Kahlan stopped in her tracks, she moved no further.

"What is wrong?" Cara asked, wondering why they weren't on track to their destination. Zedd stressed the importance of timeliness and to get the Mother Confessor and her unborn child to safety whilst Richard was away.

"I...I think that they are coming..." Kahlan grunted as she painstakingly made her way to the nearest pine, holding her back and unfastening her cloak.

"They"?!" the Mord'Sith exclaimed as Kahlan nestled down, a pool of water appearing.

Kahlan met her eyes briefly before the first pain wave crested. "They. Their father should be here, where is Richard anyways?"

Cara gave brief pause. "He is readying your new house, complete with new baby cot. He wanted it to be a surprise..."

Kahlan's azure eyes met hers in between contractions. "Oh there will be a surprise, but it shall be I that delivers...", she briefly grunted out before the painful contractions took her again.

Cara aided as best she could. Kahlan was deep in contractions grasping onto the bark of the tree grunting between the painful swells.

Suddenly she heard a brief rustle in the woods. She palmed her agiel and stiffened her protective stance before Kahlan.


The Seeker smiled down at his beloved Kahlan, he had just managed to make it to the forest in time to witness not only his son but also his daughter being born. Even Cara couldn't feign indifference as the babes took their first look of the world.

Twins; that was a truth that he had never considered. No Confessor in history had ever birthed twins, it was unprecedented and a wondrous miracle.


Kahlan laughed joyously as her little ones played with Richard amongst the sunbeams in the meadow. So far each of her children hadn't shown any signs of magic, she was a little worried about little George possibly being a male confessor. Dennee was as graceful as her namesake was, she had a calming nature and had her father wrapped around her little finger.

Richard was playing with a few wooden balls that he had carved and was spinning them in the air with his han.

Suddenly one of the balls shot out of the air and into George's outstretched hand. The little chestnut haired cherub squealed in delight as Richard's raised eyebrows met Kahlan's matching stare.

"Can you do that again for daddy?" Richard asked his son as he spun the balls around again.

Little George reached out and with a faint blue glow from his hands summoned the orb again.

"Looks like we have a future wizard in the family, I can't wait to tell Zedd!" Richard excitedly exclaimed as he pulled his boy in for a hug.

"Tell me what?!" Zedd's gravelly voice carried across the meadow as his lanky frame neared the happy family.

At that moment Dennee ran toward Zedd, her arms outstretched as her grandfather neared. She giggled as he scooped her up and spun around with her.

"To tell you that George is going to be a wizard when he grows up! We couldn't be more proud~" Richard proudly said as he drew Kahlan close to him.

Dennee outstretched her hand to Zedd's face and Kahlan just had a chance to see the change in her eyes before the Mother Confessor grabbed her out of the First Wizard's arms.

"Looks like George isn't the only one taking after his parent" Zedd exclaimed, "I guess a visit to Aydindril and the Wizard's Keep is next on the agenda, what a wonderful turn of events!"