on the air just before I found her. There was blood everywhere Kaeda.. so much of her blood." He paused for a second getting his breath back, then continued on. "A fang was buried in her back and I thought she was dead. Her heartbeat was faint but it was there. Myouga came and told me he couldn't take the poison out of her body that it had already traveled too far in her blood stream." At that he glanced worriedly at the girl. "He said to come to you as fast as possible but after a while her heartbeat just got stronger and stronger. But Myouga acted like it was such an awful thing."

Kaeda kept a calm mask on her face although beneath the mask she was worried for the young miko before her. 'What could this mean?' she thought "Inu Yasha I will do the best I can but I warn you I have never heard of this before and I think all that I can do is make sure that the poison doesn't kill her."

"It won't kill her if she's been able to survive this long." He laid her on a mat and lay down beside her. 'You will get better Kagome I know it.' He thought before he drifted off his arms around her.

'Inu Yasha must be really worried about her if he's willing to act like that especially in front of other people.' Kaeda thought as she turned Kagome onto her stomach. She looked for a wound but found none. "Um Inu Yasha?" she shook him awake.

"What Kaeda-baba? Is she alright?" he sat up worriedly.

"Yes she's alright Inu Yasha but where was she hit with the fang?" Inu Yasha looked at her back. His jaw dropped. "Where'd it go?" he said stupidly. He pulled her shirt off. "It was just right there." He pointed to her left shoulder. Kaeda actually let her worry show but instantly masked it when she saw Inu Yasha notice it. "Kaeda what's wrong with Kagome?" he pulled the girl onto his lap as she made noises of finally coming around.

Kagome's head pounded. Her eyes opened and blinked trying to focus in on who was there. "Inu Yasha?" her voice sounded rusty and slurred to her own ears.

"Kagome! Your eyes!" Inu Yasha shouted. He looked into her eyes. "They're green." He said quietly looking at their freakishly bright shade.

"What? Inu Yasha could you please lower your voice you're being really loud." Kaeda looked even more worried. The old miko leaned in to peer at her now that she was awake.

"Kagome... do you feel different?" She said as quietly as possible.

"Yes. my head's really fuzzy and I can't see straight just yet... Everything seems loud." she winced as Kaeda got up. "Kaeda could you try to get up a little quieter next time? I could hear the wood groan for some reason."

Kaeda shot her a glare, "I am not that heavy Kagome."

Inu Yasha looked surprised, "Kaeda what's wrong with Kagome?" He gave the said girl really worried glances. Kagome's nose wrinkled at the smell that greeted her nose.

Pausing for a second, "Kagome what's going on outside?" Kaeda asked quietly.

"Some men are walking towards the forest I think. They're carrying sawdust in buckets. Pine wood I think. The woman next door has a crying baby and is trying to get it to calm down. Why?" she paused inhaling deeply. "What is that smell?"

"What smell Kagome?" Inu Yasha asked quite bewildered by everything to even formulate intelligent thought.

"I don't know it." her nose wrinkled again. "It's making me feel all nervous and jittery." She sat up and groaned falling back into Inu Yasha's arms. She ran a hand over her face. "Can you tell me what happened Inu Yasha?"

"You left like an idiot and got hit with those fangs I was trying to keep you away from." The words from the demon came back to him. "Kaeda could you go outside for a second?" He asked. The old miko nodded and stepped out.

Kagome grimaced as she heard the pounding steps as she left. "Kagome? I think I. know what happened."

"What Inu Yasha?" she said quietly.

"That-that demon that we fought.. you know?" she nodded. "Well it um... It told me and Shippo that it would turn you into our worst nightmare and your greatest dream if it got half a chance and I think it did."

A frown over came her features. "My dream?"

"Kaeda you can come back in now." He bellowed. Kagome covered he sensitive ears. He was instantly contrite. "I'm sorry Kagome I didn't mean to yell so loud." He removed her hands from her ears and his worst fear was confirmed. Her ears were slightly pointed and her hair had gotten even lighter while they were talking. It was now a medium blue.

Kaeda came in and looked shocked at Kagome's ears. "By all the heavens." she gasped clutching her chest. Kagome laughed at the sight but groaned again as the sound met her ears. 'It is so rare that Kaeda acts like anything shocks her if it ever does.' Kagome thought. "What's wrong Kaeda?" Kagome asked as she looked at the old woman. Kaeda shook her head and came over to them.

"When are the others going to get here?" Kaeda asked staring at Kagome. Kagome looked at the woman in front of her. The black patch that covered one of Kaeda's eyes interested her for a moment. The old lady's good eye however was gray and blurry with age. The wrinkles around her face reminded her of a grandmother figure. 'Time sure doesn't treat people well in this era.' She thought of how her grandfather looked and he had to be twenty years older than Kaeda yet he didn't have half so many wrinkles from age. Sure his hair was just as gray with age and his body sagged as much as hers but it went so much faster here than in the future.

"Maybe tonight... tomorrow afternoon, at the speed they would have to travel." Inu Yasha said absently. "Myouga said he was going to tell them and bring them here." Inu Yasha looked at her. "Why?"

"You're going to have to find the best way to break this to them." Kaeda left the hut again to digest the new information. Kagome had certainly undergone a lot of changes in less than a day or two.

"Kagome why did you have to want to be this?" He rested his forehead on her back sighing heavily. "If you had only wanted anything else."

"I have no clue what you're talking about Inu Yasha but why are resting on me?" She turned to face him and ran her hands lightly over his face. "Are you okay? You don't regularly do stuff like that?" she stood up getting out of his embrace. "Can we go somewhere or do something. I really want to figure out what happened. And I want to do that away from here. Just in case anyone else went through these changes that I did."

Although, she pretty much figured no one else had. She stood at the doorframe leaning against it. "I feel so strange Inu Yasha... I have never felt this way before. It's like I've been given a gigantic magnifying glass on all my senses." He stood up and picked her up from behind.

"Sure we can go somewhere." He leapt into the air and took her to the top of the biggest tree he could find. She smiled at him when they were down and revealed her fangs. "Listen Kagome?"

"Yeah?" her smile faded. Her new green eyes seemed to be able to look into his soul, making him feel guilty for not telling her earlier and not expecting her to do as she had.

"Um you're body went under some really... extraordinary changes.. And I want you to know, I will do everything I can to get you back to the way you were... but um.. Kagome? Do you have a mirror on hand?" he scratched his head not knowing precisely how to show her what she looked like.

"No, I don't think so. What do you mean extraordinary changes?" She eyed him warily not noticing the effect she was having on him.

He shuffled around on the branch. "Um Kagome. Have you even noticed how far up we are or the fact that you're um balancing on a really thin branch?" She looked down and her face paled visibly. Her body started to wobble and he regretted telling her. He reached out a steadying hand. "You're eyes are green now... and your hair is turning blue." He paused "Your ears are pointed and I'm not too sure if you're a hanyou or a full demon because you're still changing."

