Chapter 9: The Balloon Dream! Go, Popplio!

It was a new day for Kaito to be heading out for the Pokémon School. But the Alola boy had something else in his mind than attending the Pokémon School today. What he did last night... he knew it wasn't a dream, but for real. Early dawn, he tried to do a trick with the water in his bathroom sink.

As the bathroom sink was completely filled with water, Kaito used his hands with a few unusual movements to see whether the water would follow and obey his movement commands. And to his surprise, it did! The water from the sink followed his hand moments.

And not only that, it made big splashing movements when Kaito made a hitting movement with his arms. When he even raised his arms up high, the water raised itself up in the air, as if it was copying his arm movements when he focused real hard.

As the experimenting was done, the Alola boy was speechless on what he was able to do now, now that he discovered his 'powers' of some kind. Now that he had discovered his powers relating to water, the Alola boy knew he had a secret to keep... from his friends, family, and even Buizel.

But realizing how keeping a secret could hurt made Kaito rethink on what he should do, as he decided to think about it more after his time at the Pokémon School.

He was thinking more of this when Buizel nudged his back, causing the Alola boy to blink before he looked back to see the still sleepy Buizel yawning as he was awake. "Bui? Bu bui?" Buizel asked in worry. He seemed to have awoken because he couldn't feel his human brother next to him.

Kaito smiled apologetically to his Sea Weasel Pokémon, as he rubbed his orange furry head in response. "It's nothing, Bui. Sorry to have woken you up." Kaito said, earning a sheepish grin from his Sea Weasel Pokémon as the Water Type nudged his head to his hand, wanting to be rubbed even more.

Complying to his partner's wishes, Kaito took Buizel into his arms and set him on his lap as he scratched Buizel's chin this time, gently enough to make Buizel moan in content. As the chin scratching was done, the Sea Weasel Pokémon was satisfied as he nuzzled his human brother's cheek to show his thanks for the affection.

Nodding to Buizel, Kaito got up from his bed and began to change to his outdoor outfit, before he went downstairs to see whether Shizuka was around. But to his surprise, only Shiho and Seita were around, causing the Alola boy to ask his siblings. "Hey, you two... Did Mom go somewhere?" Kaito asked as Seita frowned.

"She said she needed to go out for something... But she didn't said what, big brother..." Seita said as Kaito frowned back, understanding on how puzzled his little brother felt about this. "Are you going to the Pokémon School again today, big bro?" Shiho asked as Kaito blinked, surprised at the question his sister was asking.

"I have to, Shiho... I'm a student there, remember?" Kaito said in reminder as Shiho got up, forgetting her drawing of a Water Type as she made a request to her eldest brother. "Then, can I come with you? With Mom not around, it's kind of scary with the two of us alone..." Shiho asked as Kaito blinked as he tried to speak, until Seita came over.

"Yeah! Can we!? I want to meet the others and the Pokémon again!" Seita said, with hope in his eyes. Looking at Buizel, the Sea Weasel Pokémon smiled, approving of the idea as the Alola boy smiled back before he turned to his younger siblings. "Alright. You two can come. Just try not to be so loud in the School, okay?" Kaito asked.

"We won't!" The two cried out together before they laughed as they ran back to their rooms to change their clothes to their outdoor clothes. It only took a few minutes for them to get changed as Shiho came out with her sky-blue dress she loved to wear when she was outside on a sunny day.

Her dress had patterns of a wave as she giggled at the style she was wearing. As for Seita, he wore an orange t-shirt, with white shorts. "We're ready!" The two cried out together, causing the elder brother and his Water Type to chuckle together before they started heading out.

"Alright, then! Let's go, you two!" "Bui bui!" Kaito and Buizel called out together. With the three siblings and Buizel running out, they headed up to the Pokémon School, where they met up with a good friend with his Pikachu!

"Hey, Kai!" Ash said, as Pikachu said his greetings, too. "Pika Pika!" Pikachu said as Buizel smiled before he greeted the Electric Type back.

"Hey, Ash." Kaito said with a smile, until he remembered about his secret about his recently discovered power. Remembering on how amazed Ash can easily be, the Alola boy frowned, knowing that the Kanto trainer might feel a bit hurt for him keeping a secret.

But, the thought of being exposed to the whole Alola region of his water powers made the Alola boy keep his mouth shut, as Shiho and Seita greeted Ash with happy smiles on their faces. "Alola, Ash!" The two cried out together as Ash grinned to see his friend's younger siblings with him.

"Alola, Shiho! And Alola, Seita!" Ash said as he looked back at the Alola boy.

"So, you're bringing them to the Pokémon School today?" Ash asked as Kaito nodded in affirmation. "Yeah... My Mom wasn't in the house today, so I thought I might bring the two with me today, as long as they behave during class." Kaito explained, causing the Kanto trainer to nod in understanding.

Rotom flew over, looking annoyed of what the Kanto trainer did by leaving him back at the house! "Ash! I understand that you may be excited about a new day, but can you please slow down!? Prof. Kukui said you took off with an Extreme Speed!" Rotom buzzed while panting.

"Ha ha... Sorry, Rotom." Ash started to say, until he noticed someone at the shore below. Kaito noticed his look as he looked back as well, just to see Lana and Popplio practicing something! The Alola boy smiled, as he knew what the two were doing as the Kanto trainer called to them with his Alolan greeting.

