25 Days of Klaroline:

Day 1: Klaroline + Meeting

Caroline is the planner organising Rebekah's wedding, all is going smoothly except for her annoying brother and the best man she hasn't even met yet.

I'm going to be dedicating each of my drabbles to some of my favourite people for 25 days of Klaroline, so watch out! This is for the amazing hissaviourqueen (emmascaptn) Shauna. Not only are you lovely but it's your birthday too, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday!

You're So Vain

6PM: St Andrews Cathedral, Oahu Hawaii - 22 Hours until the St John/Mikaelson nuptials

"Where is he?" Caroline asked, her growing frustration evident.

"Late, which is hardly surprising when it comes to Niklaus," Rebekah replied, tartly. "Remind me why you thought it was a good idea to make him Best Man again, Lorenzo?"

"He's your brother," the groom drawled from the impressive altar, choosing to omit the fact that he was also his best friend since college.

When Rebekah said she wanted something special St Andrews' grandeur didn't disappoint with its impressive high ceilings and intricate stained glass windows. The reception following was being held in the grand ballroom of the Four Season's Hotel in Oahu, no expense spared.

"Don't remind me," Rebekah growled. "He's been missing in action, the least he could have done is get to the bloody rehearsal on time." Caroline couldn't have said it better herself, although she'd probably have more choice words.

Rebekah Mikaelson was a perfectionist, luckily so too was Caroline and she knew it was the reason she'd chosen her company to plan her wedding. She'd been working on her perfect day for a year now and was happy with the results. The only part Caroline hadn't been happy with was her absent older brother and Enzo's best man, Klaus Mikaelson. Just thinking about his arrogant ass made Caroline ball up her fists. He'd been trouble ever since day one, it didn't help that he was based in London and was hard to reach at the best of times.

When he did get back to her emails, it was usually late, sarcastic and full of sexual innuendo she didn't want or ask for. Caroline thought her initial email was equal parts polite and professional.

Hi Klaus, Rebekah gave me your email address so I can nail down some details for the wedding. If you could provide your measurements so I can begin to organise the suits for the wedding that would be great. Thank you in advance, Caroline Forbes (Wedding Planner).

The one she received back, not to mention three weeks later, was as follows.

Hello, Caroline (wedding planner), it's not often I get women asking for my measurements but if you insist... It was at this point she groaned loudly before continuing. Contact my tailor Anders (details at the bottom of the email). If you need any help 'nailing' things, I'm very good at that sort of thing, love.

The first thing she questioned was who in the hell this guy thought he was? The answer was obvious, God's gift to women. The emails continued in the same vein and Caroline gave up, choosing to communicate with him via his sister, although she was having the same problems as Caroline had experienced.

She usually looked forward to weddings, especially seeing the masterpieces she'd created come to life but there was something she wasn't looking forward to and that was meeting her arrogant excuse for a brother. Caroline just had to keep quiet, get through the next forty-eight hours and keep thinking about her very generous pay day this wedding was delivering.

"You're really surprised, Rebekah?" Her eldest brother and groomsman Elijah, that her business partner Katherine had dubbed 'the man who can wear a suit,' muttered from his place next to Enzo. "This is Niklaus we're talking about."

"I came all the way from London and I managed to get here on time," the other groomsman and her other brother Kol piped up. "I hope you all remember this."

"Yes, but I seem to recall tasking you with the job of getting Klaus here," Enzo muttered. "I mean how hard was it to corral him onto an aeroplane?"

"Harder than you think, have you met Klaus?" Kol's wife and bridesmaid Bonnie scoffed. "He needs to come with an instruction manual."

"I called him myself on the way to the airport and apparently he was too busy, most probably playing with his latest conquest, but he promised he'd catch the next flight," Kol offered, albeit weekly.

"One that landed hours ago," Rebekah growled. "How long does it take to get here?"

"Knowing your brother, he was probably waylaid by the welcoming lei party at the airport," Enzo guessed.

"Urgh, something I didn't need to know or visualise," Rebekah uttered. "That's it; he's out of the wedding."