"I'm WHAT?!?!" She screeched and flinched at her own voice. Her fingers moved up to touch her ears. She jerked her hands away as if they had been burned. 'Those pointy things on the side of my head are NOT my ears!' her mind screamed at her. Her eyes blinked a few times. "Wh-... what happened to me?" she gasped. She launched herself into his chest wanting to be protected like he had promised. His arms wrapped around her even as he tried to regain his balance. He failed and they started to fall. Kagome's instincts took over and she wrapped her arms tightly around him and found her center of gravity. She landed on the balls of her feet. "Are you okay?" she asked quietly when they were safely on the ground.

"Kagome? How did you do that? That was amazing!" He hugged her laughing. She looked bewildered. He just laughed harder. "You just saved us both a very hard landing."

She smiled slowly. "I don't know how I did it. It just um happened." He set her down and smiled into her face.

"And I thought this was going to be a nightmare." He commented lightly.

"Why would you think this would be a nightmare?" she swallowed. "I am so tired I-I just don't know how to accept all this right now Inu Yasha. D- do I look... bad to you?" She frowned.

"I thought that you'd have no instincts and I need to find a way to fix this. " He decided to ignore the last question not too sure on how he should answer. Her face seemed to be a little leaner and her ears were odd to put it nicely. He liked the change in hair color. She didn't look so much like Kikyou anymore and that should make her feel better as she didn't want him to think of her like a reincarnation. The fangs were a nice addition but he couldn't really find anything that made her look bad. And if he could tell anything about the changes that had happened under her clothes she had become a bit more muscular than before.

She looked away from him. 'Of course he doesn't like you stupid. You must look positively hideous for him to want to change you back so quickly. Why would you even want to ask a question you knew the answer to?' He grabbed her arm. "Are you okay Kagome?"

"I want to go back Inu Yasha. I just want to go back but I don't want to be around anyone just as of yet." She looked up the tree. The idea of leaving appealed to her greatly. She glanced at him. "Do you think that whatever it was that attacked me earlier will come back?"

"No, I think this is all it wanted to do. Or at least that's what I'm hoping but... yeah I'm pretty sure that's all it wanted." He thought of all the things he could do with her now that she was a demon also. He grinned. "Thanks."

She leapt up into the tree they had fallen out of and looked around. "No wonder you love being up here so much." She gazed at the tops of the trees spanned out around her seemingly to go on forever. She felt the branch move as he landed beside her. "Its so beautiful" she sighed. He looked around himself trying to imagine it the way she must be seeing it. Being that it was the first time she had ever seen such a view.

"Its better at night." he said absently. She looked around her and suddenly took off through the trees testing how fast she could go. He followed closely, wanting to know if she was faster than he was. Suddenly she stopped and he slammed into her back. She caught him by the wrist, as he was about to fall. He looked up at her seeing something poking from beneath her skirt.

"Kagome? You have something furry under your skirt." She pulled him up to the branch she was standing on. She reached under her skirt. He heard her underwear rip as a big furry tail came into view. He gawked. "I have a tail?" She said shocked. He reached out and touched it. The fur was silky smooth under his fingers. She experimentally flicked it and watched the colors sparkle in the sunlight. "Wow. Never thought I'd have one of these." She said dryly. He stepped up closer and examined it. "Would you stop pulling on it like that? I can feel everything you're doing to it."

He apologized and ran his claws through the silky mass. "Its not like you've never seen one before. Sesshomaru has one too."

He let it go. She swished it around again for fun. He bit his lip trying to resist the powerful temptation to touch it just one more time. "Kagome with a tail like that and your ears being the way they are I think you may be a full demon." She flicked his hand with her tail. "Do you care?" She just shook her head. "You don't care?" Again she shook her head. Looking up into the morning sky and sighed.

"There's nothing I can do about it right now so why worry about it? I can always figure it out later." She brought her tail in front of her and played with it, experimenting with what felt good and what didn't. "No wonder Buyo gets mad at Souta when he rubs his tail wrong. It hurts." She smiled. "I guess I won't be going home for a while." She commented lightly.

"No, I guess not." He agreed and regretted it when she burst into tears and sat down on the branch. He stared at her at a loss for what to say. "You can stay here with me, Kagome. I can teach you lots of things. Like how to jump really high like me." He knew it had sounded stupid but he HATED hearing and/or being around when she was in tears. Her shoulders shook as she tried to contain her sobs.

He patted her back awkwardly. "Come on you know I don't like to see you cry." She sniffled and buried her face in her new tail. The light blue fur of her tail stood out beside her face. He rubbed her back getting her to calm down.

"Sorry Inu Yasha I just- I don't know, I just felt so sad and I guess it just came out like that." She relaxed under his hand. He looked at the shreds of her shirt. He took one of his claws and hooked it in the hole over her shoulder. She turned and faced him. "How bad was I?"

He paused remembering the horrific mess she had been. "I thought you were dead when I saw you." He scooted closer and tried to close the hole in her shirt but ended up ripping it more instead. "Your heart wasn't beating very hard. And you were lying in your own blood. Then all of a sudden your heart just started to beat harder and harder. I thought it was a miracle. Myouga told me to bring you here because he thought something was wrong with you. I think it was the poison that was in the fang that made you like this." He gestured to her body. "I went all that day and all last night bringing you here so that you could get better. Myouga stayed behind to tell the others. They should be here by nightfall or tomorrow afternoon as I said earlier. I don't expect them to take too long but I know Myouga will want them to sleep so that I can have more time to adjust you to your change. But they will still exhaust themselves in trying to get to you. I bet that little flea knew what was going on." He mused aloud.

"What is it that you need to teach me?" she asked quietly. She stroked his ears and he turned into her attention before he realized what he was doing. Once his brain caught up with his body he moved away. "Sorry but I imagined that you must be tired from carrying my dead weight around for a whole day." She smiled at him. He frowned at her. "I didn't say you were weak I just figured that any normal person would've been tired after only an hour and you did twenty-four." She stated not wanting to injure his pride. He nodded.

"Go to sleep and we'll talk some more when you wake up." She leapt down to the ground. Getting a soft spot on the dewy ground, she laid down and tried to sleep. Inu Yasha lowered himself to a branch just above her head and relaxed getting ready to fall asleep. Her tail curled around her head pillowing it from the ground.

He closed his eyes and began to doze when he heard a rustle of movement. His eyes opened and Kagome was facing him her eyes still closed. He sighed and settled back down. He heard the noise again and opened his eyes. She seemed to be closer. He shook his head and went directly to sleep. 'Don't worry about it. She's just trying to get comfortable in her new state', was his last coherent thought before he passed out from exhaustion.

