I know I have many stories that need updates, and I will eventually get to them. Unfortunately, the muse for this story has been the loudest, drowning out all the other ones.

As always, I don't own any characters you recognize. This is a fix it, for Jump, Push, Fall.

Lily stood in the doorway of Woody's hospital room, Garret standing right behind her, as she glared at the injured officer. Yes, he'd been shot and she was trying to be sympathetic. Trying, but failing as she listened to the angry and bitter words Woody hurled at Jordan. Lily watched as Jordan nearly fled the room, noticing the wetness in her friend's eyes as Jordan hurried out of the room. Lily turned to Garret,

"You deal with him, I'll talk to Jordan." Garrett nodded, not wanting to invoke the wrath of Lily. For a sweet, kind woman, Lily had a surprising temper. Garrett moved into the room, and Lily turned on her heel, addressing the police officer,

"Oh, and for the record you are an idiot, Woody Hoyt." And before Woody could respond, she was out of the room. Garret walked over to the bed, pulling up a chair as he did. He sighed as he sat down, wondering how in he ended up dragged into these situations time and time again.

"I don't need pity from you either." Woody's voice was less angry, but there was still an edge to it.

"Good, because you're not getting it. You weren't getting it from Jordan either. I saw her, Woody. When she got the call, she didn't say a word, just ran off to her car, Nearly knocking several people over in her haste to get to you. While you were in surgery, she was pacing the floor for so long I thought she'd worn a groove in it. No one could get her to sit down for longer than two minutes. She rambled on and on about how she should have told you sooner."

Garret rubbed his eyes, wishing he had a good stiff drink right about now. Woody didn't say anything, choosing to stare at the ceiling. Garret hoped his words were sinking in, but he honestly couldn't tell. Garret stood up,

"I'm going to check on Lily and Jordan. If you're half as smart as I hope you are, you'll be a hell of a lot nicer to Jordan when she comes back in here. Probably not tonight, but I know wild horses won't be able to drag her out of here." With that, Garret exited the room, leaving Woody alone.

To Be Continued