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The moment he stepped out of his car he sighed in resignation, the light drizzle that had been falling steadily all day had turned into a full blown downpour.

The grating of a nasal voice swearing at the rain and the season in general pulled his focus from his inner musings. "This is why I hate this stupid time of the year. Stupid untimely rain is going to make my hair all frizzy now. Ugh! I don't know how you stand it, Eddie."

Closing his eyes, he cursed his thrice damned sister-in-law in silence. How could Rosalie set him up with this woman on a blind date of all things? Blind dates just weren't his thing. All he wanted to focus on was his work; but obviously, his family had a problem with how he chose to spend his time. So his nosy sister-in-law had taken it upon herself to make sure that Seattle's most eligible bachelor wasn't left without a trophy wife, much like her.

Edward let out a breath slowly to calm the anger rearing its head inside him and responded mildly, "I prefer Edward, nothing else, Ms. Denali."

Like the daft air-headed bimbo she was, Tanya Denali made a noise through her nose that possibly suggested her displeasure before saying, "But everyone else calls you Edward. I want to be different from them. If it makes you feel better, you can call me Tan."

Glancing at his date for the evening, Edward noted that there was nothing tan about her. Her eyes were this weird shade of burgundy which was probably due to contact lenses. Seriously why would anyone wear burgundy contacts? he wondered before saying, "Thank you, Ms. Denali."

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