Summary:After hearing her son's birthday wish, Bella decides to contact her ex-boss whom she had a short affair with before quitting, to let him know that he has a son. Edward loved Bella since the first moment he saw her, despite her young age and position he sought her out on many occasions, to merely be rejected in turn. Now that she has returned he hopes they can make things work and finally be together.

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"Mommy," a tired voice questioned, causing me to look up from my Google search to see a tired little boy in front of me.

I smiled as he rubbed the sleep from his tired eyes, my stress alleviating momentarily. He was so small for his age, but he was already managing to grow out of his spider-man pajamas I had recently purchased for him. Sometimes it scared me how quickly my little boy was growing up. It seems like just yesterday that he was my six pound eight ounce baby.

"How's my favorite boy doing today," I ask sweetly as I pulled his small frame into my lap.

"Mom," his soft voice chastised, "me big old."

I laughed, unfamiliar with the terminology. I could not help but find his serious expression adorable as his eyebrows were knitted together in offense and his mouth was in a cute little pout.

"A what," I asked teasingly, reaching down to tickle his pudgy stomach.

He threw his head back with a laugh, causing his copper hair to fly around his head and illustrate how desperately he needed a haircut. I had been stalling on taking him to Cookie Cutters, merely because he looked so cute with his wild mane.

"Mom, I two," he announced, as if I hadn't remember the eight hours I spent in labor to deliver him.

"You are," I questioned, doing my best to feign surprise just to see him giggle, "Well, then you are quite the man now."

He giggled at my exaggerated response, "Silly mommy," he announced before leaping off my lap to hunt for his favorite cereal.

I had to try hard to suppress a laugh as I watched my small boy attempt to grab a box of Pops from the counter. Although he had recently turned two, he was by far the smallest boy I have ever seen his age. He was far shorter than every other kid at the park, his stubby legs putting him an inch or two below his peers. Anthony never seemed to notice his height though, and if he was anything like his father, he would grow up to be a very tall man.

If it weren't for his unruly copper hair that stood high on his small head, he would practically look like a baby. Watching him struggle for a moment longer, I laughed and got up from my chair to take the box off the counter.

"Why don't I put you in your special chair and pour you a bowl of your favorite cereal," I ask, grabbing my giggling son off the ground and placing him in the Marvel comics chair Alice and I found at Walmart a while back.

Pouring him a large bowl of Pops and placing it front of my anxious son who was shifting in his seat, I asked, "So what do you think about seeing Peter today?"

Anthony ignored me, focusing intently on his breakfast. I watched as he paid careful attention to scooping up a spoonful of the sweetened corn cereal and brought it carefully to his opened mouth, effectively spilling the milk along the way. Peter was Alice's son, who was a year older than Anthony and his constant companion. They were practically brothers, considering how close Alice and I were, they were constantly in each other's company.

"Yay mommy," Anthony exclaimed, "he got Cars," he said, referring to the popular Pixar movie.

Smiling at his enthusiasm, I grabbed my phone to text Alice. As much as I feared today, I knew it had to happen. Ever since Anthony's birthday wish I knew I needed to contact his father. He had never mentioned his lack of male role model in his life, until he made a birthday wish for all to hear.

I was excitedly snapping shots of my little boy turning two. In his special birthday hat, Anthony sat in front of his chocolate cake with a huge grin. It was a small party of close friends, but Anthony did not seemed concerned. He was glued to his friends the whole party and now as they loudly sang him Happy Birthday, I couldn't help but tear up thinking of how far we have come. As the song ended everyone screamed to make a wish, which Anthony loudly did, unaware of the rule of not saying your wish aloud.

"I wish daddy," he said, clapping his hands in front of him in excitement as he blew out his candles.

My heart dropped. Never before had we talked about a father, never before had he brought it up. Alice shot me a concerned look as I blushed and lowered my camera.

I had been shocked by what he wished for, but in hindsight I realized my shock was silly. What boy wouldn't want a father? Sure he had Alice's husband Jasper and my father Charlie, but I knew every little boy would want a father of his own. I knew I couldn't deny him that.

That didn't mean that his words hadn't hurt me deeply. I thought I had been doing the right thing when I was pregnant, but perhaps it was merely my pride getting in the way of my son's needs. I had deprived him a father and now I hoped it was not too late to rectify my mistake.

