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"Between Us"

Lips on lips- not a kiss, just a touch. Accidental, in the middle of a fight. The monk had reached for the rosary at his wrist; the youkai had dashed to stop him. Trying to jerk away from each other, their faces had collided.

It had been brief. It had been sloppy. It had even been painful where their teeth clashed and bruised their lips.

So why couldn't Sesshoumaru stop thinking about it? Why was it in his thoughts when he touched himself and every time he saw the other? Why did it haunt him at the oddest moments, like a creeping vine writhing into the already unbalanced masonry of his mind? And why did it make him constantly come up with such pathetic and ineffectual metaphors?

And most importantly of all, why was the monk now looking at him with his hands behind his back and face tinted a soft pink?

"What is it?" the youkai asked wearily. They didn't need to fight here; they knew they weren't true enemies. They never had been- not really. They'd just been in each other's way.

The difference now was that they wanted to be in each other's way.

"For you," the monk said sheepishly, pulling a bright red box out from behind his back.

Sesshoumaru sniffed the air suspiciously. "Is that . . . chocolate?" he asked oddly. "In that funny-shaped thing?"

"Um. Yes?" Miroku grinned guiltily. "Kagome-sama's idea. Well, I think she expected it to be for Sango, but . . . it's the same general principle, really. But I couldn't tell her it was for you. This- it's only between us."

"Always," Sesshoumaru agreed softly, eyes flickering with dusky light. "But . . . you got me chocolates?" He gave the other a slightly dubious look. "In a little heart-shaped box?"

"Yup." Miroku gave him another guilty grin. "Happy Valentine's Day, sugar pie."

"You're a strange one," Sesshoumaru muttered, though he accepted the box anyway.

Miroku pouted. "What, no thank you?" he asked slyly.

The youkai responded with a wicked smirk. "Well, if you insist . . ." he drawled.

Sesshoumaru giggled slightly, and even as the other pounced, Miroku suddenly realized that he might've bitten off more than he could chew.

Not, of course, that this was necessarily a BAD thing . . .

* ende *

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