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Summary: Set at a vague time during (and after) the current events in Supernovas of Mass Effect, different Supernovas tackle a different job. New faces, new worlds, new rules, and above all, a new enemy await our heroes in the Supernovas of the Old Republic.

Spoilers: SWTOR, KotOR, and KotFE. Eventual KotET also.

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Hope Born of Rebellion

Zakuul: The Eternal Empire
Eternal Throne

"I will share all of this with you," Emperor Valkorion offered with his hand outstretched, "if you will only kneel."

The prisoner looked from the extended hand to the still-warm corpse of Darth Marr, then back to the hand again. Then he smirked. "Y'know, considering the alternative, it's not a bad deal." He went so far as pretending to weigh his options before the smirk on his face widened almost imperceptibly. "Not a bad deal at all, but I've got a much better one."

Valkorion matched the smirk, unfazed. "Oh?"

The prisoner's smirk vanished, followed immediately by the prisoner himself as he turned into smoke, and dashed forward, leaving his heavy handcuffs to crash on the floor behind him. For all his nigh-limitless power, this unprecedentedly impossible act caught even the Immortal Emperor by surprise, if only for half a second.

However, for Delsin Rowe, Copycat Conduit and former delinquent, half a second was all he needed. Valkorion was still holding out his hand, and for no other reason than to screw with this guy, Delsin was going to grab that hand and try to drain him like a Conduit.

It probably wouldn't transfer god-mode Force powers. It just never worked that way, unfortunately. But as Valkorion's smug expression of indifference melted away to reveal genuine confusion and anxiety, it became quite clear that Delsin's abilities had a strong effect on the Emperor. He didn't know what that effect was, but as long as it hurt the Emperor and not himself, he couldn't really say that he cared either.

"What's wrong Valky?" the Copycat Conduit teased as his grip tightened. "Got a… disturbance in your Force?" He even was quick enough to grab Valkorion's other hand before the Immortal Emperor could retaliate. "Seriously? You blew up Marr's flagship while I was standing ten feet away from the big exploding power core and I don't have a scratch on me. What makes you think a few Sith-y sparks are gonna work any better?"

He hid it beneath cocky bravado, of course, but Delsin Rowe meant every word. Of course he survived that explosion. There was smoke everywhere after that ship was blown to hell. He'd literally been taking a power nap when they "captured" him. Props to Marr for surviving through sheer badassery though. Dude really was awesome, and he'd certainly be missed.

Valkorion's reply, if he even had one, was interrupted by a yellow lightsaber, bursting through the Emperor's chest from behind and then pushing even further to impale Delsin on the blade as well.

"Not quite how I imagined overthrowing you Father," Arcann gloated, his uncovered eye watching gleefully as both his victims succumbed to their fatal wound. "But it will suffice."

Smoke flew out, around, and back into Delsin's body, and in mere seconds his chest was healed, whole, and good as new. "Dude, you clearly weren't hugged enough by daddy as a child." He didn't even seem fazed by the lightsaber strike. Ah, the benefits of fast healing.

The same couldn't be said for Valkorion, though his son's betrayal and his own imminent demise seemed far less important to him than the increasingly curious man in front of him. The man called Delsin Rowe.

"Interesting…" Valkorion said, laughing one final time.

Energy surged from his body as it fell, crashing over everyone and everything in the Throne Room. And the Emperor's "death" echoed through the Force like a sonic boom. So many had wished for this day across both the Republic and the Empire alike. Now that wish had come true.

But now, instead of the joy that should have accompanied this moment, there was only hollow victory, and fear. Fear for an enemy that none yet knew would come to crush them all so effortlessly. Fear for the sudden disappearance of the "Outlander" that precious few knew had become Arcann's scapegoat in a war of conquest throughout the galaxy.

"Every last one of the Core Worlds," Arcann had announced, "Will burn."

Fear of the onslaught that neither the Republic nor the Empire could stand against in the slightest.

Five Years Later:
Zakuul-Controlled Space

Not all were consumed by this fear, however. The Mandalorians never once stopped resisting the Eternal Fleet. As always, they were proud and beholden to no one save Mandalore himself, answering his call with fury, fire, and beskar.

The veterans of the Revanite Crisis stood strong as well. They knew the score. When something like this happens, when someone like that "Outlander made of smoke" happens, there were always more. Always. It was just a matter of time before that "more" showed up, found their friend, and planted a boot up Arcann's ass.

Unfortunately, time was becoming more and more a luxury. Lana Beniko sighed. "Almost five years now, and still nothing."

"Is it a Force thing that you say that just when I'm about to hand you the first good news since we found Koth and that HK unit?" Theron drawled. "Check out this Holonet recording from Kashyyyk."

