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Chapter 7: A New Day

Shinachiku Uzumaki was sleeping in his bed, the long and extremely tense night over for him. To think, somebody actually tried to rob them! If his parents ever found out about what happened, he knew his mother would be way too scared to ever trust him to watch over the house ever again.

These thoughts were what was keeping the poor boy from falling asleep.

"Ugh!" he groaned aloud as he sat up in his bed. "Jeez! I can't stop thinking about those guys!"

Figuring he might as well entertain himself since he wasn't getting any sleep, he turned on the lamp sitting on the drawers next to his bed. Throwing the sheets aside, he walked over to his bookshelf to look through his manga collection.

"Hmmm...Which one should I pick?"

Pulling one of his Dragon Ball volumes off of the shelves, he went back to his bed and, with the light of the lamp helping to illuminate the room, Shinachiku read one of his books for a good twenty minutes, give or take.

'Man, Vegeta is such a jerk...'

Eventually finishing his book, the boy was about to turn off the light and try to go back to sleep. But first, he decided to open his balcony window for a bit of fresh air.

"Ah!" Shinachiku exclaimed as he opened the door and stepped onto the balcony overlooking the back yard, breathing in the fresh, cool air. Actually, the boy hadn't been out here in a while, so he had almost forgotten how good a view he had over the yard that was the envy of the entire Hidden Leaf Village. From up high, he had a clear view of the pool, the hot tub, the patio, the fountain, the outdoor chamber, the garden, and his family's private hot spring.

'Wait a minute!" the boy exclaimed in shock. "What is that?!'





Naruto and Sakura both wanted to die, right there on the patio. There they were, butt naked after their passionate night together in the hot spring. And above them, standing on the balcony leading to his room, was their twelve year old son, wide awake when he was supposed to be in bed.

Neither of them could take their eyes off of the boy, nor make any sound. All they could do was stare and cover their privates from their son's eyes and pray that the poor boy wasn't scarred for life from seeing his parent's in a complete state of undress...





'Wait a minute!" the boy exclaimed in shock. "What is that?!'

Shinachiku looked outwards to the far back end of the yard to see the garden that his family took care of to see that it was growing something he hated...kale!

'Ugh! Mom, what were you thinking?! You know how much I HATE kale! Gross!'

Well, at the very least it was a nice night out. He could see absolutely nothing elsee out of place whatsoever...





"Do you think he can see us?" Naruto whispered to his wife.

"Dear me, I hope not!" Sakura snapped back. "Why isn't that boy in bed like he's supposed to?!"

"Beats me." Naruto thought for a moment while still covering his crotch. "I think we're fine. I mean, we did set up that invisibility and sound proof jutsu around the yard before we came out here...Didn't we?"

"I don't want to take any more chances, we need to get inside right now."


Stealthily—well, as stealthily as they could be in their given situation—the two of them made a beeline into the house.

"Oh well," the boy said aloud, "might as well just get to bed already."

With that he closed the balcony door behind him and went back inside his room, turning out the lights and putting his book away, finally falling asleep...

It took them every ounce of their ninja stealth to make it all the way up to the third floor of the house in the nude and never make a sound. Getting almost caught by their son was embarrassing enough, but if he or, far worse, Hanami, should so happen to open the door to their rooms and walk into the hallway...well, that's just the kind of thing that screws impressionable young minds up in the most unfortunate ways.

Lets face it, no boy Shianchiku's age wants to get a look at his mom's boobs and no girl Hanami's age needs to see her dad's junk!

Making it the door, the two ninja opened it quietly and dashed back inside their room, quickly shutting it.

"Phew!" Naruto gasped. "That was too close!"

"No kidding!" Sakura agreed while putting her sleeping clothes on. "If it weren't for that jutsu we'd cast, I never would have been able to live that down."

"Don't look at me! Going out there for some late night fun was your idea!"

The pinkette didn't say anything, she couldn't. If there was one thing that could annoy her worse that Naruto saying something idiotic, it was when he could prove himself completely, 100% right. So instead, she merely brushed it off with a dismissal. "Let's just get ourselves to bed already, okay? It's been a pretty eventful night and I'm feeling tired now."

"Yeah...I guess that thing with Shinachiku did kind of kill the mood a bit, didn't it?"

"You THINK?!"

The blonde sweat dropped as he waved his hands back and forth in panic. "Gomen, gomen! I get it! Let's go to bed and forget any of that happened."

After he changed into his sleeping clothes himself, both of them got into bed and shut out the light.

"Hey Sakura?"


"Happy anniversary honey."

What irritation she had before disappeared as she smiled. "Happy anniversary Naruto."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

She punctuated her point by planting a kiss right on his lips, which he returned as he wrapped his arms around her. Once she broke the kiss, she snuggled up into his chest and closed her eyes along with him, drifting off into dreamland...

The sun rose big and bright the following morning, the sunlight shining through the curtains and hitting poor Sakura right in the face. This caused said face to scrunch up in annoyance before she was forced to wake up.

"Ah! What a night," she aid out loud upon yawning.

Leaning over, she shook her husband awake. "Naruto? Naruto its morning, give me some sign that you're awake."

She probably should not have said that because the sign she received was...a loud fart in the bed while he was still sound asleep.

In response Sakura, not saying a word, got herself out of bed, walked over to the balcony door, opened it, and then walked back over to him and screamed in his ear.