"Lana! Hey, Lana! Alola!" Ash cried out, catching the girl's attention. She turned, waving to the boys with a calm smile on his face. "Ah! Hi, Ash! Pikachu! And Alola, Kai! Buizel!" Lana said as Popplio tried to say its greeting by making a big water balloon! But, due to it clapping its paws several times, it popped, knocking Popplio away!

The Sea Lion Pokémon rolled back before it fell into the water, much to Lana's surprise as the Alola boy blinked, before he gave a sheepish smile to the two.

"So, a big one comes out, but it ends up failing, huh..." Kaito said as Buizel also gave a sheepish grin, too. Ash and both of Kaito's siblings didn't seem to notice this, however, as the Kanto trainer called to Lana about meeting at the Pokémon School.

"I'll see you soon back at the Pokémon School, okay? Take care!" Ash called as he got ready to run for the School. Lana nodded in understanding as the Kanto trainer turned back to the Alola boy. "You coming, Kai?" Ash asked as Kaito blinked, before he nodded to the Kanto trainer. "Y-Yeah... I'm coming." Kaito said.

With that said, the Alola boy ran with the Kanto trainer, with his two siblings running besides him! As the boys and the kids left, Lana turned back to her partner, giving it the signal to start making the water balloon again. "Popplio! Let's try it again!" Lana called, causing Popplio to jump out of the water!

Agreeing to make another balloon, the Sea Lion Pokémon focused to make another one as the special training went on.


Both Ash and Kaito have arrived at the Pokémon School, with Shiho and Seita close to their elder brother. As they arrived in their classroom, they saw Lillie, Kiawe, Mallow, and Sophocles as the boys greeted the four with their Alolan greeting. "Alola!" The two cried out, causing Sophocles to be the first to greet them back.

"Alola!" Sophocles said as the others followed along. "Alola!" Kiawe, Lillie, and Mallow said as the boys went to their desks. Shiho walked over and tugged onto her brother's shirt, catching Kaito's attention as the little sister was unsure on what to do while class went on. "Big brother... What should we do in here?" Shiho asked as Seita came over.

The Alola boy blinked in realization, before he made an idea. "Why don't you two go see Principal Oak? I'm sure he can give you two something to do while class goes on." Kaito suggested as Seita smirked, remembering the Pokémon face gags the Principal gave off when he and Shiho met him the first time.

"Okay! We'll do that! Come on, Shiho!" Seita called, as he ran out of the classroom to head for the Principal's office. "Huh!? No fair! Wait up, Seita!" Shiho whined as she ran after her second older brother. While the two were running off, Kaito sent out Rockruff for some assistance with the two. "Rock? Rockruff?" Rockruff cried in question.

"Rockruff, could you keep an eye on those two so they don't get hurt? I'm sure they'll like it if you gave them company." Kaito asked, earning a happy bark from the Rock-Normal Type! "Ruff!" Rockruff barked as he ran after the two to catch up as the Alola boy sighed in relief.

Buizel jumped on the desk, as he gave his human brother a reassuring look. "Bu bui!" Buizel said as Kaito gave a weak smile back. "Yeah... I know. The little rascal can protect those two..." Kaito said, making a joke of the rascal part. His smile then dropped as he looked at his orange fingerless gloved hands.

Turning them into fists, the Alola boy blinked, as he heard a wave splash from afar as he looked back to where the sea was. Sighing to himself, the Alola boy placed his hands and head on the desk, as he knew that keeping a secret about himself was going to be hard. "So much for a peaceful day..." Kaito sighed, causing Buizel to cock his head in confusion.

(Pokémon Opening: Sun and Moon English Subbed)

Ash - "I'm Ash of Pallet Town. My dream is to become a Pokémon Master. This is my partner, Pikachu! Let's all search for Pokémon with full force!"

(The Japanese opening title shows on the screen)

There's no use in just standing around all the time

(Both Kaito and Ash pant under the hot sun with Pikachu and Buizel)

(Lana, Mallow, Lillie, Kiawe, and Sophocles all run over to help them)

I want to try and set out on a head-turning adventure

(Mallow, Lana, Kiawe, Sophocles, and Lillie appear in different sections)

(Bounsweet, Popplio, Turbonator, and Togedemaru appear with their trainers)

With the sun, the moon, Pokémon, and Pikachu

(The friends all slide down the school slide)

(They slide before crashing into each other by Alolan Exeggutor)

(Yeah, yeah, yeah!)

(They all recover and make repeated steps together)

It never stops being surprising and refreshing

(Kaito, Ash, and Prof. Kukui runs for the school)

(Litten shrieks before shooting Ember at Ash's face, much to his startle)

I'm here! I'm there! I'm over there! I can't stay put!

(Kaito pops up, until Shiho and Seita pulls at his two arms)

(Buizel lands on his head as the two grin at each other)

C'mon, there's still so, so much more to see

(Kaito and Ash leads their friends and Pokémon across the island)

(Yeah, yeah, yeah!)

(Samson Oak dances a little, until Komala bashes him away)

In intense battles, I choose you!

(In intense battles, I choose you!)

(Ash, Kaito, Lana, Mallow, Sophocles, and Kiawe all appear with their Pokémon partners)

(A Pokémon Egg floats in front of Lillie)

And it's time to catch 'em all!

(And it's time to catch 'em all!)

(Kaito throws a Pokéball at a Rockruff, catching it with success)

(Ash throws a Pokéball at a Grubbin, catching it with success)

(Their classmate watch their success together)


(Ash sends Pikachu out for battle)

Burn brighter, sun!

Take off with your pulse burning! (Okay!)

