December 1:st - Introductions

Flick. Flick. Flick. The Cloak swooped through the Sanctum, taking delight in the act of flying. It had been stuck in a box for far too long, and now it wanted to fly!

It liked its choise of human. Doctor Strange only tweaked an eyebrow in bemusement as he caught it soaring through the halls and sweeping through the rooms, occasionally swooping down to check on its mortal.

The other mortals who came and went expressed surprise or even disdain in finding it flying around, clearly of the opinion that cloaks ought to remain on the coatrack, even enchanted ones, but the Cloak's own human, he merely shrugged and said that it always came when he needed it, and that was always the end of any discussion. The cloak approved both of the support, and of his command of the situation.

It liked to fight alongside Strange, who was new to it all but fairly talented, for a human, and it also liked letting itself fall down over him at night when he had settled in bed, often with a book, sometimes even leaving his sleeping form as an astral being, to read more. The Cloak always knew when he did, and it guarded his body loyally at every such occasion.

"Ho-ho!" Mrs Hudson entered the empty, cluttered livingroom of 221B Baker street and lifted her feet properly, setting them down again with care, not to happen to walk on something sharp. One could never know with those boys of hers. She thought of her little chicks with fond affection as she started to tidy up.

Life had been somewhat boring and empty before they turned up. She had been happy, after the death of her husband, but she was not as young anymore and bingo bored her. Canasta should be considered a crime!

With her boys living upstairs though, there was never a boring moment, even though being kidnapped and dragged upstairs by armed men was one of the moments she'd rather not have more of. Well, one had to take the bad with the good, and all that.

Swish, swish, swi...SH!

The TARDIS, a relic more marvelous than even the very old, highly sentient, marvelous Cloak of Levitation, brought its chosen timelord through time and space with nothing more than a whisper of sound. It would soon be time... soon, but not quite yet.

Doctor Strange sunk down into a chair, cradling his trembling hands close to his chest. They only rarely hurt, but today was one of those rare times. Maybe it was the cold. He had barely thought of it, before his crimson cloak came swooping into the room, falling around his shoulders and taking especial care to delicately encompass his hands to warm them up.

He was still working on coming to grips with not only his permanently damaged hands, but also his magic. He could use his magic on his hands, of course, but they tended to hurt after the fact when he did, and he did not like the thought of hiding. Of having to alter his body because he was ashamed. It was not in his proud nature to do so. Something, though, told him a change of some kind was afoot, and that he might find new ways to look at it, just this December.

This the first chapter introduces you to some of the characters, aka, the leading roles, so to speak. I would put this up as a crossover, but I am not certain as a crossover to WHAT exactly. Maybe at the end of December I will know.

I am writing this day by day for all of December - though I do have a timeline/finished storyline to go after, and will finish one or two scenes mostly towards the ending in advance. Besides that though, I am literally making this stuff up as I go along. It is an intriguing challenge!

I do not own anything you recognise - I don't even know where some of it is from!