The blonde woke up alright! He woke up by receiving a punch that sent him straight through the open door and outside straight into the pool, landing with a splash that sent water soaking most of the yard!

At the breakfast table, Shinachiku couldn't help but giggle at the giant lump on his father's head. "Hahaha! You broke wind in your sleep again, didn't you?"

Naruto felt a vein on his forehead twitch. "What's it to ya?"

"Just saying, you know how much mom hates that sort of thing."

"Its not like I can help it when I'm sleeping."

"You could if you got more fiber in your diet," the boy muttered.

"What was that?"


"Okay everybody, breakfast is ready."

Sakura came back to the table with four plates of food one for herself and her each member of her family. On each of the plates was spinach omelet with white cheese and mushrooms and cilantro, topped with ketchup.

"Mmm-mmm! Baby, this is delicious!"

"Yeah! Way to go mom!"

"Thank you mommy!"

Sakura blushed slightly at her family's praise as she sat started eating her own omelet.

"Hey daddy," Hanami said, "oniichan told me what you and mommy did last night."

Sakura dropped her fork in horror, while Naruto nearly choked to death on his food.

"Wh-What was that sweetie?" Sakura asked nervously.

"That's right. Shina told me that you planted that yucky kale in the garden, even though you know he doesn't like it."

There was an uncomfortable, confused silence between the two parents before they both shared a nervous laugh and just went along with what their daughter had told them.

"R-Right sweetie, t-that's what we did alright." Naruto scratched the back of his head, completely failing to look inconspicuous.

"Dad, are you alright?" Shinachiku asked.

"Fine! I'm doing fine champ. Nothing wrong with me or your mother whatsoever."

The boy eyed his confusingly for just a moment. "Right...Anyway, how was your night at Tobirama's?"

"Oh it was fine dear," Sakura answered for them both. "Some of the patrons and staff were pretty rude, I have to admit, but lets just say your parents put them all in their place."

The boy sweat dropped. "You didn't put anybody in the hospital did you mom?"

"What was that dear?"

"Nothing!" he corrected himself nervously.

"So what about you two?" Naruto asked. "Anything interesting happy while we were out?"

"Yeah!" Hanami shouted excitedly. "There were these two rob—"

The girl's answer was cut off when she saw her brother making a cutting motion at his throat, clearly indicating that he wanted her to stop before she blabbed to their parents about what happened last night, and also reminding her of that promise they made.

"I mean, there were these two robbers that broke into a house we saw in a movie last night. They were both really dumb, but kind of scary too, but then this little boy beat both of them up and left them for the police."

"Shinachiku Uzumaki!" Sakura protested, "what were you thinking letting your sister watch a movie like that? The poor girl could have had nightmares all night."

"Gomen," Shinachiku happily played along, fully willing to take the woman's annoyed chastising of him instead of see her overreacting in fear from the real truth of what happened last night.

"Aw, leave the kid alone Sakura," Naruto said coming to his son's defense. "It was just a movie, no big deal. I told you last night that he could handle it, and look, we came home and the place was spotless."

"Y-Yeah mom, I told I could handle it."

Sakura smiled. "I suppose you did. Maybe you father and I can trust you with watching over the house more often then."


"We'll see."

Naruto then checked the time. "Uh-oh! I'd better hurry or I'm gonna be late to the office!"

"Holy smokes! I'd better get going too!" Sakura agreed. "The nurses are gonna need my guidance for an operation this afternoon."

"Yeah, and Konohamaru-sensei's going to have my head if I'm late for training today," Shinachiku said.

"And I need to get to school," Hanami said.

And so, just as soon at it had started, breakfast at the Uzumaki household was over and the quartet went their separate ways to live out yet another day of their lives...

"Are we sure about this?"

"They're planning something, there can be no doubt of that. If we don't get to the chakra gem soon then there is no telling what kind of horror they could unleash."

The red-haired woman with an unusual hairstyle and brown glasses and bite marks all over her body concealed by her clothes listened to her husband's speech in amusement. "That sounded strangely heroic coming from you. I suppose my cousin really has rubbed off on you, hasn't he?"

The raven-haired man scowled at his wife's remark. "He's not really your cousin, just because you two are technically from the same clan."

"Yeah, but we're the closest we've got. But listen, that's not the point here. If the chakra gem is really where your sources say it is, then you're going to need Naruto's help in order to get it before they do."

"Naruto is the Hokage, he can't afford to be away from the village for the time we wil need to find the gem."

"We don't have any other choice."

The man stood there for a moment. He was deep in thought, as if he was trying to conceive of an alternative plan. "Maybe we do?"

The woman seemed confused for a moment, but then her eyes widened when she realized what it was he meant. "Shinachiku?!"


"But he's just a boy. He's not even a Chūnin yet. He's never been on a mission outside of the village before."

"That doesn't matter. I can't let anyone know you or her are helping me. I am not going to risk anyone coming after you two. Besides...she would want us to protect him."

"But how are you going to convince Naruto and Sakura?"

"You just let me worry about that."

"You mean you're going to lie to them? After everything you've been through?"

He was silent for just a moment. "I have weighed my options, and this is how it has to be."

The woman sighed. "I guess that means you're going to be heading back to the village on your own?"

"That would be for the best."

All of a sudden, the woman hugged her husband in concern. "You just watch out for that boy with your life...And please take care of yourself."

"...I will."

The woman kissed her husband. 'I love you Sasuke...'

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