"But Rebekah," her Maid of Honour April hissed gesturing to Lexi and Bonnie. "The bridal party will be asymmetrical."

"Yes and we all know how important symmetry is to you, dear sister," Elijah replied, deadpan, but Caroline could detect a slight tugging at the corners of his mouth. Who knew the eldest Mikaelson could make a joke?

"Hey, there's no need to be hasty, sister dear," an English voice echoed throughout the Cathedral.

Caroline whipped around, noticing a dirty, blonde haired male making his way inside behind Katherine. So here was the elusive Klaus Mikaelson. She'd never met him and was equally surprised and dismayed by just how good looking he was, even in a casual pair of dark denim jeans and a grey, Clash t-shirt.

"Look what I found wandering around the parking lot," Katherine interrupted, walking up the aisle. "I thought it was a stray dog but apparently he's related to you, Rebekah."

Caroline had to fight the urge not to laugh; her business partner wasn't the most subtle person but Rebekah thought her blunt honesty was utterly charming, apparently. Her eldest brother Elijah, though, wasn't too sure what to think of the feisty brunette who thought he looked good enough to eat.

"Unfortunately," she muttered.

"Hey, no need to get your panties in a twist, Rebekah! I didn't know if I was in the right place," he baulked.

"What? The big building with the steeple didn't give it away?" Bonnie joked.

"I may have consumed a few too many pineapple daiquiris at the airport to know for sure. Those girls with the leis certainly are friendly in Hawaii."

"So not only are you a day late, you're drunk, Niklaus?" Elijah growled.

"Unfortunately not drunk enough," he mimicked, scowling at his brother. "I thought this was supposed to be a wedding, why is everyone so damn grumpy?"

"It tends to happen when we're running behind schedule and the rehearsal dinner is due to begin in less than forty-five minutes," Caroline offered, unable to help herself. Who did this guy think he was? It was at this point he turned to look at her curiously. She wasn't quite ready for the shivers he caused as his eyes roamed over her body.

"And you are?"

"Oh, just the person planning all of this."

"Ah, if it isn't Carly," he exclaimed. "You certainly like sending a lot of emails, don't you, love?"

"It's called wedding planning," Rebekah drawled. "Stop being rude, Niklaus and get your ass to that altar before I kill you myself."

"I'm not sure God would appreciate that tone," he replied, looking above ominously.

"Oh, I think he'd understand," she muttered. "Now let's get this bloody rehearsal done."

10PM: Four Season's Hotel Oahu, Hawaii - 18 Hours until the St John/Mikaelson nuptials

"Can I buy you a drink?" She heard a familiar voice ask, his breath tickling her ear lobe, he was that close. Caroline rolled her eyes in frustration. She'd migrated to the hotel bar to try and wind down from the unnecessary stress he'd caused her that day and all the months before that.

The rehearsal had been rushed so they could make their way back to the hotel for the traditional dinner the night before. Luckily everything went off without a hitch and Caroline had been relieved to have some time to herself. What she hadn't expected was having to share the same space with the guy who was the cause of all her tension.

"No thanks," she replied curtly, finally turning around but not expecting the pair of adorable dimples that met her. Where the hell did those come from? The one thing Caroline knew was that they needed to come with a warning. His crimson lips were curved into a mocking smile and she had to take a deep breath otherwise she couldn't be responsible for her actions. "I'd rather eat poison."

"There's no need to be so dramatic, love," he smiled, taking the bar stool next to her. She figured that would make him go away, not hang around. She was obviously losing her touch.

"I'm not your love. Don't call me that, you barely know me," she hissed, taking a large gulp from her straight vodka and trying to ignore the burning sensation it caused as it slipped down her throat.

"Are you always this uptight?"

"Only when people mess with my perfectly planned weddings," she growled. "You would have to be public enemy number one on that front."

"I was late, so sue me."

"That was merely the icing on the cake, you've been difficult from the outset."

"Me, difficult? I think you're confusing me with my high maintenance sister and future bride-to-be," she was about to respond but thought better of it. Rebekah was difficult but she was also paying Caroline a lot of money for her services. "It's okay, I won't tell her you think she's a bridezilla."

