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The green hills rolled gently in the background of the landscape. It was a beautiful green space, though an expert could tell you how that was a suprisingly common setting for a haunted house. This particular place had been abandoned for a long time, no one daring to set foot anywhere nearby any longer.

Yet, there was a young woman walking up towards it on the disused and narrow path; her steps measured and unafraid, her long curly chestnut hair free in the wind and her eyes radiating peace. She wasn't scared. It wasn't the first time she'd set foot in a place like this, and she knew what to do. She, was that expert.

She was wearing a deepblue robe and practical suede boots; her hair was decorated with golden ribbons which glowed gently and moved softly on their own accord, even when no wind touched them, and around her shoulders she wore a Crimson cloak.

It wasn't her cloak, exactly, but it was magical and she had known it always. It belonged to her father, strictly speaking - or perhaps it was more correct to say that they belonged to each other - and the Sorcerer Supreme's Daughter had agreed to take it just for safekeeping. Safekeeping of her, that was.

At twenty-one, Alice Sophie Palmer Strange had seen more magic and more wonders than most people could even dream up, and as she saw to setting the house's soul free once more, she remembered the first time she'd uttered a spell.

She had been about seven at the time, and while it had not been her first experience with magic by any means, it had still been a start of sorts.

She was jolted out of the memory as her spell was rejected, and a piece of the cieling fell down abruptly. She blinked. Things were not going according to plan this time. Which wasn't convenient, granted, but she was not truly alarmed. Yet, anyway. She'd seen worse. Frequently.

She summoned a shield, now completely focused on her task, and she fought the curse she had initally thought was something far more beign and everyday. She was more than capable to handle herself, but she was also wise enough despite her years that she knew to be cautious.

As she threw aside a piece of rubble which had come uncomfortably close, she heard a shout, but payed it no mind. A minute later, the house gave a mighty shudder and another section of the cieling collapsed. The curse was no more.

Looking around, she wrinkled her nose at the mess. She might have to ask the cloak to help her out, she reasoned, as she was right in the middle of it. That was when a familiar face appeared in the doorway, and she had to laugh.

The man shrugged, wordlessly admitting that he had, in fact, been fussing. "Sophie. I came to help, but I see you've got it covered. Still, may I get you out of there?"

Laughing, she nodded, reaching out a hand for him to grip with his magic. "Sure, uncle Mordo," she told him while shaking her head. "But it's official. You're a bigger mother hen than Uncle Wong and dad put together!"

Smiling, Mordo gathered the girl who had given him his faith back from the ruin of the once cursed building, and once she stood before him he shrugged. "I'll live."