Kagome looked at Inu Yasha, her stomach clenching for some reason. She sniffed him lightly imprinting his scent in her brain. She got closer and nosed lightly in his hair. He started to show signs of waking up so she lay down again. His eyes didn't open but he was almost awake. She could tell by the beating of his heart. It wasn't as relaxed as it was if he had been asleep and when she had sniffed him it had skipped a beat. Once it settled down again and his breathing was even she got up and moved to his side again. She brushed the hair out of his eyes and looked at his sleeping face.

"Today you were so nice. It seemed like ever since we killed that demon a while ago you haven't yelled at me as much." She whispered to his silky ears. On impulse she touched the rim with the claw on her first finger. She ran it all the way around the rim switching between her claw and her pad of her finger. The soft fur felt different under her finger. 'Must be the changes my body went through. Now I guess I can feel things ten times as much as I used to.' He sighed and began to wake up again. This time she moved behind him and stood extremely still wondering if he'd notice. His nose wiggled, as he smelled Kagome. She had moved but she was still close.

He relaxed "Kagome, can't you keep still?" he asked sleepily. "I don't feel like having to get up just as of yet. I've not even had five minutes rest." She sighed guiltily and lay down underneath him, wrapping her tail under her head to rest on. Sleep came quickly and her dreams were very different from what she was used to.

Colors swirled around her head and she laughed at their brilliance and vividness. She let herself fall backwards into the cloud colors. Strong arms bore her up. She smiled at the sensations it had made skim down her back. "Inu Yasha is that you?" She was greeted by silence. She smiled some more. The colors turned green, her favorite color. The shades swirled as if blown by a wind. She giggled and twirled dancing to her hearts content. She saw the world take form beneath her feet. Leaves carpeting the ground as the trees grew and children played together, youkai and human alike.

She smiled as she saw them grow up together. After a few years, full- grown youkai attacked the happy scene. She tried to save the children she had seen but many were slaughtered. Afterwards the humans shunned the youkai believing it was their entire fault that this had happened. Kagome cried for the loss as none of the children had.

She watched as they grew to hate each other even more, until she saw Inu Yasha playing by himself in a courtyard. His little ball bounced around as he tried to catch it. His mother watched from a little swing not too far away. Kagome grinned as he ran to his mother laughing merrily and gripping her legs as she sat. She watched as they bathed together that afternoon and as his mom brushed his hair that evening.

She heard the cries of the people as the village caught on fire from mysterious attackers suddenly assailing the village. She watched as Inu Yasha's mother threw him out the window of the burning castle to save him, telling him to run that she would be with him soon. She tried to follow as Inu Yasha ran and climbed into a giant redwood tree to hide from the guards following him. But Kagome watched horrified as demons from another tribe saw her and decapitated her as she struggled to get out of the window and to her son.

As he lay there for days without his mother coming for him, she felt compelled to help him. After all he didn't know what had happened and if he did, she was certain he would've died from grief. She looked around and found a rabbit. She quickly killed it and brought it over to the sleeping boy. For some reason, he could see what she had left but not her. She sighed as the boy actually ate.

Kagome's eyes opened to Inu Yasha standing above her. "Are your dreams always like that?" She asked before she could think. She looked at the grown boy in front of her and felt overwhelming sense of grief. He frowned at her. "What?" She just stood up shaking out her tail. "We need to get you some other clothes." He commented lightly. The sun had already set and it was almost completely dark out. If she had been normal she wouldn't have been able to see as it was she could see almost perfectly although everything was slightly dim. He had to use his will power not to stare at her tail as it waved behind her.

"You said the view was better at night." She said quickly before she leapt up into the highest branches of the trees. A faint purple light emanated from where the sun had set, illuminating the tops of the trees in an almost mystical glow. She sighed, "You were right. It is better at night."

"Lets go. I've got to start teaching you something." She sighed again as she got back to the ground. "I see I don't have to teach you how to get up and down properly. But would you like to be able to fly through the air?" She nodded.

He showed her how to hold her body to get ready to leap into the air to get the maximum use of her muscles. She giggled, she felt like such an idiot with her butt sticking out like it was. Her tail only added to her discomfort by getting trapped between her butt and the fabric of her skirt.

She got out of the position. "Do you mind if I fix a problem that's starting to bother me?"

"No, but do it quickly because I want to get this over with." His jaw dropped as she tore off her skirt leaving her in her bright red underwear.

"My tail was cramped." She explained and got back into the ready position. "Are you going to teach me or not?" she fumed when he was still staring. 'Its not like he's never seen girls' underwear before.' He shook his head to clear it and got back to teaching her.

Once she had made two or three successful jumps he warned her that she might need to learn how to carry a passenger. "You did alright but you and I are going to have to work on your landings if we are going to let you haul other people around. You, Shippo and I might be able to take the slightly rough landings but Sango and Miroku won't be able to. They are just as weak as you used to be."

"Oh really? I can be a pony express like you?" she joked. He glowered at her.

"That's not funny." He stuck his nose in the air. "I don't have to haul you around like a common pack mule-" He started in on a tirade but she cut him off.

"Not anymore from the looks of it huh?" She smiled at him. He just gave her a look out of the corner of his eye. "Oh come on I didn't mean to sound so awful to you. How about we go back to Kaeda's and I fix us some hot chocolate?" She punched his shoulder lightly.

"Whatever." He used her terms back on her. "You might want to cover your legs some though. You might give some geezer a heart attack. I know Miroku would have one." He grinned thinking of the lecherous monk.

She frowned, "He paws me now and he'll regret it." She smiled again. "I must be a lot stronger than I was. Hey, Inu Yasha, why not teach me how to fight for a bit?"

He frowned at her. "I'm already busy teaching y-" her hand smacking him into a tree cut him off. "WHY YOU LITTLE-" He leapt at her and she dodged laughing. She ran off into the trees, with him hot on her tail so to speak. Cutting around behind him, she jumped onto his back sending him into the dirt. She flipped off his back and let him knock her to the ground. She rolled out from under him and jumped up quickly sweeping her foot out and catching him behind the knee bringing him to the ground. She laughed again and he took the opportunity to leap on top of her rolling around until he had her pinned.

They panted for a while, laughing between gasps of air. Then she kicked him off of her having him land on his back above her head. He grunted as he hit the ground. She leapt to her feet. "You'll pay for that." He told her just before he leapt to his feet. She just grinned at him. He lunged at her and pinned her to the ground again. She laughed and rolled over under him. Her tail wrapped around his neck and her back pressed to his stomach. She laughed again as she pulled herself up to her feet. Her tail stayed around his neck until he pulled it off gently so as not to hurt her.

He calmed himself down. 'You were only playing she didn't mean to take that position.' She looked off to where she smelled cooking meat. "MMM that smells so good-" Her nose wiggled as she smelled the air. "I think they're cooking meat."

He nodded and sat down again. "Do you want to go to Kaeda's or do you want me to teach you how to hunt?" She looked back at him and sat in front of him. She decided to lie down, so she stretched and laid out on her back her tail flicking slowly. "It's not that hard of a question." He watched her tail flick back and forth tempted to grab it.