"I never said that, stop putting words in my mouth..."

"Klaus," he finished. "You know that's my name."

"I know your name unfortunately, I don't have a terrible memory like some people," she growled, thinking back to his incorrect name for her at the Cathedral.

"Oh come, I was joking. I know your name is Christie," he replied, gesturing to the barman for a drink. She rolled her eyes, downing her drink in one go deciding it was time she called it a night before she lost her composure and told him exactly where he could shove his poor attempts at humour. "Where are you going? Come on love, we were just getting to know each other."

"I have a wedding to prepare for buddy, something I would suggest you do too given your tardy arrival and shameless attempts to pick up the wedding guests."

"Sounds like someone has been keeping an eye on me," he whistled. She felt her face flush, hoping it wasn't as telling to him as it was to her. When he'd excused himself before the rehearsal dinner, Caroline wasn't expecting him to show up looking utterly delicious in a fitted, grey suit and open necked white shirt. Why were the cute ones always the idiots? It didn't help that he looked even more gorgeous sans jacket and his white shirt rolled up to his elbows, exposing his muscular arms.

"Wedding planning encompasses many things," she explained, standing up. "Including avoiding any particular wedding day dramas that might arise from the best man's whoring ways."

"My whoring ways?" He asked, those dimples making another unwelcome appearance. "Oh come on, you can't leave now, we're just getting to the good part."

"You know, I have never met such a selfish, smug and self-centred idiot in my entire life," she growled. "I think when Carly Simon wrote 'You're so Vain' she was talking about you and not Warren Beatty."

"You know, I've always loved that song," he mused, angering her further.

"Your little sister and best friend are getting married tomorrow and all you've done is cause unnecessary problems, maybe it's time you stop thinking about yourself and think about someone else for a change." Caroline stalked away, she already had one Mikaelson to look after she didn't need to baby sit another.

6AM: Beachfront, Oahu Hawaii - 10 Hours until the St John/ Mikaelson Nuptials

"Caroline, why are you calling me this early?"

"Oh, I don't know, because we have a wedding at 1600 hours, Pierce," she huffed. Caroline thought she'd been kind not to call her when she first woke up at four. She'd left the hotel and was currently powering along the beach, something she practiced on the morning of every wedding she'd planned. It was her good luck ritual and given Klaus Mikaelson, she probably needed it today.

"I love it when you use military terminology on me first thing in the morning," she drawled. "Everything is under control, so there's no need to be so uptight, although I guess it is you we are talking about."

"I forgot how grouchy you are in the morning."

"Yet, you still continue to call me. Don't tell me you're still hot under the collar over the best man?"

"I am not hot under the collar," she denied, probably a little too profusely. "That man is a pest to all humanity."

"A very attractive pest to humanity and he can wear a suit, it obviously runs in the family," she purred, referring to Elijah. Caroline chose to ignore that rather than give Klaus any more attention than he deserved.

"I told you Katherine, no pawing the groomsmen or any of the bridal party for that matter, where's your professionalism?"

"Have you seen him?" Caroline rolled her eyes, choosing not to entertain Katherine's latest crush. "He's a little uptight, granted, but I could definitely work on that."

"How about we focus on the wedding and not what you want to do to the poor, unsuspecting brother of the bride." Caroline chided, continuing before Katherine could provide her with any more details. "Is everything organised?"

"Pretty much, although while I've got you, the hotel staff mentioned someone delivering a gift for the happy couple."

"That's fine, I told them to place any last minute gifts on the table in the ballroom."

"Uh this is apparently quite large."


"Apparently it dwarfs the gift table."

"Are you serious?" She demanded, finally coming to a standstill. "What the hell is it? An elephant"

"Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is that the gift giver was adamant it took pride of place at the reception."

"Yeah well that someone is not the wedding planner," she shot back. "I better get going."

"Hopefully back to bed, Forbes."

"No, I'm going to give whomever thinks they can mess with my wedding a wakeup call," she said, disconnecting the line before Katherine could reply. No one tampered with Caroline's wedding and got away with it.