(Pikachu defeats Mimikyu with Iron Tail)

(Pikachu then defeats Yungoos, Alolan Rattata, and Salandit with Thunderbolt)

(Solgaleo appears besides the little Electric Type)

Your courage is overflowing, moon!

You will light up the dreams!

(Kaito sinks underwater into the abyss, unconscious)

(Then, a bright light flashes, showing a silhouette that looks just like Kaito)

Come on, feel the maximum energy with your all

(Ash and Pikachu perform Gigavolt Havoc)

(Kaito and Buizel perform Hydro Vortex)

Shout it out, "Alola!"

(Both boys run to say their Alolan greeting in the school)

(Opening End)

As time passed by, Lana had arrived in time with Popplio besides her. As she got to her desk, the Alola Professor arrived as he got class started. By the time the final period was up, he was ready to start the explanation of a new lesson coming up.

"The theme of tomorrow's extracurricular class is getting to know marine Pokémon! We're heading out to sea!" Prof. Kukui announced, much to Kaito's surprise.

"Well, this is new..." Kaito thought as Ash rose up from his seat, as he felt excited for the lesson coming up. "Out to sea sounds awesome!" "Pika!" Ash cried out, with Pikachu agreeing with this. The Professor nodded before he continued on.

"Your Trump Card for befriending marine Pokémon is... a Fishing Rod!" Prof. Kukui cried out as he revealed his Rod with a Rockruff lure! The students all were in awe as Kaito and Lana on the other hand, kept calm looks on their faces as the Alola Professor turned to the two with a knowing look on his face.

"Alright! Lana and Kaito knows everything about the sea!" Prof. Kukui said as the two stood up together, expressing their thanks to the Professor. "Thanks!" The two said simultaneously, before they looked at each other in realization. Then, with the others staring at them, they turned away from each other, feeling embarrassed for the same call.

While Ash seemed confused, Lillie, Mallow, Kiawe, and Sophocles were amused to see the two like this as Kukui only sweat dropped, as he gave a sheepish smile. "Looks like I made things a bit awkward for the two..." Prof. Kukui thought with a chuckle as he cleared his throat, before he explained more about the lesson tomorrow.

"I've asked the two of them to be your special instructor tomorrow! Are you two ready, Lana? Kaito?" Prof. Kukui said as Lana smiled, feeling determined to make this lesson as one of the best. "Yes, sir! I'll do my best!" Lana said as Kaito followed along.

"The two of us will make tomorrow one of the best extracurricular lessons ever!" Kaito said assuringly, as he turned his left hand into a fist of determination. Then, Ash blinked, as he remembered when he had met Lana the first time with Isamu. "I just remembered! You were out fishing the first time I met you!" Ash said as Mallow chuckled.

"Of course! She's a master fisherwoman, while Kaito is the master fisherman! The two of them knows tons about marine Pokémon!" Mallow said, as the Alola boy bit his lips a little, before he admitted something about his 'master fisherman' status.

"I may know everything about Water Type Pokémon, but I wouldn't say I'm a master fisherman. The reason people think like that is because... well..." Kaito started to say as Ash gave a confused look. "Because what...?" Ash asked as Kiawe made the answer for his rival.

"It's because for some reason, the marine Pokémon are attracted to Kaito here. Ever since they've been doing that, people have been calling him the Water Charmer, because they believe that it's some sort of blessing given to him. from the Alolan Sea." Kiawe explained, making the Kanto trainer even more amazed.

Kaito on the other hand, was a little annoyed and embarrassed for Kiawe revealing his secret.

"Whoa... Is that true?" Ash asked, as Kaito sat back down slowly, before he made an affirmative nod, as he sighed once again.

"Yeah... I remember it happening when I moved to the Alola region two years ago... When I ran to the sea the first time, a marine Pokémon approached me. Then, there were two... And then, there were like, a lot!" Kaito explained. "Bu bui." Buizel said, folding his arms as he nodded in agreement.

He knew about this as he was with his human brother around those two years. But Kaito being the Water Charmer wasn't the reason why the Sea Weasel Pokémon was attracted to him. In fact, it was because of what his human brother did in his younger age that made Buizel close to the Alola boy.

"We don't really know why this happened or how it happened. After what we saw together... it became a mystery to all of us." Sophocles said, as he thought back to the past. "I guess that means all the Water Pokémon like you, Kai! Doesn't that sound great?" Ash asked as Kaito blinked, before he gave another sheepish smile.

"I guess... Though, I'm still not sure why that is..." Kaito said as Lana giggled, before she blushed of her favorite Pokémon Type.

"Marine Pokémon... are the best." Lana said simply as Sophocles turned to Lillie, giving her a reminder about the extracurricular class tomorrow.

"Lillie? You have to touch Pokémon to fish. Are you sure you're gonna be okay?" Sophocles asked as Lillie nodded, before she showed a serious look on her face.

"Not a problem! Because I have a secret weapon!" Lillie cried out as the Alola boy frowned. "I just hope whatever this secret weapon is... it's not harmful to any marine Pokémon out there..." Kaito said seriously. Lillie nodded back in understanding, as she reassured to the Alola boy that it's completely harmless, but helpful to her.

"Don't worry! It's only to help me with my problems, Kai! It's not used for any harmful ways!" Lillie said as Lana nodded, before she walked over to her. "Then, we're all set!" Lana said as she held Popplio in her arms. But to her surprise, the Sea Lion Pokémon jumped out of her arms and landed on Lillie's lap!