"I know I just wanted to stretch for a bit. That was fun you know?" She glanced at him. "Can we play like that more often?" he quickly looked away from her tail. She looked back up to the star filled sky. The big dipper over head she counted over three stars to the right from the tip of the handle. "That's my star." She said pointing.

"What?" he looked up. "I suppose we could play like that more often. You would be able to learn how to fight better and sooner." He commented. He gave in to temptation and took her tail in his hands and dragged his claws through the fur. She smiled at the good feeling it created.

She looked at him, her green eyes glowed in the darkness as did his. "Teach me how to catch a fish." She sat up her tail catching leaves in its fur. She quickly shook them out and got ready to go.

"Don't you want these?" he said dangling her skirt off his finger. He smirked at her but she just tossed them into the bushes. He looked at where they fell. "Aren't you worried about someone seeing you?"

"Inu Yasha with how I look now I'm certain they won't notice a little thing like indecency." She shot him a glance over her shoulder. 'Really when how people react to regular demons just what will they think when they realize its "Lady Kagome" and she's a common demon?' she smirked at her thoughts. 'A demon guarding the sacred Shikon no Tama.'

'With how you look now its amazing I'm not the one you're worried about. PERVERT' his mind screamed at him. 'And I thought she wasn't wearing much when she had on that skirt.' He told his mind to shut up so he wouldn't have a constant blush on his face. He let her lead him to the nearest river. "I'm amazed that you found it. Figured that with how hard you try to remember you were human you wouldn't use your ears to hear it." He said as he waded a bit into the stream. "This takes a lot of patience and I suggest that you let me catch dinner first, then after we eat I'll let you try okay?"

"Okay." She watched silently as his arm shot through the water and threw a fish upon the bank. The muscles in his arm bunched before he caught another one. She watched as four more followed the first one. Once they were all up there he moved out of the water. His pant legs were soaked from him forgetting to roll them up. "Now for you to learn how to use your claws."

She grimaced as she imagined what she would have to do. He took up a fish and gashed its belly, quickly gutting it. "Now you try." She picked up a fish and it squirmed in her hand. The scales felt nasty to her and all she wanted was to put it down and let him do it all. She slowly put her claws on its belly and pushed downward. Her claws sank into its flesh. Blood seeped around her claws and made her feel dirty and gross. It wiggled around more, disgusting her so she quickly snapped its head to make it stop moving around in her palm and grossing her out.

He watched her amused. She grimaced as she quickly tore it open and turned it over hoping the guts would just fall out. Inu Yasha came near her and sliced the organs at the top and at the bottom for her and waited. She looked sickly at the remains as they finally came completely out, but cut out the little black seam following its spine. Then she severed off its head and put it in the water to clean off. "Good job now try another." She glowered at him.

He tossed her another fish and she went about the task quickly this time although she slammed the fish against a rock to keep from having to break its neck with her hands not liking doing it from the first time. She sliced the belly quicker this time and cut the guts like Inu Yasha had done then pulled them out quickly. She cut out the black seam again and sliced off its head setting it with the other fish. The smell was starting to get to her so she covered her nose and instantly regretted it. Her hands were covered in fish guts and blood, she immediately dashed a little upstream and washed them off then ducked her head in the water. She could hear Inu Yasha squealing with laughter where she had left him.

"Glad you're so happy about it. Now you can do the rest by yourself." She leapt up into the tree above him watching him as he still snickered every once in a while. "That was not funny Inu Yasha if I can help it I will NEVER be doing that again." She heard him burst into another fit of laughter. She glared at his shoulders as they shook from the force of his laughter.

"I can't believe you. You can't even gut a fish. And, by the way, it was your idea." He laughed some more. "Doesn't even like to gut a fish. Goodness Kagome, you are going to be about the oddest demon someone could ever come across." He remarked laughing even harder trying to imagine what Sesshomaru would say if he heard of a demon not liking to kill things.

"I just did gut a fish stupid and I don't want to ever again." She shuddered. "Those stupid things just feel so gross, even though they taste good cooked."

"Well then go start a fire and you can cook them, as I'm doing the dirty work." He snickered some more recalling her look of utter distaste as it squirmed in her hands. She had looked horrified when it still moved after she had slit its stomach... or more like sloppily punctured it.

She leapt down on his head giving him a big face full of the dead bloody fish. "There how do YOU like it?" She flounced off gathering up wood for the fire. As she came back, some of his hair was matted around his face from him having to take a quick wash in the water. She laughed at him. "Did you find your little face dive enjoyable?" she smirked. He caught her by her shoulder and leg intending to throw her into the water. She caught a hold of his arm just before he let go and brought him into the water with her.

She laughed again at his face while he sputtered and spit out water. "Ha that's what you get for trying a trick like that on me." She grinned. He ducked her head under water. She tried to struggle up but he kept her down. She looked at his body under water. She gripped his shirt and tore it free of his pants making him gasp as the cold water rushed underneath to get to his skin.

He let go of her almost instantly. "Want to try that again?" she challenged after she had gotten a good breath of air. He glared at her. She met it with laughter. "Cant take a little dunk Inu Yasha?" She paused. "Do you want to eat or don't you?" she said not wanting a repeat of the past five minutes.

He climbed out of the small pool and she followed. He shook his body trying to dispel the water in his hair and clothes but to no avail. "You stupid wench now I have to take off my clothes to dry." He absolutely loathed the idea of undressing in front of her. 'What in the world would she say if she saw you naked?' he thought to himself. 'Probably what everyone else had when they had seen him bathing while he was a pup.'

"Well you're not the only one." She pulled her shirt over her head and draped it over a nearby branch. "Well?" she asked when he didn't make a move to take off his. "Do I have to do it for you?"

He blushed slightly at the thought then quickly discarded his clothes except for his breeches. She grinned as she wrapped her tail around herself covering her vital areas. He grumbled about her being so lucky as to be able to cover herself. They lit the wood with the lighter that, amazingly, still worked after their little dunk in the water.

"What were you doing with a lighter in your tie?" he asked as he munched on the cooked fish. She had to hide her look of disgust when she heard the bones crunch in his teeth as he didn't think to close his mouth while eating.

"I bring it along everywhere. There's no telling when I might need something like that." She took a bite trying to avoid the bones. "If I only wouldn't have gutted these things I would be able to enjoy them a lot more." She grimaced as she remembered the blood and guts.

"You need to get used to doing stuff like that more often." He commented between bites giving her a full view of how well he chewed his food.

"Not if I can help it." she eyed the fish distastefully. "I will never volunteer for that again." She took another small bite. A funny feeling came over her body and she put the fish down not sure if she'd be able to eat.

The sun came up and lighted on Kagome. He watched amazed as her hair turned completely black her eyes clouded over and turned back to their blue- gray color. Her ears shrank back to their normal shape and her tail shrank until it disappeared. He gawked at her rear as it was greatly exposed due to the gigantic hole where her tail had resided. Her claws shrank and disappeared.

