Chapter 1

Please know this won't strictly follow canon, but I am trying to keep Lucas's characters as close as possible to the original intent. Please be kind, this is my first fanfiction. It is just for fun and not meant to offend or be taken seriously. Hope you like it :) Please review! Constructive criticism please, not mean. Let's be adults.

Pamila lived in a beat up apartment in an industrial area of Chicago. Very isolated and desolate. She always got the creeps driving home at night. It was white to say, but she half expected to get shot or hijacked.

A trunk full of groceries, Pamila was groggy on her way back home. A loud boom startled her. She saw smoke rising high from a vacant lot. She pulled over, leaning over the steering wheel to get a better look. When she couldn't see a damn thing, she got out of the car and ran towards the smoke. She had to check to make sure no one was hurt.

Crashed into the wall of an empty warehouse was the strangest vehicle Pamila had ever seen. It looked like what was now a smashed black sphere with wide, grey, vertical panels on either side.

Without hesitation, Pamila rushed into the warehouse to get to the crash. On the 3rd floor she saw exactly were the damage was. The glass panel in the front of the vehicle was all smashed up and broken. Sparks were flying. The smoke kept choking her up and making her cough.

Squinting, she thought she could make out a dark motionless figure in the pilot's seat. A weird mechanical wheezing emanated from it. On closer inspection, it looked like a tall man covered from head to toe in black. Not an inch of skin showing. He wore a strange helmet…

Pamila shook her head and focused. None of that was important now. She marched to the broken panel and tried to open it. She failed. She picked up a stray brick and smashed it on the glass. Enough glass finally broke off that she could reach the man. She winched as some hot sparks hit her cheek, but she kept her concentration. Trying not to knick herself on the broken glass, she reached in for the man, grabbing one of his arms. She pulled, but he was very heavy.

Pamila tried again when she saw her phone light up. This was definitely the worst time to get a text! She grudgingly glanced at it and saw it was a police alert. It warned of some strange activity and advised people to stay inside. Pam knew they meant this crash and this . . . man. She was in a time crunch now. Obviously none of this was normal. God knows what they would do to this man! She had to help him, hide him.

With even more gumption, she yanked him by both arms now. His chest now rested on her shoulder. She adjusted both him and herself so his waist was draped over her shoulder. She had to take extra care with his chest because he had some sort of control panel on it. So not normal!

Slowly she stood up. She wished she could say it was because she was trying not to damage him more, but it was mostly because he weighed a ton. She took her next steps carefully. The stairs were going to be a bitch! With each step down, Pamila was having a panic attack. She didn't want to fall or worse, drop him. With her luck, they'd both be sprawled out at the bottom of the stairwell and get arrested.

Gradually and nervously, she finally made it to the ground floor. Pam swore she could here sirens off in the distance. Her body moved full force now towards the car. She didn't do all that just to get caught!

She reached for her keys in her pocket, the stranger still on her shoulder. She used her mouth to grab the key to her Prius. She fumbled to open the backseat, but she did it and clumsily heaved the man back there. Once he was secure enough, she rushed to the driver's seat. She pushed the key into the ignition and put pedal the medal. Once she turned the corner, she went back to the speed limit. Best not to attract attention. She looked in the rear view mirror. To make sure they weren't being followed, but also just to look at her passenger once more. He looked very strong and capable, but his breathing sounded sad and sickly. Well, this was one way to spend a Saturday night.