Happy for an unknown reason, the Water Type clapped its paws together in a happy way, which seemed to freak Lillie out as she let out a shriek for a Pokémon touching her lap! At noticing her fear, Lana quickly took Popplio off of Lillie's lap. "Oh no! Popplio!" Lana cried out as the Professor was surprised at this, too.

"Whoa there... Be careful, Popplio!" Prof. Kukui said as Lana quickly made her apology.

"I'm sorry, Lillie. You should say you're sorry, too." Lana said apologetically, before she turned to her partner. At her order, the Sea Lion Pokémon made an apologetic bow, before Lillie shook her head and made a reassuring smile to the two.

"No! I'll be alright!" Lillie said with a nervous smile.

The Alola boy sighed, as he placed his hands on the back of his neck. "Geez, Lillie... You can't let this go on... You'll have to let go of your fear eventually..." Kaito said with a serious look as Lillie nodded with a sigh. "I know... But... I guess I need a little more time before I can touch Pokémon physically..." Lillie said sadly.

With the conversation and apology done, the Alola Professor began to take his leave, giving the class a reminder about the lesson tomorrow.

"So, class! Don't forget your Fishing Rods tomorrow!" Prof. Kukui said as he took his leave. But as soon as the Professor reminded everyone, the Kanto trainer remembered something as he raised his hands up in shock!

"Fishing Rod!? I don't have one!" Ash cried out, much to Pikachu's surprise as Lana walked over with Popplio in her arms again. "Ash, you can borrow one of mine!" Lana said, much to the Kanto trainer's relief as he accepted her suggestion with thanks.

"Really!? Thanks, Lana! That'd be great!" Ash said as Kaito got his Bag ready as the school bell rang, signaling that the school day was over for now. As he packed his things, Shiho and Seita ran over with Rockruff besides them, as they laughed together, looking like they were playing tag!

Rockruff seemed to be enjoying it as he growled playfully, causing the Alola boy to laugh along with Buizel as Kaito walked over to his two siblings. "Hey, you two... So, did you two behave with Rockruff around?" Kaito asked as the two little siblings nodded together.

"Yeah! Principal Oak let us play tag in his office! And Rockruff was the one who was it!" Seita called as Shiho rubbed the back of her hair with a soft smile. "The chase was kind of rough... We had to run around a lot." Shiho explained, causing Kaito to blink.

He gave a glance at Rockruff, who smiled sheepishly before the Alola boy looked back at the two. "Heh... Alright, you two. Let me take you two back home. I'm sure Mom should be back by now, waiting for the two of you to be there." Kaito said, causing Seita and Shiho to whine a little.

"Aw... Already?!" The two cried out as Ash and Lana walked over to see the Alola boy treating his siblings playfully. "Yes. You two had a lot of time to play around. So, once you two get back home, it'll be time to rest and to relax for a while." Kaito said softly.

"Okay..." "Oh, alright..." Shiho and Seita said wth pouty faces as they ran out with Rockruff chasing after them once again! Lana sighed, seeing how obedient Shiho and Seita were with their elder brother. "You're lucky you have those two, Kai..." Lana said, catching Kaito by surprise.

"What do you mean, Lan-Lan?" Kaito asked as Ash approached to listen as the Water Type girl smiled sheepishly as she kept Popplio in her arms, who looked up at her curiously.

"Shiho and Seita... Those two look like they would listen to anything on what you say. As for my twin little sisters..." Lana said sheepishly, causing the Alola boy to finally understand as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Ah yeah... those two mischief makers..." Kaito said, as he remembered the last time he visited Lana's house once, where Buizel had a lot of trouble there with the two girls. The Sea Weasel Pokémon seemed to feel the same as he grumbled at the bad memory.

"What mischief makers...?" Ash asked, causing the two Water Type users to deny the Kanto trainer out of their conversation. "Sorry, Ash... This is something that you don't need to know." Kaito said teasingly, causing the Kanto trainer to widen his eyes as Lana felt the same thing!

"He's right! This is something only we talk about together!" Lana said, causing Ash to pout from the secret the two were holding together. "Hey, come on! You two could just give me a hint of what you were saying together!" Ash cried out as they were soon out of the Pokémon School.

Later, as the three students and two siblings were walking down the hill with Pikachu, Popplio, Buizel, and Rockruff, Popplio gave a reminder to Lana on what they were going to do after school as it blew a water balloon out of its nose! "Popplio! Pop!" Popplio cried out, catching Lana's attention.

"Huh...? Oh!" Lana said as she understood of what her partner was trying to say. She turned to both Ash and Kaito, making a request for the two. "Hey, Ash! Kai! I have a favor!" Lana said, catching the boys by surprise, while Kaito blinked, as he understood of what she wanted.

Ash agreed to do her a favor as the three students headed down to the beach shore, as Shiho and Seita grew confused with the sudden detour. "I thought we were going home?" Seita asked as Kaito gave a sheepish smile to his little brother.

"Were going to make a little stop, Seita. And then I'll take you guys home." Kaito said, causing the two siblings to cock their head in confusion as everyone approached the beach sand! As they got there, Popplio, Buizel, Rockruff, and Pikachu all began to race down the sand!

While the Sea Lion and the Sea Weasel Pokémon had no problem sliding on the sand with their bellies, Rockruff and Pikachu tripped as they skidded down, much to their surprise! As a result, the two Water Types made it to the rock first, while the other two were sent flying high!

Both Buizel and Popplio watched in surprise as Pikachu and Rockruff fell head first into the sand, causing Popplio to laugh while clapping its paws, while causing Buizel to chuckle at the failure of landing.