He rushed over to her as her body slumped forward and she hit the ground. "Kagome?! Are you okay?" He shook her form gently afraid for her. 'What is going on? She's human again.'

She groaned. "Oh my god, my head hurts." Her eyes flitted open, "Inu Yasha what happened?"

"It looks like you're back to normal." his face fell for an instant but lighted up again. "You can go back and visit your family now. Remember how you cried? You won't have to worry about that anymore." He smiled down at her.

She put a hand to her stomach. "It wasn't a dream?" He shook his head. "No you really did run off into the forest without me and got yourself hurt in the process. If there's a next time I fully expect you to listen to me when I say don't leave okay?" he looked at her sternly. 'Great now you don't have to teach her anything. she won't have to stay with you.' his heart sank at that last idea although he tried to ignore the why.

She smiled briefly at him. "Um do you want to get dressed?" He finally noticed her hand was on his bare chest and her about naked body was draped over his equally exposed thighs. He blushed and pushed her off his lap pulling on his still wet clothes.

She moved over to her clothes and wrung them out. He watched as her shoulder blades moved as she wrung out her shirt. She pulled the cold material over her head causing goose bumps to run down her legs. He could still see through the back of the shirt and it was worse because of them having played around earlier. He sighed not wanting to look at her legs anymore than he had to so he stripped off his outer robe and handed it to her. "Cover up you might get sick. And I don't think you want Miroku to catch you in your panties he just may get ideas." 'That monk had better not lay a finger on Kagome or I'll tear him a new hole in the head.'

They dumped the rest of the fish into the water and had her crawl onto his back. They leapt into the air. "Bet you're glad for the 'pony express' now aren't you?" he asked causing her to flush and nod dumbly. Her thighs tightened around his waist as he leapt from tree to tree. "I'd rather keep my hips if that's okay with you?" he said dryly.

She blushed again and relaxed her grip. He landed in front of Kaeda's hut. The men around the village too used to his presence now, ignored him. Kaeda came out of her hut. Spotting Kagome she sighed and smiled. "Inu Yasha how did ye do it? I thought it would be permanent." She patted the hanyou on the back congratulating him.

He grinned not correcting her assumptions. Kagome had other plans. "Wow Inu Yasha and here I thought it was the sun that did it seeing as how you were trying to adjust me to my new life." He glared at her over his shoulder.

Kaeda sobered up instantly. He eyes showing shock for an instant before they went back to calmness. "You changed back with the rising sun?"

"Yes Kaeda. I don't know how it happened but." She clambered off of Inu Yasha's back. "I'm back to normal. I guess. Would you happen to have any clothes I could borrow?"

"What happened to your clothes Kagome?" Kaeda asked even as she went inside to gather the old miko garments Kikyou had worn over fifty years before. Digging them out she handed them to Kagome.

Inu Yasha glared. "Why not just wear what I gave you? Is it not good enough?" 'I DON'T want her to wear those stupid robes. They bring back way too many memories that I just don't want to visit right now.'

"Inu Yasha they're fine I just thought you might want them back." She handed the clothes to Kaeda noting his rather perplexed expression. "Thank you Kaeda but I won't need them."

"Why don't you go to sleep while I wait on the others? After all you are a weak human again and you must be tired from all that exercise last night." He suggested. She shrugged and went inside not caring that he had called her weak. She looked around until Kaeda told her to go ahead and borrow her own matt to rest on. Kagome thanked her and laid down falling asleep almost instantly.

"So what happened Inu Yasha?" Kaeda started out once she was outside again. The old miko sat on the steps next to him. Looking at him from the corner of her eye she felt there was something wrong with him but she knew he would not share it with her.

"Nothing Important. I taught her how to jump like I do and to gut a fish." A small smile played on his lips as he remembered that little episode with the fish. He shrugged and sat outside the door. "Why don't you go take care of the sick like you usually do? I'm sure someone's dying to see you right now." He crossed his arms willing her to go away. He wanted to think and she wasn't helping matters. Kaeda took the hint and left. 'You are acting very strangely Inu Yasha. Pray tell what could the reason be?'

Miroku, Sango, Myouga, and Shippo were all cramped on Kirara's back rushing to get to Kaeda's as fast as they could. What little hints Myouga had told them had not eased their fears only compounded them.

Once the village came into view Kirara used a burst of speed and dropped into the village quickly retransforming into her tiny kitten form. Sango quickly ran to Inu Yasha. "Where is she? Is she okay?" Her face portraying the stress she was feeling.

"She's okay and she's in the hut resting up. You can go in if you like." Inu Yasha thumbed over his shoulder. Sango immediately darted through, seeing her friend pale on the mattress on the floor but otherwise okay. She pulled the younger girl up into a crushing hug. "I thought you would've died on us by the way Myouga was talking." Her voice shook as she was trying to control her emotions.

Kagome laughed slightly at her friend's near hysterics. "I'm okay, really Sango. As usual Inu Yasha saved me and now I'm okay." She patted her friends back. Shippo launched himself at her not holding back anything. He bawled outright. "I thought you had died!" He cried.

"Well as you see Shippo I am alright now and you can thank Inu Yasha later if you like. I'm sure he'd love to hear that." She grinned at him. He sniffled and hugged her.

Miroku stayed outside with Inu Yasha. "How bad was she?" he asked leaning against the hut jingling his staff. Miroku sighed in relief that the hanyou had been able to save Kagome. 'You really should realize by now that he will never let anything bad happen to Lady Kagome.' He thought to himself.

Inu Yasha shrugged. "She's okay now." His eyes trailed to the door behind him as he heard Shippo's little outburst. He rolled his eyes at the baby kitsune's antics.

Miroku chuckled, "Of course you would play it down like that Inu Yasha but really how bad was she? How did you heal her so quickly? Miroku spoke as if she were on her death bed."

"The way Myouga talked, I thought she was going to die in my arms before I got her here to get fixed up. But once we got here her body had undergone some changes. And she had healed on her own. All day yesterday Kagome was a real demon."

"That's not very nice to say Inu Yasha after all she was just hurt." Miroku frowned slightly at him. "And Kagome does have her less than perfect moments but a demon honestly. But how did she heal on her own? Myouga said she had a gaping hole in her back and he could see the broken ribs and everything through it."

"No you don't get it. Kagome was a full demon with a tail, claws, light hair, and everything. Which also means that she could heal just as a regular demon." No sooner had Inu Yasha spit this out, Miroku was running inside to see if Inu Yasha was telling the truth.

Inu Yasha waited for Miroku to burst back out. "Inu Yasha!" he yelled. 'Bingo' Inu Yasha thought. "Kagome isn't a demon." He heard a resounding smack. "And she doesn't have a tail either." He stepped out swaying slightly under the force of the smack. "How did you get to know if she had a tail anyway? I didn't feel one." Inu Yasha eyed the glowing red print on the monk's cheek.

