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Prologue thingy:

Rain poured down on a battered body. The person was barely alive, barely breathing. People walking by didn't take notice of the person, which is a good thing because if they had then they would've noticed that it wasn't all that human. In all actuality, it wasn't human at all. More of a shell of a human. A completely non-human. A once-was human. A thing that just wouldn't die. Almost like a roach. A roach wasn't as amazing as this creature though. This creature that would willingly give their life for anyone they deemed not bad. Which just so happened to be almost everyone on earth. Almost everyone in the galaxy, really. Yes, this is the form of the amazing Harry Potter. Or at least he was Harry Potter. Now, he's just a shadow. Something people fear because they don't understand. Something that is overwhelmingly powerful but still incredibly kind. Even though everyone he's met has turned against him. Even though they threw all of they're baggage onto him. Even though he was their willing scapegoat. Because who didn't predict the wizarding world turning on him after Voldemort's defeat? He barely escaped, threw himself into the veil after being hit by an unknown spell, and there he lay on the muddy ground.

~A humble time skip to a few years later~

Harry Potter, now known by his alias 'George Black', was having a normal day. Well, normal by his standards. He had worked at his greenhouse all day and taught his class how to properly care for a poisonous plant. It was when he was walking home that something peculiar happened. He had passed the regular alleyway when he heard an odd whirring sound coming from around the corner. He was going to investigate when a sprite man in a suit and converse came from around the corner with a blonde woman. "Where are we now?", he heard the blonde whisper. "London, in the year of 2026. Technology is really advanced but surprisingly people still act the same", the man explained. "Excuse me, are you lost? Do you need help?", 'George' smiled at them. The man looked surprised that he was there but smiled back. "Ah, humans. Always so helpful! Hello, yea, we're lost. Do you, by chance, remember seeing a really large metal thing? It's really hard to miss", the man rambled on about the size and height and colors but it fell on deaf ears as George had zoned out. It seemed that the man was trying to get his attention so he started listening again. "Anyway, have you seen anything like it?", he grinned. "Ah, no. Can't say I have. I can help you look for it though! I'm George, by the way. George Black", he held out a hand to the strangers. "Ohh, I'm the Doctor!", the man eagerly shook his hand and looked at him expectantly. "Just the Doctor?", George tilted his head. "Yep!", the 'Doctor' smiled. "Alright, what's your name, miss?", George looked at the blonde and held out his hand again. She smiled and shook it,"I'm Rose, Rose Tyler".

To be continued.

If you have any questions about how this story is gonna go, feel free to ask them! This will eventually be slash between the Doctor and Harry. It'll be slow burn though because I love torturing my readers ^^