Not enjoying their fall, both Pikachu and Rockruff complained to the two for thinking this was an enjoyable game when it wasn't enjoyable to them as the Trainers and the two siblings approached them.

"It's okay, Pikachu! Popplio and Buizel both feel much more at home out here in the beach!" Ash said as Kaito smiled at the game the four were playing as it had ended quicker than he thought it would. "That goes for you too, Rockruff. It's just like what Ash said." Kaito said, causing Rockruff to grumble a little.

At this point, Rotom floated to the Sea Lion Pokémon, making data for the Water Type starter of Lana!

"Popplio, the Sea Lion Pokémon. A Water type. Popplio can control water balloons, and works hard so it can make bigger balloons." Rotom buzzed, making the Kanto trainer realize something as he turned to Lana with a question in mind.

"Oh! So, is that what you guys we're working on this morning?" Ash asked, as he earned a nod from the Water Type girl.

"Mm hm... This is our very, very favorite spot." Lana said as Kaito listened, while Ash asked in confusion. "Favorite spot?" He repeated as Lana nodded again, before she looked back into the sea, remembering the time when she and Kaito met Popplio at one time before Ash was around.

"This is where... Kai and I met Popplio the first time..." Lana said as Kaito smiled, as he also remembered that time, too.


The sun was setting a little, as Kaito and Lana were fishing. The Alola boy had Buizel on his side as he rode on Lapras, with Lana riding on her Lapras as well! While they were fishing together, they heard a commotion from the shore not too far from them.

They both turned to see a group of Team Skull members bullying a poor Water Type Pokémon! At the sight of them making fun of it, both Water Type users narrowed their eyes annoyingly as Kaito scoffed in annoyance while Lana just gave an angry pout.

"That day, when the two of us were fishing, we heard a commotion going on not far from where we were. And once we saw what was happening, we noticed that it was some morons from Team Skull bullying poor Popplio..." Kaito explained seriously.

The two Lapras noticed this, with Buizel noticing as well as they felt the same as the humans did! With their fishing time done, the two students called their Lapras to head for the shore and attack the Team Skull members! "Let them have it, Lapras! Ice Beam!" Kaito snapped.

At the order, his Lapras shot Ice Beam, with Lana's doing the same! The two Ice Type attacks froze the five Team Skull members, stopping them from bullying the Water Type, which Kaito recognized as Popplio! Taking this chance, Lana whipped her Fishing Rod for Popplio to grab.

"Quick! Grab on!" Lana cried as her Lapras lure was thrown for the Sea Lion Pokémon to take! As the lure approached, the weak Water Type hesitantly bit onto it, allowing the Water Type girl to bring it in as Lana nodded to Kaito, causing the Alola boy to nod back.

"Step on it, Lapras!" "Lapras, go!" The two cried out, causing their Ride Pokémon to move towards the nearest Pokémon Center as fast as they could.

Once they got there, Nurse Joy began tending to Popplio's wounds as soon as they brought it to her. Once the recovery was done, Lana and Kaito headed inside to check the frightened Sea Lion Pokémon with Buizel on the Alola boy's left shoulder.

"Popplio was weak and scared... It was terribly hurt. The two of us didn't want it to hate humans." Lana said as she recalled on how she and the Alola boy took care of the weak Sea Lion Pokémon. While Lana tried to feed Popplio, Buizel comforted it, assuring to its fellow Water Type that his human brother and Lana were good people.

They would never hurt Water Type Pokémon, such as Popplio or himself. That made the Sea Lion Pokémon less scared, but still hesitant to trust the humans, as it was beaten up by a group of humans before.

But once Lana offered it food, the Sea Lion Pokémon sniffed at it first, before it took a bite out of the Pokémon food the Water girl was offering. And once it tasted and chewed the food, it started to like the taste and regain its trust for humans as it smiled brightly towards its two saviors!

Both Lana and Kaito smiled in relief at seeing the Sea Lion Pokémon feeling better. At that, Lana picked Popplio up into her arms, and gave it a hug, choosing the Sea Lion Pokémon as her partner. "And that's why... I chose it to be my partner!" Lana said as the memory faded away.

Flashback End

"That's great! I'm glad you met Kai and Lana!" Ash said as Pikachu expressed his relief for the Water Type, along with Rockruff.

"Pika!" "Ruff!" Pikachu and Rockruff cried out as Popplio nodded its head in affirmation, confirming that it was also glad to have met both Kaito and Lana. "Pop!" Popplio cried out as the Kanto trainer knelt down to the Sea Lion Pokémon's level, supporting its training!

"Balloon practice sounds fun! Good luck!" Ash said, earning a happy cry from Popplio as Buizel gave a pat on its back.

"I've seen you try the balloon trick before... I'm with you two all the way." Kaito said as he also earned a happy cry from the Sea Lion Pokémon, while Lana looked at both him and Ash with thanks. "Thanks, you guys! That's so nice!" Lana giggled happily as Popplio tried express his thanks, too!

The happy Water Type blew out multiple water balloons, amazing Shiho and Seita as they didn't expect to see so many of them at once. "Wow! Popplio's making balloons!" Shiho cried out, with Seita touching the water balloons.

But as soon as he touched them, the two balloons popped, splashing water onto them! The sudden splash caused the two siblings to hell in surprise while another one splashed onto Rockruff, causing the scarred Pokémon to bark in shock from the sudden splash.

A few more splashed onto Ash and Pikachu, while the other two splashed on both Kaito and Buizel! The two boys and the Electric Type Pokémon yelled in surprise, while Buizel seemed to like the refreshing feeling as he grinned sheepishly instead.