Inu Yasha smirked. "I would swear that you would learn one day not to grope Kagome. It was poking out from under her skirt, which by the way is still in the woods as the material cramped her tail. So-" He gestured to his white under shirt. "I had to give her something to wear instead of going around in that bra thing or just her underwear."

Miroku's jaw dropped. "You saw her in her under garments? What did they look like?" Inu Yasha just nodded expecting something along those lines.

Kagome ran outside. "Inu Yasha don't you tell him that!" her face a bright red. "Its not my fault you made me take a dunk in the river. Which, by the way, is the reason I had to go around in less than usual. Or that you made me gut fish which made my clothes stink so bad." She shuddered then fixed him with a glare.

"Yep and its not my fault either that you decided to remove your skirt because it was cramping your tail and then throw it out into the bushes to be lost for quite a while." He smirked while the rest of the group gawked at a now furious Kagome.

"And what about you? You didn't have a tail to cover yourself. You may as well have been wearing a g-string for all the coverage YOU had." Kagome smirked thinking she had gotten him.

"What's a g-string?" Miroku and Inu Yasha asked at the same time. Kagome almost 'sat' him. Sango chimed in. "Is that something from your time Kagome?"

Kagome flushed. 'I do not want to tell them what a g-string is!' She sighed knowing she would have to now that she had brought it up. "A g- string is a little strip of fabric that wraps around your waist then another even tinier string goes between your legs covering virtually nothing and its really. It's supposed to be underwear." she was at a loss of what to say. Everyone was staring at her.

Miroku was the first to recover. "Do girls from your time wear those?" he grinned.

"Its not like you'd see them unless you went to a hooker or something like that. But normal girls, if they wear them they are hidden so that other people don't see them. Or if they like you enough, there are some girls who'll do about anything." she mused aloud missing the starry eyed look from Miroku.

"There are girls in your time who would just sleep with a man because they will do anything?" Miroku asked quite pleasantly. Sango shot him a murderous glance. 'One more word buddy just one more word.' Her eye ticked.

"Yes but I wouldn't sleep with them if I were a guy because in my time we have nasty little diseases that can be spread by sleeping around with people. But if you don't sleep around you have nothing to worry about."

"Did you sleep around Kagome? Is that how you know about those diseases?" Miroku picked himself up off the floor from where Sango had just knocked him with all the force she had in her arms. "Hey what was that for?"

"Does Kagome look like she's slept around Miroku?" Sango sighed. 'Men they are so dense.'

"No Kagome doesn't sleep around because if she had a disease it would stand out and if she had already slept with someone his scent would be on her, ne?" Inu Yasha reasoned. Kagome blinked at him. "Yes I can tell stuff like that by just sniffing you." he sighed.

"Oh okay." She nodded. They spent the rest of the afternoon talking of what had happened while Kagome was a demon. Kagome kept her little sniffing experiment to herself. Even though she was human now she could still remember Inu Yasha's particular smell. Inu Yasha kept quiet except to point out little things that she had done that he knew would embarrass her. They mainly consisted of the fish incident and when she ripped off her skirt.

They moved inside when the air took a slight chill. After having lunch they continued on with all the things that they could have done if Kagome were still a demon. Needless to say Inu Yasha decided to skip out on that conversation too. Later that evening Kagome sighed looking outside. Sango, Miroku, and Inu Yasha were talking about the fact that no Shikon rumors had been flying around as of late.

"Its almost dark." She commented lightly looking out the door of Kaeda's hut. She looked at the pretty reds and oranges that lit up the sky as the sun sank lower and lower on the horizon. She stepped out on impulse and watched until she felt a shivering inside her body. The shivering traveled through her limbs making her feel stretched but strong. Warmth spread through her like a fire everywhere the shivers passed.

Inu Yasha smelled Kagome's scent get stronger and alter slightly. He stepped outside. She was on her tiptoes, her skin glowing faintly from the inside out. He watched as claws made themselves known and her tail came back full force. Her right eye stayed the blue shade but her left was that eerie green. Her hair went powdery blue with black tips. Little ears made themselves known on top of her head. She turned to face him. "Inu Yasha what's wrong?" His mouth worked but he couldn't find the words to tell her.

Shippo launched himself outside. "Kagome!" he shrieked. "You're a hanyou like Inu Yasha!" Of course this outburst brought Sango and Miroku out from inside. Miroku gawked. "You DO have a tail." He grinned and ran over to it. His hands stroked the soft fur. Sango wasn't far behind. "Kagome how did this happen? We thought you were back to normal."

"I thought I was too." She said quietly. Her tail flicked around gently and Shippo 'oohhed' and 'awed' it. "I never saw a dog hanyou with a demon tail Kagome." He commented.

Sango remarked on it too. "Yeah its unusual especially as you seem to be a dog demon Kagome. If you had been a cat then it would've made more sense. I guess it's the way you had been transformed that brought this on."

"I guess that just makes me special huh?" she said lightly tapping Shippo's nose gently. Once she got tired of feeling her tail being ruffled she pulled it out of their grasp. "I am on the other end of that thank you." She said coolly slightly aggravated. 'She never said that to me and I played with that almost twice as long as they did.' thought Inu Yasha. They apologized but stared at it almost like he had caught Kagome eyeing his ears a few times. 'Does she like petting my ears?' he shook his head free of the thought.

Kagome looked off into the forest. "Do you want to go for a walk Shippo?" she pointedly left the rest of them out as they had all messed with her tail and she had a feeling Inu Yasha was just itching to run his fingers through it again. Shippo nodded and she set off at a slow pace twirling her tail around every so often. Shippo would laugh every time it tickled his nose and sneeze. So she did it on purpose a few times. He giggled and she let him sit at the base of her tail as she walked. He played with the end of it fluffing it out every so often. "Do you like my tail Shippo?"

"Yes so does everyone else. I wasn't expecting Inu Yasha to stare like he did. It looked as if he wanted to shove everyone else off so he could play with it himself." Shippo grinned at the thought of the great hanyou wanting to play with a bit of fuzz. "Yeah that would be the day Inu Yasha playing with your tail." He laughed.

"Hey it's happened." He laughed harder. "Yep he wanted to see how it felt to hold a tail. He ended up playing with it and the whole nine yards."

Shippo continued on with his raucous laughter. "Do you know what he was doing Kagome?" She frowned and shook her head. "He was flirting with you!" He laughed like it was the greatest joke in the world.

She frowned. "Well its not as if Inu Yasha has been around his kind enough to know what's acceptable and what's not."

"But that's what's so funny Kagome! He didn't realize what he was doing so he was doing it unintentionally. Don't worry about the others in the group they're human and so it doesn't count."