Anthony had been the product of a one night stand with my ex-boss. Although I had regretted sleeping with Edward Cullen, I had never once regretted the product of that, our son. Anthony was truly the best thing that ever happened to me and I would do anything to make him happy, even if that meant facing his father once more.

I had met Edward Cullen at my first job out of college. Receiving an English degree with the hope of exploring creative writing, I took a job as a secretary at his company to earn an income while I pursued my dreams on my time off. As the company's CEO, Edward and I never crossed paths that was until I had accidentally spilled coffee all over his expensive suit.

One month on the job and I'm already running late! I can't afford to lose this and end up right back where I started, waiting tables at the local diner. James Peterson already disliked me as his secretary, perhaps because I ignored all of his pathetic advances, I cannot afford to give him a reason to fire me.

Seeing the only working elevator filling up with people, I picked up the pace, running as fast as my uncoordinated feet would take me with two hot cups of coffee in my hand.

"Please hold it," I called out, running on to the elevator and trying to catch my breath.

I need to work out. It is embarrassing how out of breath I could get by running a few feet. I got a few strange looks from the elevator's other occupants, before the doors finally closed and we began our ascent to the office floors. I stared down at my watch, 12:37; I was supposed to be back at the office seven minutes ago. James is going to be so displeased. Like usual, he will probably keep me trapped in his office for a few minutes so he can stress how valuable every minute was at this job. Certainly the irony of his actions was lost in him.

Finally the elevator doors opened to my floor, and I rushed out without a second thought. I slammed against what felt like a brick wall, spilling the coffee before I fell to the floor on my butt. My cheeks heated with embarrassment as I heard the gasps from all around me. With fear in my eyes, I looked up, shocked to see the face of Edward Cullen staring down at me. His expression was unreadable, and suddenly I wanted nothing more than to curl up in a dark hole and never come out.

"I'm so sorry," I apologized, my entire body flushing with embarrassment as I rose from the floor and stared at Mr. Cullen's coffee stained suit. "I'm so sorry, I can pay for dry cleaning."

"Do you make a habit of pouring hot coffee all over your superior," his angry voice spat out.

Without thinking, I pulled out a few napkins from my purse and reached forward to wipe the coffee off of Edward's shirt. When I noticed I was rubbing coffee off of the crotch of his pants, I blushed and quickly withdrew my hand.

When I looked back at his face, his features had softened; his anger had dissipated to amusement.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Cullen," I apologized softly.

"Its fine, it barely hurt," he chuckled, "I'm sorry about your coffee."

"Its fine," I quickly assured him, knowing that this would only make me more late which would only make James more upset. "I just have to run down stairs and get more. It's no big deal."

"I'll go with you," Mr. Cullen said, standing close beside me as he pressed the down button on the elevator, "I'll pay for your coffee since I was rudely in the way."

My eyes shot up to his face to see if he were joking. He must have been, for his intense green eyes were dancing with an amusement.

As we stepped onto the small elevator together, I couldn't help but notice how every hair on my body stood in attention when Edward was near. It was as if there was electricity in the air between us. I have never felt so drawn to a man before. Perhaps it was because he was so handsome, with his perfectly sculpted jaw and a face that would inspire every painter. His form was tall and covered in lean muscle that I just wanted to lick with my tongue. I blushed at the thought, knowing someone like him would never want someone like me.

I could still perfectly remember that day, even after all this time I still remember the profound effect he had on me. I had been quite infatuated with him at first, but after we had talked that day, after my boss had yelled at me for being so late, I had gone back to my computer to do some research on Mr. Cullen. I wanted to find more about the man I was already so taken with. What I had found had frightened me. He was quite the playboy, dating the city's most popular socialites, as well as a fair amount of models and popular actresses. After I finished my research I dismissed my feelings for him as a silly crush and went back to work.

But after my first harmless encounter with Mr. Edward Cullen, he kept on finding a way to intrude upon my everyday life. I hadn't known if he had been actively seeking my company, or if it were merely an accident that he kept running into me as often as he did. It wasn't until he started dropping off coffee for me at my desk that I realized Edward Cullen must like me. Although I enjoyed his company, it wasn't everyday a 21 year old had a handsome successful older man flirting with her; I had refused to become another notch on his bedpost.