Seeing how the balloons didn't stay floating, Popplio rubbed the back of his blue head sheepishly, apologizing for the mess it had created from the water balloons. "As soon as we get better, you can ride a balloon! Really!" Lana said as Ash looked at her in confusion while Kaito knew where this was going.

"Huh? What do you mean, ride?" Ash asked as the two siblings shook the water off of them before they had the same questions in their thoughts! Kaito chuckled before he explained for Lana.

"You see... Lana wishes to travel under the ocean while being inside a balloon that's able to stay for a long time! That way, with her underwater, she can travel around the ocean to meet every undersea Pokémon that no one probably has met so far." Kaito explained, while causing Lana to flush a little.

"Kaito is exactly right. That's my dream!" Lana said as Ash was amazed at that. "That sounds great! I want to do it, too!" Ash said as he sat on the rock next to the Alola boy, who sat next to Lana.

Pikachu and Rockruff seemed interested at this as they wanted to try being inside a balloon, too! They cried out their interest as Lana rubbed Popplio's head, as she was determined to make that dream come true someday. "We'll make a big one! Right, Popplio?" Lana asked.

"Pop!" Popplio cried happily, until Rotom floated down with a reminder.

"But Popplio is usually only able to make small balloons!" Rotom buzzed in reminder as Shiho started to understand of what it was saying. "That's right... Lillie told me everything about Water Types once, especially about Popplio!" Shiho said as Seita nodded along.

"Even the books says that all Popplios can make small water balloons. So, won't that be a bit impossible, even if it took a few weeks?" Seita asked as Ash smirked at the two, giving them a reminder of the impossible being possible.

"You never know until you give it a try, right? I'm sure the two of you will pull it off!" Ash said, with Pikachu agreeing. This didn't convince Rotom, as it still didn't believe that it would work.

"The argument you're making is a bit illogical..." Rotom said as Kaito gave a small glare at the Rotom-Dex.

"Don't ruin the fun of the dream part. You're only making it sound even worse than what you already said before..." Kaito said dangerously, causing Rotom to back away as Lana turn to her partner with a suggestion. "Hey! Want to try again?" Lana asked, causing Popplio to respond happily.

The Sea Lion Pokémon jumped on another rock to show his balloons as the Water Type girl made a reminder to her partner. "Slowly this time." Lana said, earning a nod from her Water Type partner. Slowly by raising its head up high, Popplio began to make a balloon!

As it concentrated on making it grow, it became bigger as this made Lana and Kaito proud for the Sea Lion Pokémon. "It's big! It's big! You're doing great!" Lana cheered as Kaito and Buizel encouraged the Water Type to keep on making the balloon grow.

"Keep it up, Popplio! Don't stop now!" "Bu bui!" Kaito and Buizel cried out as Shiho and Seita were amazed with the progress the Sea Lion Pokémon was making. "Can Popplio really do it? It's bigger than what we read from the books!" Shiho said in amazement.

"Go for it, Popplio!" "Pika Pika!" Ash and Pikachu said, as they encouraged the Sea Lion Pokémon to keep on going. Rockruff was amazed with the size that it was growing as Rotom on the other hand, was bewildered by how big the balloon was growing despite what it said earlier!

"Impossible! Its expansion is 150% than normal!" Rotom buzzed in shock as Ash kept on encouraging the Water Type to make the balloon even bigger! "Ah... Wow! It's huge!" Ash exclaimed as the size of the balloon became even bigger! Lana was amazed as this was the first she's seen the balloon like this.

"It's the first time a balloon has ever been this big!" Lana exclaimed as Popplio kept on making it bigger! Rotom measured on how it was growing as the size was slowly getting larger and larger! Seita joined in with the cheering as his hopes were getting higher as the balloon became bigger!

"200%... 250%!" Rotom buzzed as the size was even bigger than a normal Wailmer! "Whoa! Go, go!" Ash called as he kept the encouragement going. "Pika!" Pikachu said, feeling the same as Popplio finally released the balloon to allow it to be sent flying up!

Believing it to be a success, the Sea Lion Pokémon clapped its hands together multiple times until the popping sound happened.

As the water balloon popped, it splashed water hard onto the three students, the two siblings, Rotom, Pikachu, Rockruff, and Buizel! Everyone all yelled in surprise as they became wet from the big splash just now. While they became dazed, Popplio widened its eyes in surprise as Rotom buzzed out for the failure.

"It's not logical after all..." Rotom buzzed as Shiho whined in complaint for being wet again.

"Ugh! I'm wet again! Big bro, I want to go home now!" Shiho cried as she hugged her wet brother, causing Kaito to smile down at her sheepishly as he somehow knew what Shiho was feeling. "Alright, alright... Let's get you two dry once we're back." Kaito said as he pulled Seita to him.

The little brother grumbled at another failure, as he realized that he had let his hopes get the better of him after the balloon had popped. Turning to Ash and Lana, Kaito gave an apologetic look to the two.

"Sorry, guys. Mind if I take my siblings back home?" Kaito asked, as Ash smiled weakly at him. "Uh ha ha ha... No prob, Kai..." Ash said as he dried his hat by squeezing the water out. Lana did the same for her shirt as Popplio made its apology to the group.

Later, near Kaito's house...

Buizel and Rockruff followed the Alola boy as Rockruff was still miffed for being wet not once, but twice. As Kaito took his siblings back home, he opened the front door to see Shizuka sitting on the couch, looking exhausted for some reason as the elder brother widened his eyes.