She frowned even more. "What do you mean it doesn't count?" He stayed smiling as he said, "Okay say you wanted to flirt with Inu Yasha. Because he doesn't have a tail you'd have to pet his ears or something like that. Mom and Dad used to play like that before I'd have to go outside to 'play' or something." He grinned. "He was flirting with you Kagome!"

Kagome laughed thinking about it. 'So that first time you saw him you were flirting with him unintentionally.but because you were a human it didn't count.' "Hey Shippo? Why doesn't it count if you're a human?"

Shippo looked at her from his perch on her tail. "I don't really remember right yet but maybe it'll come back to me." He scratched his head.

"Its alright Shippo after all you did know more than I thought you might. I would've never thought you would know about the flirting habits of demons. How did you know anyway Shippo?"

He huffed, "Kagome need I remind you that I am a demon? Besides Mom and Dad did make sure I knew what those moves were as I asked about them until they told me." She smiled and patted his head absently. He giggled and leapt off her tail and ran around her in circles. "You are a dog demon like Inu Yasha is. Aren't you special?" He laughed again.

Kagome shook her head. "Shippo lets go back I'm kind of hungry." She picked up the little demon and leapt into the trees. 'Wow' Shippo mouthed unable to talk because of the speed at which they were moving. She landed in the village. Miroku and Sango flocked to her side again taking Shippo to interrogate him elsewhere.

Inu Yasha walked over to Kagome. "Its too bad that you missed eating with us. We had fish and everything." He grinned at the face she made at him. Her ears swiveled around on her head startling her. She reached up with shaking fingers. Her hands were rewarded with silky smooth triangles on top of her head. She yelped when her claws scratched one. He shook his head at her and ruffled her hair. She glared at him. "I just pricked myself. It hurt." She rubbed the offended ear but was surprised when she didn't feel any pain. "It doesn't hurt." She remarked slightly awed.

He laughed at her. "Of course not. Your body is just as special as mine is now. You can heal just as fast as I can but with time and a little wear and tear you might get just as good as I am." He grinned smugly. "With all the fights I've been in I heal faster than any other demon I've met."

She smiled at him. "So you're saying you're going to let me get into a few fights?" she grinned. He gave her a wry glance. He took the tips of her hair in his fingers and looked at the ends. It was almost like they had been dipped in paint. It really stood out against the white quality of the rest of her hair.

"Uh yeah." He said sarcastically. "Your hearing will get better than it is now and right now you're not really noticing anything because you're still thinking like a human." He pointed to where Sango and Miroku had left with Shippo. "Listen."

She strained her ears and sure enough she could hear them. "So what did she say?" "I know they left some stuff out." "What did Kagome really do?" "Are she and Inu Yasha together?" "I couldn't get a really good look to see if he took her yet." Kagome choked on the last thing she caught.

"You're trying too hard. You can hear without having to think about it. Remember the day at Kaeda's hut and she asked you what was going on outside and you answered without having to really think on it? I'll teach you more about your other senses later but for right now we'll work on your sense of hearing." He leaned over and felt her ears. He suddenly dropped his hand when she unconsciously leaned into the good feeling as he had done before.

"Ha now who's acting like a dog Kagome?" She flushed all the way down to her toes. The tingling sensation of him rubbing her ears still stayed with her. She glared at him. "You did that on purpose." He laughed. "You did, didn't you?"

He laughed some more then nodded. "For how many times you did that to me you deserved it." Her face grew serious as she thought of something.

"Does it feel like that to you too?" His smile faltered. "W-what?" She stepped up to him. "Does it feel like that to you?" She reached out and brushed her fingers over is ears. He stepped back. 'What is she thinking? I'm awake now she can't just go and do that!' "Hey you played with my tail so I can play with your ears."

"That was different. I had never played with a tail before and I know for certain you've played with MY ears before. Besides you have your own to mess with now." He glared. She laughed at him and walked by him into the hut.

Before she went in she called casually. "Don't even tell me you didn't like it. It felt too good to me for you not too." She waltzed in and sat on the floor serving herself some soup to eat for dinner as no one was there with her.

Shippo bounded over hiding behind Inu Yasha. "Get them to go away." He whispered. "They're asking me questions that I'd rather not think about for a few hundred years." Inu Yasha laughed.

"I know Kagome was flirting with you Inu Yasha." The kitsune teased. "She was trying to play with your ears." He smirked because the hanyou couldn't see him from his perch on his back.

"She doesn't know better. She only just changed this way." Inu Yasha was startled when Shippo laughed even harder at him. "What's so funny fox?"

"I just explained that part while we were on our 'walk'" Shippo laughed harder falling off of Inu Yasha. Inu Yasha's face was almost comical. The shock/horror combo was priceless. Shippo satisfied with his work ran inside before Inu Yasha could get enough wits clobber him for telling her about some demon facts.

"Hey Kagome. What are you doing in here? I thought Inu Yasha would want to each you something." Kagome was sitting down in front of Kaeda as the old woman had walked in during Shippo and Inu Yasha's little fit outside. She was also letting the old miko look at her ears, claws, fangs, etc. until the woman was satisfied. Shippo waited patiently until the old miko was done before he asked her to give him some soup. The old miko instantly obliged and gave him some of the vegetable stew she had made. He slurped it up and waited on Kagome to finish eating properly.

Once she was done he dragged her outside. "Can we go play?" Kagome cocked her head at him. "What?"

"Inu Yasha didn't play with you when you were a demon?" Kagome shook her head. "Not that I know of." Shippo ran off into the woods. Kagome followed him. He led her to the tree Inu Yasha was lounging on. "Oi, Inu Yasha come down here." He called up into the tree.

Kagome shook her head and just leapt up into the branches. "Inu Yasha how do demons play together?" she asked confused. He glared down at where the kit had been but he had conveniently disappeared back to camp. "Inu Yasha?"

He looked at her. "We played yesterday if you remember." She shook her head. "When you and I pretended to fight that was playing." She nodded understanding dawning in her eyes her mouth forming a little 'o'. "Why?" he asked cautiously. 'I can't wait until I have to teach her about other aspects of demons that she's not even aware of.' He didn't know it but his face looked like he had swallowed sour milk making Kagome a little nervous.

"Shippo asked me if I wanted to play and I had no notion of what he was talking about." She sighed and laid back on the branch stretching out. Inu Yasha blushed as he caught a glimpse of her underwear again. Her legs rested along either side of the branch dangling. "You know I wish my body would make up its mind." She said absently scratching her stomach. "The other day I was full demon. Then I was human again. Now I'm a you." Her tail made itself known to him by sweeping across the branch in a lazy fashion.

He smiled at her phrasing. "Is that so bad to be a 'me'?" She shook her head. He lashed out a foot and knocked her off the branch. She landed with a surprised thud on the ground. He heard her groan. He called down mockingly. "I thought you wanted to play Kagome."

She growled. "I didn't say I wanted to play I asked what it was." She rolled over and looked up at him. She could feel rocks poking into her back from her seat on the ground. The leaves sticky and wet from the last rain clung to her body as she lay there.