"What could the Wookies possibly be…" Lana trailed off when she saw the footage. "It's them. Koth! Set a course for Kashyyyk! Now!"

"You do realize the Eternal Empire's hammering them right now?" the pilot retorted. "It's a no-fly zone for anyone that wants to live!"

"It won't be for long," Theron chuckled for the first time in months. "Just punch it."

Lana couldn't take her eyes off the screen. She was looking for something, someone, in that recording so full of frantic, furious devastation. Searching for someone who she was terrified of finding, because if she did, then she would start to hope. Hope for a miracle, hope for a victory, hope for all those things that so few shouldn't be able to provide with skills and talents that shouldn't exist. And yet, for all her pragmatism and practicality, Lana couldn't help but ask. "It's him isn't it? Who else could it be?"

"After all they've been through with us? Rakata, Rishi, Yavin, Ziost?" The SIS agent sighed, equally afraid to share his Sith counterpart's not-quite-hope. "If not him then it's definitely her. I'm too pessimistic to allow myself to think it might be both." He looked over Lana's shoulder at the holorecording. "They did say they'd be back though," he offered.

The Sith Lord gave a sigh of her own and closed her eyes. "Too bad they didn't say when."

The moment Koth's ship dropped out of hyperspace, Lana's eyes shot wide open and she practically flew out of the seat. "He's here!"

"You're sure?" Theron asked, already slicing into whatever enemy comms he could manage. "Don't mess with me about something like this Lana, are you positive?"

"His presence in the Force…" She shook her head. "It's unmistakable."

As if they needed further confirmation, the impossible happened before their very eyes. A welcome sight, and one they sorely missed since this whole mess with Arcann began. A man was using the Force…

To pull the Star Fortress out of Kashyyyk's orbit and crash it on the surface below. The explosion swept over Zakuul-controlled territory like a cleansing fire, effectively returning the planet to its rightful native owners.

"What… was that?" Koth stuttered out.

Lana couldn't remember the last time she smiled, but right now, she didn't think she could stop. That hope she'd been afraid to feel? Just seeing this, she wasn't afraid. Not anymore.

"'That' was him."

Kashyyyk: Planet Surface
Warning: Reinforcements Incoming

Beneath his hooded robe, the man smiled in gentle nostalgia. "Every time I come home, there's an imperial occupation force to be kicked out. Another life, another empire, I'd be chatting up that teenage princess not too far from here. What was her name? Leia?"

Starkiller removed the hood from his head and glared at the sky. "Skytroopers was it? Almost makes me miss the Stormtroopers." A two cylinders flew into his hands, and with a snap-hiss, the clone of Galen Marek held the blades in his trademark Jar'Kai reverse grip. "Time to see how 'eternal' your fleet really is."

"Save it for later! We need to get you off-world before more show up!"

With a sigh, Starkiller extinguished his 'sabers and pulled out his comm. "You got here fast, Lana." When they met during the Revanite Crisis on Manaan, Starkiller felt uneasy around Lana Beniko. She was Sith after all, and in the absence of a proper Rule of Two, they were practically backstabbing each other in the streets of Korriban and Dromund Kaas with all the subtlety of a rancor. Then he would always remember that he was supposed to be a Sith and only defected for a woman he only knew from a past life. So really, who was he to judge?

"Yeah, well we missed your winning personality!" Theron chimed in. "ETA: Three minutes. Right Koth?"

Casually decapitating a legless Skytrooper that the explosion had tossed all the way to his feet, Starkiller placed the hood back on his head and began sprinting for the open terrain Theron had marked with a waypoint. "Who's Koth?"

Zakuul: Eternal Empire
Error: Location Unavailable

In complete darkness, a man with identical features to Starkiller was waiting. It was not yet time for the original Galen Marek to join the fight. His clone would go first, rallying the galaxy and proving that the Eternal Fleet was neither endless nor invincible. She would join them on Asylum, according to her last communication. As for himself, the Unique Galen Marek had a simple goal: free Delsin Rowe from Arcann's "trophy room" and escape. Nearly impossible for anyone else, it would be a mild challenge for Marek at most. The only complication would be the unknown extent of damage caused by Delsin's interaction with Valkorion roughly five years ago.

"The days of Sith against Republic end. An Empire controls all, and if my own experience is anything to go by, they will be opposed, as always, by rebels. Back and forth, like a pendulum." Galen cut himself off and shook his head, face sporting a tiny grin. "I'm beginning to sound like Masters Kota and Yoda. Definitely too long in New Solara." His eyes flew open and his lightsaber flashed black with white lining, impossible yet real in his grip. "Let the Outlander Job begin."

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