"Mom!? When did you get here?!" Kaito said in surprise as Shiho and Seita reacted the same way. Shizuka turned to the three and smiled with a tired look on her face. "I came here a few minutes ago... It seems I've arrived here first, didn't I?" Shizuka said tiredly.

Worried for their mother, the two siblings ran over to the tired Shizuka, as they noticed on how tired she looked.

"Mom? Are you okay?" Shiho asked as Seita frowned. "You look a bit weird and tired..." Seita added as their mother tried to reassure her children that she was alright.

"I'm alright, Shiho... Seita... I just got tired after working on my first day." Shizuka said as Kaito blinked in surprise as he walked over to ask. "Work? Mom, did you find a job for you to do while I'm away?" Kaito asked as he earned a nod from Shizuka, who explained on what the job was.

"Ever since you battled Tapu Koko with Ash, you've been looking like you and Buizel have been working hard. And not only that, you've made new friends, like Ash and Rockruff as days went by... So I thought, that I should try and help the family by working for a job that I'm comfortable with." Shizuka explained.

She turned to the window where the sun was setting as she continued on. "I'm working with a certain woman who was an old colleague of your father in Akala Island. Her name is Liana Summers..." Shizuka started to say as Kaito frowned.

"Akala Island? That's where Kiawe lives in..." Kaito said, as he earned another nod from his mother.

"Yes... Ever since your father left, I asked Liana if she knew where Kazuma could've went. She doesn't know, but she's willing to help if I work with her as a marine biologist..." Shizuka said as the Alola boy frowned, thinking of his mother becoming a biologist of Pokémon under the sea.

"Marine biologist...?" He repeated in both surprise and confusion as Shizuka giggled a little with the expression her son was showing to her.

The mother frowned in her thoughts however, as she knew what she was saying to him was half-false and half-true. She already knew where Kazuma was, thanks to the necklace she had gotten from Kazuma as a gift.

And the reason she asked Liana about him, was because she wanted to know when would be the time Kaito had to become his true self as time passes by. Because Liana was also curious of the Alola Sea Kingdom, she agreed to help Shizuka as long as she helped her with her marine Pokémon research.

"Mom? Are you sure you're okay?" Kaito asked as Shizuka smiled back, trying to make a reassurance to her son. "I'll be alright, honey. I just need to get some rest. I think I'll be fine tomorrow morning." Shizuka said as she headed to her room upstairs.

Kaito frowned, as Shiho and Seita grew worried. "Mom's acting kind of weird. Could it be because of the new biologist work?" Shiho asked as Seita was unsure on how to answer back. The Alola boy frowned, knowing that that wasn't the only reason she seemed tired.

But realizing on how little proof or information he had, Kaito shook his head, noticing the worried looks on Buizel and Rockruff's face. Giving them a reassuring smile, the Alola boy helped his siblings get dry, before sending them to bed with Rockruff watching them as he and Buizel headed back out to head for Lana's house.


As he and Buizel were a few minutes away from her house, Kaito looked at the ocean that seemed to look beautiful, due to the sun setting down. The sunlight shined down on the ocean, showing the ocean's beauty as Kaito closed his eyes.

Turning to his two Pokémon, Kaito gave a weak smile as he told the Sea Weasel Pokémon on what he was going to do. "Buizel... I haven't told you this morning, but... I want you to stay calm on what I'm about to do, alright?" Kaito asked, as Buizel narrowed his eyes in confusion.

"Bui?" Buizel asked as Kaito turned back to the ocean. "Just watch... This was something I discovered last night when I thought I heard something from the sea." Kaito said sheepishly, as he focused on controlling the waves that was splashing on the shore.

Buizel watched as his human brother made some slow movements with his arms as he looked at the ocean. Then, to his shock and surprise, the wave that was supposed to splash on the shore stopped, as if they were being controlled or floating in the air! "Bui..." Buizel gaped in amazement as he turned back to his human brother.

As Kaito made a swift movement, the wave splashed down, as if it was obeying his commands. "Bui...? Bu bui?" Buizel asked in shock as the Alola boy shook his head as he looked at the Sea Weasel Pokémon.

"I'm sorry... I kept this from you, Bui. I... didn't know how to show it to you when you saw me doing this..." Kaito said, feeling terrible for keeping it a secret as Buizel widened his eyes before he gave a soft smile of understanding.

Wanting to show that he forgives his human brother, Buizel climbed up onto his shoulder. As he did so, he nuzzled Kaito's left cheek, showing that he forgave the Alola boy for not telling him about this power as he was more amazed than upset for the sudden reveal.

Kaito smiled as he hugged Buizel back with thanks, as he grew relieved for being forgiven by his Sea Weasel Pokémon. "Thanks, Bui..." Kaito said. "Bui bui." Buizel said with a grin before he nuzzled his human brother again.

After the two bonded with each other more, they released each other as the Sea Weasel Pokémon got back onto his left shoulder, before giving Kaito one last nuzzle on the cheek. Once that was done, the two ran back onto the course to head for Lana's house.

But as they got there, the two noticed Ash and Lana in front of her front door with Ash greeting Lapras!

"Alola!" "Pikachu!" The two cried out together as Lapras looked at them with a soft look on its face. Lana walked over with a smile, reminding the Kanto trainer of the first time they met when Lana was fishing on that day.

"It's our Ride Pokémon! I was riding it when I first met you and your brother!" Lana said as Kaito came over, just in time to see the Kanto trainer saying his quick farewell to the Transportation Pokémon as they would meet tomorrow. "I'll see you tomorrow, Lapras!" Ash called.

