Chapter 17: Brown

Rachel sat on the front porch peering out into the open. It was raining. It hadn't rained in weeks so the wet weather was welcomed. The blonde was also enjoying the cool weather that was accompanying the rain.

The sound of the rain falling on the roof was also relaxing for her. She decided that she would sit out on the porch to read this morning. Little did she know that she would be missed. It was Rachel's day off from helping with patients. She and Charlie started taking turns.

It was Charlie's day to work with her grandfather. Most of the day was uneventful, minus the one guy they had to patch up from a run-in with the patriots. Gene took a little break to see if Rachel needed anything. He panicked when she didn't answer.

"Rachel?" He called out as he looked around the part of his home that wasn't the practice. Still no answer from Rachel. The doctor even checked the back porch. He saw a book lying face down on the chair but no Rachel. Now worried for his daughter's safety, he made his way to the police station.

"What brings you here Gene?" Miles asked confused as to why the doctor walked through the mud to the station.

"Have you seen Rachel?" He asked figuring she may have gone see Miles. When Miles shook his head, he informed him that Rachel was missing.

"Have you checked all over?" Miles asked trying to calm the older man down. "What about the practice?" He added causing the older man to shake his head. The two of them headed back to the Porter residence.

"Have you seen your mother?" Both men asked Charlie. When Charlie said she hadn't seen her that's when Miles worried too. The three of them split up and checked around. None of them had any luck finding Rachel.

Rachel had just made her way back to the chair on the porch. She grabbed her book and picked up where she had left off. She hoped that she wouldn't need to pee again for a while. The walk felt much longer than what it actually was in the rain. The mud also made it a little more challenging. Little did Rachel know that her family thought she was missing.

Charlie had gone to the library to see of Rachel had gone to get more books. That was one of the places that she frequented. When she did not see her mother, Charlie decided to head back and wait for Miles and her grandfather. The two men were already there. They didn't have any luck either.

"What's going on?" Priscilla asked when she noticed all of the commotion in front of Miles and Rachel's house. They asked her if she had seen Rachel and to their dismay, she didn't either.

"Rachel's missing." Miles said calmly hoping that they would find her soon. Miles offered them to meet inside so they wouldn't be out in the rain and walking through the mud. Everyone gladly accepted the offer. It was then that they hear the back door open. Everyone was now on edge.

"What's going on?" Rachel asked as she walked in and joined everyone at the table. That was when they realized that she had been on the back porch reading the entire time.

"We thought you went missing." Gene went on about their interesting day.

"We walked through the mud all over town looking for you. All because we couldn't find you at the house." Miles added.

"Mom you had us worried. Where were you?" She asked genuinely concerned. Rachel couldn't help but laugh at this because she never left.

"I was reading on the back porch the entire time." She admitted making everyone feel foolish for looking all over for her.

"I checked the porch and you weren't there." The doctor said knowing that he looked all over at both places.

"Little Matheson has been using my bladder as a trampoline so I may have gotten up to go." She quipped still shocked that they thought she went missing.

"Oh" that was all they could say to the events that took place.