Apparently marching into hotel reception dressed in sweats and wildly gesturing to the early morning staff about an unknown gift wasn't enough to cause them to actually do anything. Caroline figured she had more of a chance if she dealt with it herself, making her way hurriedly towards the ballroom. She didn't begrudge gifts but big, ugly ones weren't going to complement the theme she was going with.

The room was empty and Caroline made her way to the gift table, unable to take her eyes off the big eye sore in the room. Why would the hotel staff allow something so distracting? She was going to have a word with the function manager at the first opportunity.

"Seriously," she murmured, taking in the large rectangular object, sitting precariously behind the table. The fact it was big was one thing but the fact it was so simply wrapped was another. When people gave a gift they usually covered over the box but not in this case. Even the large red bow wrapped around it wasn't enough to fix it.

"Admiring my gift, love?" A lazy voice enquired. She cursed inwardly, knowing that mocking voice anywhere. She closed her eyes momentarily, trying to calm the multitude of competing thoughts that were running through her head. She really should have known it was him. He'd made her life a misery so far so she shouldn't have been surprised.

"Is that what you call it? No actually, I'm trying to work out how to make it disappear," she scowled, not even bothering to turn around. "I should have known you were behind this."

"That's not very nice," he replied. "I put a lot of work into this."

"Well, even so," she murmured. "Something of this size is just taking up too much space. Can't you give it to them in private or are you just trying to equate your gift with the size of your ego?"

"You really don't like me, do you?" He asked, coming up behind her. She could feel his hot breath on her neck and Caroline was struggling to concentrate, she continued to stand her ground though not daring to move.

"Not really, no."

"Ouch! I must really be losing my touch."

"Was it even there to begin with?" She bit out, unable to help herself. She was suddenly becoming short of breath, Caroline decided to put it down to the fact his over inflated ego was sucking all available oxygen from the room and not the fact that his spicy aftershave and close proximity were causing it.

"Fine," he muttered. "Just take it away, if you must. I know how you control freaks can be." The anger that was bubbling inside began to rise up, threatening to overflow at any moment and finally she couldn't help herself, turning around and subsequently colliding into his broad chest that just so happened to be fitted snugly into a navy Henley the exact colour of his eyes. Why did this idiot have to be so damn good looking?

"I'm not a control freak," she hissed.

"If it looks like a duck and walks like one it's generally a duck," he shot back smartly, his eyes flickering over her body slowly.

If Caroline had known she was going to be this close to him she wouldn't have worn such fitted exercise wear. She stepped backwards, albeit shakily. How could one man simultaneously have two such opposing effects on her? She thought about her options. The longer she kept fighting him the longer they'd be stuck alone together and Caroline wasn't quite sure whether she'd kiss or kill him at this point. As much as it pained her, Caroline decided she needed to compromise.

"What is it?" He looked at her blankly. "The present?"

"Oh, so now you care," Klaus baulked. Caroline merely rolled her eyes by way of response. "It's a painting if you must know."

"Well, that would explain its size," she deduced. "Look, I really can't be bothered arguing with you anymore so how about we work something out?"

"I'm listening."

8PM: Four Seasons Hotel, Oahu Hawaii - 4 hours since the St John Nuptials

"Speech! Speech!" The collective clinking of glasses sounded out around the large ballroom.

Caroline took a seat at the back of the room, exhausted from the long day and glad to have a reason to rest her aching feet. She also figured it was probably best she was seated while Klaus delivered his best man's speech, who knows what he'd come up with? From what Caroline assumed Klaus knew more about one-night-stands than love and marriage. Although to be fair they had reached somewhat of a truce while deciding what to do with his gift.

When he'd opened the box, Caroline had been overwhelmed by the absolute beauty of the painting. The brush strokes; the pastel colours; the intricate detail, it was stunning. Caroline didn't know the artist but he or she was very talented. She also had to give Klaus credit for thinking of something so thoughtful for a gift. Who knew he had it in him?

She looked above the gift table where the painting had been hung on the back wall to take pride of place. The packaging was ugly but unwrapping and displaying it was an inspired idea given its theme and colourings complemented the decorations perfectly. The fact that they'd both been able to come up with a solution without killing each other was a miracle.