As much as I tried to put him off, he always persisted flirting with me. Perhaps I was not trying as hard as I thought. Perhaps Mr. Edward Cullen realized that deep down I wanted him. He had invited me to dinner on several occasions, well more than several occasions but I had truly lost track, but I had always declined. Although he looked hurt, I knew he truly wasn't, for I would see him on the covers of society pages with other women at events. Not exactly the appearance of a heartbroken man.

But no matter how much I tried to push him away, I still desired him in a way I had desired no other man. Everything about him made me want to present myself nude at his feet, willing him to do anything he would like with me. I had been good about suppressing my desires until I had been a tad tipsy at the company's Christmas party. The moment my eyes fell upon Edward, I knew I was done for.

I could feel him the second he walked into the room. I could always feel him in the air; feeling drawn to him like a magnet. I couldn't help but wonder if he realized the pull he had on me. Everyone seemed to notice him, but no one yearned for him like I did. I would usually be reprimanding myself for such thoughts, but after a cold gin and tonic to loosen me up, I let my mind drift to the pleasant thought of what it would be like to lie underneath a man like Edward.

As I stared across the room at the most handsome man I have ever seen, a man almost twenty years my senior as well as my boss, I couldn't help but feel a tense desperation. As if feeling my gaze upon him, he looked up into my eyes and smirked, knowing the affect a look like that would have on me.

I shifted uncomfortably as my panties grew wet. Although a coworker was talking to me, I barely noticed a word they were saying. I didn't know if it was my drink suddenly making me brave, but I let my eyes remain locked with Edward's. The way he looked at me made me hot all over; his gaze in itself feeling like a sexual experience. I grew increasing wet as he stared upon my face; my eyes begging him to come over and release the tension he had caused.

Understanding my silent invitation, Edward made his way toward me in long meaningful strides. I felt myself flush as he grew closer, feeling as if the Christmas party taking place around me had disappeared.

"Good evening Bella," he said in his deep velvet voice.

I stared at him for a moment and said nothing, allowing myself to take in his well-built masculine frame. I hadn't known for certain he would be here tonight, but I was now thankful I wore the sexiest black dress I had, that hugged every one of my curves like a second skin.

"I didn't know you were coming," I said coyly, taking a sip of my gin and tonic.

"I wasn't planning on it, but then realizing you would be here, I knew I had to," he said with a crooked grin and a meaningful stare.

"I'm glad you did," I said, barely above a whisper.

"Would you like to go someplace a bit more quiet," he suggested, taking my free hand and rubbing circles on my palm, "we can go up to my office and talk?"

I felt myself pulse between my legs at the thought of being alone with him, unable to speak; I merely nodded, letting him lead me to the elevator.

The short elevator ride up, felt like an eternity. Especially with the way he would rub his long fingers up and down my arm, his touch sending a shiver down to the base of my spin. My breath became heavy, leaning my small frame against his for support. When the elevator finally reached the top floor, I held onto his large hand and let him lead me into his dark office.

His office was beautiful, sitting on the top floor of the highest building in Seattle. The red leather couch and seats against the wooden furnishings looked strictly masculine. Three large windows showed the city skyline which shined beautifully at night.

"Would you like a drink," Edward said softly, as he pulled out two glasses and a bottle of Vodka. I walked over to gaze out the windows, simply nodding my head at Edward as I stared down at the dark city watching the lights twinkle in the darkness.

I heard the drinks being poured before hearing his strong steps toward me. I was much too nervous to turn my eyes away from the city before me. Handing me a drink, Edward softly said, "It's beautiful isn't it."

I nodded, my breath catching in my throat as I felt one of Edward's strong hands, trailing soft circles on my back. He started up high, and slowly let his hand work its way down my spine. I heard his breaths deepen as he noticed how flushed my chest became and how shallow my breathing. My eyes stayed trained on the city as his hand descended lower, softly kneading my ass.

"Please," I whimpered finally, before his hand slipped between my legs, making my knees weak. He touched me over my lace panties, groaning at how wet they felt, before placing a wet kiss on my exposed shoulder, "Do you want more," he asked in a deep husky voice.

With a moan, I nodded, and laid my head against his shoulder as he slipped his long fingers into my panties, touching my soft drenched flesh. I moaned as he teased me, running his fingers up and down my pussy, spreading it's wetness without entering it.

"Please," I whimpered again, begging him to fuck me with his long fingers.

"Touch me," he groaned, as he pushed on of his fingers inside of me for the first time.

Reaching back, I ran my small hand up his leg until I rubbed against his hardened cock. I was shocked by how big it felt, although I knew I shouldn't have been. It seemed that every part of him was perfect.