Lapras let out a coo of affirmation as it went back to sleep, wanting to rest for tomorrow as the Alola boy came up to them. "Sorry for being late, guys." Kaito said, catching Ash and Lana's attention, along with Pikachu and Popplio's!

"Oh! Kai, you're just in time, actually!" Lana said, as she sounded happy to see her good friend as Kaito said his greeting to the Transportation Pokémon. "Alola, Lapras. Hope to see you again tomorrow?" Kaito asked. "La!" Lapras cooed on affirmation, causing Kaito to smile back.

Buizel said the greeting too as Lana began to walk inside her house, before asking the boys to come in. "Come on in, guys!" Lana said as she opened the door, before calling to her family members. "I'm home!" Lana called as she and Popplio were the first to go in.

"Hello there!" Ash cried out as Kaito was the last to come in, with Buizel on his shoulder again.

"Sorry for the sudden intrusion." Kaito said politely as Buizel called out his small apology, too. But at that moment, two little girls identical to Lana came out of a room, welcoming their elder sister and the guests to their home!

"Welcome home! How Magikarp-al!" The two girls cried out as Ash cocked his head a little in confusion. "Magikarp-al?" Ash repeated as Kaito gave a sheepish smile. "That's how those two are, Ash..." Kaito said as the Kanto trainer blinked in surprise.

The Water Type girl turned to the Kanto trainer, introducing her two siblings to him. "Let me introduce you! The twins, Harper and Sarah! My..." Lana started to say until the three students, Buizel, and Popplio noticed Pikachu and the twins were suddenly out of their sight!

"...little sisters..." Lana grumbled as she face palmed in annoyance for her sisters' behaviors.

And she was right to be annoyed, as when the three got into the living room, both Harper and Sarah were poking and stretching a Pikachu's face, much to their enjoyment and Pikachu's annoyance as they giggled at how soft Pikachu's cheeks and face were like.

"You're so soft! So cute!" Sarah giggled as Harper had other comments for the Electric Type.

"You're so warm! So sweet!" Harper squealed until Lana came to stop the two from their childish acts.

"Harper! Sarah! Pikachu wants you to stop!" scolded Lana. This however, only made the two twin sisters even more amazed and happy to see the Electric Type. "So, it IS a Pikachu!" Sarah said happily.

"I saw it in a book! It's super cute in person!" Harper added as Rotom explained the Electric Type's popularity in the Alola region. "Pikachu is a popular Pokémon in Alola!" Rotom buzzed as this made the Kanto trainer grin on how popular his partner was in this region.

"Hear that, buddy? So cool!" Ash exclaimed, not noticing on how miserable his partner was feeling as his face and mouth kept getting stretched by Harper and Sarah! The two didn't notice Pikachu's uncomfortable expression, as they were too busy staring at both Ash and Kaito!

"Lana? Is the guy in the hat your boyfriend?" The twins asked together, causing the elder sister to blush red in embarrassment, as she quickly denied it! "Eek! He's not! He's not! He's not! He's not! He's not! He's not!" Lana shrieked, as the twins turned to the Alola boy this time.

"What about big bro Kaito? Is he your boyfriend now, Lana?" The twins asked, which caused Kaito to flush a little, while making Lana even more embarrassed at the same time!

The Water Type girl felt steam coming out of her ears as she slumped down, realizing how close she was to the Alola boy when they asked. Because of that, she felt even more embarrassed than when they asked her the first question!

Kaito on the other hand, kept stuttering as he didn't know how to respond to the twins' question, as he face palmed, before he made a wise answer for the twins. "We're... not at that age yet, you two. So no, we're not..." Kaito said as Buizel snickered with the expression his human brother was giving off.

But right after he answered, Pikachu had had enough with the face and mouth stretching as he unleashed a Thunderbolt on everyone in the living room! The Electric attack shocked the three students, the twins, Buizel, Popplio, Rotom, and Rowlet as they were all dazed from the sudden shock.

"You've... got to be... kidding me... Why me?" Kaito groaned as he puffed out a smoke before he fell over, with Buizel doing the same thing. "Bu bui..." Buizel groaned as he felt the same thing as his human brother felt as he fell onto the floor, too.

"Buzz buzz buzz..." The twins groaned together as Ash twitched his body a little, feeling the pain all over his body from the shock he had just felt from his partner's Thunderbolt.

"Thought that would happen..." Ash groaned, as Rotom copied the twins' recent words. "Buzz buzz buzz..." Rotom buzzed as Pikachu rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, realizing on the mess he created from his attack just now.

To be continued...

Kaito's Team:

Buizel (M): (Ice Punch, Agility, Rain Dance, Aqua Jet)

Rockruff (M): (Bite, Sand Attack, Rock Slide, Howl)

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Next chapter preview:

Lana: Alright! Does everyone have their fishing rod ready? Let's head to our fishing destination!

Ash: Yes! I'm going to catch myself a big Water Type Pokémon for today!

Kaito: They're doing it again... Every time I visit the sea, the Water Type Pokémon all crowd around me!

Lana: That must mean they really like you with something, Kai... I just don't know what...

James: Alola, fair students! We'll be taking your so-called Ride Pokémon for our own use!

Lana: I'm not going to forgive you... You called them puny... which is very unforgivable...

Events that occurred:

- Kaito and Ash promises to support Lana and Popplio's dream for a giant lingering bubble

- Kaito is revealed to own Lapras as his Ride Pokémon

- Kaito reveals his newly discovered powers to Buizel