Musings of a Madman

Author's Note: This is well...Different. I wanted to write something so badly I have a vague feeling that I willed myself to write this. It's about Peter, but not my view of Peter. I love him but in this, it isn't really showing...But please try to enjoy this and be sure to review! :)

The blood ran down my arm. The silver dagger shaking in my hand. Both are now replaced by silver. A pure silver arm. Poison to Remus. Perhaps I'll be his downfall. Perhaps I'll be the one to kill my dearest friend. That'd be the day, Wormtail.

I can just imagine it. Remus's cold, dead body with burn marks from the silver. Then it would be so easy to get to Sirius. He always did let anger get the best of him. Driven by some mad rage, Sirius would try to kill me. But I'd be ready for him. His screams would be sweet. Sweet as sugar.

Then, with the two of them gone, the path to Harry would be almost clear. Perhaps I'd let Ron live. Or kill him quickly. But painful deaths are so wonderful. The pained screams of terror are like oxygen. They're such a beautiful thing. The Girl...What was her name? Ah yes, Hermione. She's clever, loyal and in a few years she may be quite beautiful. Her cleverness could be of use to Us. Perhaps she would tire of being in the shadows of The Boy Who Lived. Would she be willing to cross over to the Dark?

Severus's voice snaps be back to reality. The attack on Hogwarts will begin tonight. Will the blood of the body of my musing be spilt? Will the musings of a madman come true? We shall see...