As he added another finger, bringing them slowly in and out, he whispered in my ear, "You feel so tight around just one finger; I can't imagine how you will feel around my cock."

I moaned at his words, and started rubbing his clothed cock more tenaciously. Feeling bold, I turned my head around and molded my lips to his, feeling him groan into his mouth as he pushed his fingers into me and rubbed my clit with his thumb. I kissed him with all the passion I could muster, begging with my lips for him to have me.

"Is this what you want Bella," he groaned between kisses, "you want me to fuck you?"

Instead of responding with words, I unzipped his trousers and put my hand down the front of his pants. I wrapped my hand around his hot thick cock and rubbed slowly up and down, pumping him in my hand. My fingers traveled to his wet tip, spreading the pre-cum around his head. I felt his cock shake in my hand, practically begging to find its home between my legs.

"Please," I begged once more as I stroked him.

With a loud moan, he pulled me toward his leather couch, unzipping my black dress and watching intently as it fell away from my curvy figure. His cock twitched at the site of me in only my drenched lacy panties. His mouth instantly was on my breasts, suckling them as I continued to touch his cock, which was now shaking with anticipation.

"I can't wait much longer," Edward groaned against my breasts, placing kisses wherever he could.

With one hand playing with his unruly copper hair, and the other wrapped around his thick cock, I responded, "I can't either," in a breathy voice.

With a moan, he threw me down on the couch and quickly slipped out of his shoes, socks, and pants, until he was lying naked atop me, his cock pulsing against my wet thighs.

"I'm clean, do we need protection," Edward managed to ask before diving into me.

"No I'm on the pill," I said, begging for him to enter me.

He thrust inside of me fast and hard, holding onto my hips for support. On his knees, he held my lower body off the couch as he thrust into oblivion. I groaned, reaching down to touch myself between my legs. I couldn't take my eyes off the powerful man that was thrusting desperately into my body, searching for his release.

"You're so tight," he moaned, as his eyes stayed transfixed on my bouncing breasts.

After a few harsh thrusts, I realized he was nearing his release. Slowing down, wanting me to find my pleasure first, he laid his entire body onto of me and thrust slowly into my pussy.

I enjoyed the feel of his weight pushing me down onto the leather couch. Our sweat mixed together and I pulled his face toward me so I could kiss his soft lips once more. This time our kisses were different, sweeter, and more meaningful. As he kissed my wet lips, his hand reached down to play with my clit.

"I'm going to cum soon," he groaned, "I want to watch you come apart first," he demanded.

Feeling his expert hands work on my clit, along with his powerful stares, I came apart in seconds, him quickly following me in his own powerful orgasm.

My body became slack against his, and tears pricked my eyes as I realized I had never experience something so powerful in my life. I felt connected to Edward on such a deep level that it was moving. He stayed inside of me until he was completely soft; enjoying the soft kisses I was placing on his exhausted body.

"That was amazing," I smiled as he pulled carefully out of me.

"That was more than amazing," Edward smiled, deep in thought, "that was the best sex I've ever had."

I looked deep in his eyes to see if he was being truthful, and to my surprise I found nothing but sincerity.

A moment of comfortable silence passed between the two of us before Edward said, "Let's get you cleaned up."

I smiled, joyfully watching his naked frame as he went to the bar to retrieve a towel.

"Thank you," I murmured as Edward wiped up his mess between my legs.

Placing a kiss to my temple, Edward suggested, "Do you want to get out of here?"

I smiled at the thought of being with Edward once more.

Edward had been magnificent, playing my body like a familiar instrument throughout the night, but I had awoken the next morning to be disappointed in myself. I was so embarrassed that I had turned into the exact type of woman I had once judged so harshly.

I had left the hotel without speaking to Edward and a week later, I left my job in a similar fashion. He had called me on a few occasions, but right before I called him back one night I saw a headline on the front page of the society section of the local newspaper.

It had been a month since our encounter and he had apparently already moved on, for he was photographed at a charity gala with a busty redhead on his arm and a huge smile on his face.

I had been angry at him, but even angrier at myself for falling for him. Now, as I stare across at my little toddler I know that I must confront my fears and speak to Edward Cullen once more. Pulling out my phone, I text Alice, quickly asking her if she could babysit Anthony for the afternoon. I had to meet with my past and see Edward Cullen once more.