The guy in question stood up in preparation. Caroline had to admire just how gorgeous he looked in his black tuxedo, something she'd been trying to block out during the course of the day so she could focus on her duties.

"I'm probably not the best person to talk about marriage or love, surprise surprise," the guests all laughed knowingly, Caroline rolling her eyes at his comment. "I must admit I was a little shocked to find out years ago that my best friend had developed feelings for my little sister and I would be lying if I said a few death threats hadn't been thrown around, the most recent being this morning. Enzo, however, assures me that he loves my sister and looking at the beautiful bride tonight it's obvious she feels exactly the same way. I couldn't think of two better suited people and I wish you all of the love and happiness in the world because you both deserve it."

Klaus paused briefly, looking around the room. Caroline was a little overwhelmed when he found her in the crowd and trained his gaze on her. The familiar shivers she'd experienced so many times returned with a vengeance. It didn't help that his speech so far was throwing her off balance slightly.

"The one thing I can attest to is that love, tradition and memories go hand in hand. I painted a little something on that wall," he gestured towards it, Caroline's breath hitching in her throat. He painted it? "This particular cottage in Cornwall overlooking the water is the very place that our grandparents were engaged. It's actually the place that our parents were also engaged. They might not be with us today but would be so happy that Enzo and Rebekah continued the family tradition. This place holds such an important place in all our lives and I wanted you both to have that memory to look at and relish in everyday of your future lives together."

Caroline barely registered the toast afterwards, she was too busy thinking about his unexpected sentiments. She didn't know their complete family history but did Klaus Mikaelson possibly have a heart buried under all that bluster?

10PM: Four Seasons Hotel, Oahu Hawaii - 6 hours since the St John Nuptials

"For someone so highly strung you did a pretty good job of this wedding, love," he quipped, taking a seat beside her.

"Gee thanks," she muttered, eyeing off the slice of cake in his hand. Caroline took her job very seriously but the hardest thing she struggled with was resisting cake while working.

"In fact it was so good, I brought you this piece of cake," he smiled, placing it in front of her. "Look, I know we got off to a bad start but maybe we can start over?"

"Okay but I'm still working."

"Well, as much as a slave driver my little sister can be, I don't think she'd begrudge you a piece of cake. Plus, I saw you practically ogling it with your eyes earlier."

"Now who's watching whom?" She asked, thinking back to their conversation after the rehearsal dinner.

"You caught me," Klaus admitted. "Come on, eat it. I know you want to, Caroline." She was shocked to say the least, it was the first time he'd actually said her correct name and not called her love. Too exhausted to argue she pulled it towards her greedily, attacking it with her fork and placing it in her mouth, a small moan of satisfaction leaving her lips.

"You're welcome," he smirked. Caroline had to ignore the need to argue but knew he had a point. She was still reeling over his heartfelt speech and was questioning whether she misjudged him.

"Why didn't you tell me the painting was yours?"

"I suppose you didn't ask."

"I seem to recall saying just how beautiful it was and how talented the artist was but yet you said nothing," Caroline murmured, placing her fork on her plate.

"I guess it wasn't something I felt the need to explain right away," he admitted. She was so confused about her feelings for him and was struggling to understand Klaus Mikaelson. "That doesn't mean I wouldn't consider revisiting it soon, with the right person of course," he explained, sending her a sincere glance in the process. "Right after this dance of course."


"I might have requested our song," Klaus grinned, holding out his hand. The opening strains of You're so Vain sounded out and Caroline shook her head. He certainly had a nerve but she was finding it difficult not to laugh at his audacity.

"This is your song, not mine last time I checked."

"Humour me?" He pleaded, his expression softening. How could Caroline refuse that request? She stood up and followed him towards the large dance floor, his hands finding their way around her waist and pulling her close. It was only when they were immersed in the dance that he whispered in her ear. "We can tell our kids all about how we first met."

Caroline wouldn't have believed it at the time but they were engaged at the same cottage in Cornwall and their first wedding dance was the unorthodox song that brought them together.