He smirked. "Hey well at least now you know. Don't let your guard down." He landed down beside her. She stayed on the ground. He hunched over near her.

"Don't tell me you're ready to give up now?" he mocked. She swung her legs out wide catching him behind the knees making him go down. She laughed at him while he spit out dirt and leaves. He leapt onto her back and rolled her over tackling her and then he launched her away from him. She laughed as she landed with a loud thump onto the side of a tree. She ran at him and just as he was going to dodge her attack she predicted it and moved with him landing a blow to his stomach. "Oh look at how slow you are Inu Yasha." She taunted. He grunted and flew at her. She yelped as he pounced on her making her hit the dirt. 'I guess I know what its like to be sat' she thought belatedly as she spit out dirt. She swung her elbow back and almost caught him in the ribs. He gripped her arm and pinned it behind her back. She yelped and tried to throw him off. "That freaking hurts you know." She growled.

He laughed at her. "You need to learn how to fight Kagome so try to find a way out." He grinned down at her back. She squirmed under him. He waited patiently and plucked leaves out of her messy hair. She got aggravated and rolled over popping her arm in the process but effectively surprising him with the strength she possessed. He bit his lip when her elbow accidentally caught his jaw.

She saw the blood. "Oh Inu Yasha I'm sorry." He rolled his eyes and waited for it to disappear. "Oh I forgot that you heal like that..." she grinned. Then she cracked her knuckles imitating him causing her to laugh again. He frowned at her. "That is not funny Kagome." She just laughed harder. He crossed his arms on his chest and 'humphed'. Shippo watched from a safe perch where they could not see him and distracted as they were they would not smell him out. The situation was rather comical to him: Kagome laughing at Inu Yasha while he tried to appear frightening from his spot on the floor. Shippo stifled a giggle as he bounded off to the village for real this time.

"Kagome would you get off of me?" he growled. Her face was flushed from the hysteria she had suffered from not a moment before. He eyes glowed under the curtain of her hair. The moon reflected off of her skin and teeth as she smiled at him. His breath stopped in his chest. Then she slid off of him and the moment was gone. He let out a pent up breath not realizing that he had stopped breathing a little while ago.

Kagome flopped on her back. "So what is it you're going to teach me next?" She grinned at him looking across the expanse of dried dead leaves to him. His face was flushed also from their little exercise and his breathless condition. "I didn't know I could wind you so easy Inu Yasha." She continued to laugh gently not having the energy to give into all of the happiness bubbling under the surface.

"Feh stupid you haven't 'winded' me. I'm just waiting for you to get up so that I can start in with some other things you should learn." She bit her lip and sat up. Stretching she rolled languidly to the balls of her feet. She smiled at him and waited.

He rolled to his feet also and popped his shoulders. She waited patiently as he walked around for a bit. When she couldn't hold it in any longer she blurted. "Taking just a little while aren't we?"

Inu Yasha smiled at her. "I thought you would just stand there forever just not saying anything." He moved over to her. "Alright there are bound to be some abilities that you got as a benefit for being hanyou. All hanyous have them. And as you have a tail I bet yours just might be a little bit more special. But I can teach you what all demons half or full can do."

He gripped her right hand in his. "Do you use this hand more than the other?" she nodded. He tightened his grip then lifted her hand up in the air and made a downward swoop so fast it split the air apart and created little bursts of energy. "Wow." She said dumbfounded. He grinned at her and made the swoop again.

"Okay you will be able to do this but I suggest you do it at slow speeds just as I showed you now so that you don't hurt yourself or me in the process." He grinned at her. "It really hurts when you catch your leg or some other body part in an attack like that no matter how slowly you go about it." She smiled. "Are you speaking from experience?" He didn't answer so she took his silence as agreement and tried out the move. She tried it at an even slower speed than he had shown her. She looked rather funny practicing as she was but she needed to learn. "Do I have the gist of it Inu Yasha?" He nodded. She tried it again faster this time and she heard the air move away from her hand but not separating the molecules like Inu Yasha had shown her.

She tried it again as fast as he had shown her. She grinned when the same effect took place. He shook his head. 'You would think I had just shown her a miracle.' He sighed inside his head and watched her she got better at it. He laughed when she hit her leg like he had told her she would. He about died when she had started cursing. 'Obviously picked that up from you buddy.' He thought.

She shot him a wry look over her shoulder. "That really hurt you know." He shrugged as if to say 'I told you so.' But she turned around and went at it again. Once she got fast enough to create bursts of energy with this attack he was going to have her try it out on a tree or something to see how powerful she was. He grinned when after a half hour of trying and she had finally made a small resemblance to what it was supposed to look like. She clapped her hands like it was something momentous. 'To her it probably is. After all she was only human not even two days ago.' He thought to himself. She laughed and did it again. He straightened off of the branch he had been leaning on. "Try it again but this time go as fast as you can and try to direct it at that tree." He pointed to the one behind him and moved to the side. She stepped up to it and looked at it.

"Why?" she asked looking at him curiously. He rolled his eyes, "Because I asked you to okay?" She nodded and readied her arm. She brought it down with all her force and made the bark on the tree look like it had exploded. He grinned nodding for her to do it again. She smiled the repeated the action. The tree fell. She grinned at him. "Good enough?"

Inu Yasha frowned and looked at the tree. The part that she had attacked was cut roughly. He'd have to teach her how to smooth it out but all in all she had done well. He placed his hand on the tree where it was bare. It was still slightly warm and hot to the touch. She bit her lip. "No good?"

He looked at her, "You did fine but we're going to have to work on your smoothness just so that you may improve on some of the other things I will have to teach you."

"Hey Inu Yasha?" She sat down on the tree she had felled. "Do you think I'll stay this way? I mean as a hanyou or do you think it would be like last time?"

"How should I know?" he replied curtly. He had her practice on the tree until it was cut up into little pieces. He observed her work. "Well lets drag this back to the village I'm sure the villagers can use it with winter coming up and all." He commented.

"So I was practicing so I could cut firewood?" She mock glared at him happy that she had actually learned something useful. He shrugged and started to pick up pieces and stack them. She grabbed up armfuls and made the trek to Kaeda's hut and back multiple times while Inu Yasha stacked it for her so she could pick it up easier.

After they got back to the village Kaeda smiled at them. "The villagers will appreciate what you have done for them." She told them both. Kagome smiled, "It was no problem Kaeda. It was actually Inu Yasha's idea."

Inu Yasha just 'fehed' and blew it off. Kaeda smiled and thanked them again. Kagome yawned feeling weariness steal over her. She walked outside with her bag in hand.

Looking around she saw a tree close but just far enough that she wouldn't unintentionally listen to whatever was said during the night. She leapt up into the branches and dug out her pillow laying it at the part of the branch where it met the trunk. She cast one more glance at the hut before she dozed her tail covering her body.

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