A/N - Welcome to my new collection series, which is christmas based. I will be posting several pieces over the course of December. Like my other collections pieces a lot of these have the potential to be turned into a longer story, or incorporated into a longer story just not necessarily set at christmas, so parts of these pieces or even the whole piece might pop up again in my future stories. But for now I hope people enjoy this festive collection.

Christmas at Malfoy Manor.

Hermione had always loved Christmas, and she found the festive season all the more special at Malfoy Manor. Hermione's first Christmas at the manor had occurred during seventh year, when her boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, had brought her home to meet his parents. Now it was a tradition and the couple spent every Christmas as Malfoy Manor. Christmas Eve was spent with Hermione's parents, and Boxing Day split between their friends, but on Christmas Day there was nowhere the couple would rather be than the vast manor in the Wiltshire countryside.

Malfoy Manor looked spectacular at any time of year, but during Christmas it turned into a proper winter wonderland. The large tree in the front room could rival anything Hogwarts had to offer, and it was always stunningly decorated in shades of green and silver. Festive garlands and other decorations were in place in the rest of the manor, but it never looked too much. As for the grounds, they were covered in snow from the first day of December, and if it didn't snow for real, and enchantment created the snow. And of course the house elves always shone at Christmas and food and drink were plentiful over the festive season.

When Hermione had first started coming to the manor, she'd objected to the use of house elves. However, Narcissa had taken her to meet the elves and she'd been reassured that the Malfoys elves were all treated fairly. They weren't free, as Hermione so desired for house elves, but they were all treated kindly and more importantly they loved serving the Malfoys. To the elves, they were doing what they were born to do, and they couldn't be happier, so Hermione had never pushed for them to be freed.

Normally, Draco wasn't an early riser, but on Christmas he was always up bright and early, and when Hermione woke, she found her boyfriend was already out of bed and standing at the window. Hermione took a moment to admire her boyfriend's naked backside, before sliding out of bed herself, and padding over to Draco. Like Draco, she was completely naked, but thanks to the confidence Draco gave her, she was proud of her body and wasn't embarrassed about her nakedness.

"Morning," she greeted, wrapping her arms around Draco's waist and pressing a kiss to the back of his neck.

"Morning gorgeous," Draco replied, pulling Hermione around his body so she was standing in front of him.

"Is that real snow?" Hermione asked, gazing at the fat snowflakes that was falling from the sky. She may have been coming to the manor for several years, but she still couldn't tell the difference between real snow and Lucius's fake snow.

"I think so," Draco answered. Even with all his years of living at the manor, he was never quite sure if the snow was real or not until he went outdoors, but it seemed real enough that morning. "Do you want to go and find out?"

"Without our clothes?" Hermione chuckled. "I think we'd end up with frostbite in some rather unfortunate places."

"I could warm you up," Draco offered, his hands sliding over Hermione's stomach and up towards her bare breasts.

"Not in the snow you couldn't," Hermione laughed, leaning her head back against Draco's shoulder and closing her eyes as his warm hands massaged her breasts.

"True, maybe the snow isn't the ideal place to be naked," Draco conceded as he nuzzled at Hermione's neck. "We'd have to get dressed first."

Hermione's eyes flew open at the suggestion and she turned her head to look at her boyfriend. "Okay, who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend?"

"What do you mean?" Draco asked with a confused frown.

"For as long as I've been with you, you've never suggested we put clothes on," Hermione replied. "If anything, you're always trying to get them off me."

"You do look good naked," Draco replied with a grin. "But I'd rather you didn't get frostbite when we went outside."

"I'd rather avoid that as well," Hermione agreed. "But why do we have to get dressed and go outside now? The snow will still be there in an hour or so."

"Now you're talking," Draco said, pulling Hermione backwards towards the bed. "No clothes for at least another hour."

Laughing at her boyfriend, Hermione tumbled back onto the bed with Draco, where they proceeded to make the most of their hour without clothes. When they did finally tear themselves away from each other, they grabbed a quick shower before bundling themselves up to face the elements.

A morning walk was another tradition at the manor on Christmas Day, and Hermione always loved to explore the stunning grounds of her boyfriend's childhood home. Sometimes the couple ran into Draco's parents on their walk, but that morning they were alone as they wandered around the manor gardens.

"I love it here, it's so beautiful," Hermione sighed when they paused in the rose gardens, beside the frozen lake.

"It is," Draco agreed as he magically cleared the snow from the bench beside the lake. As he suspected it had been real snow falling that morning and it had mingled with the fake snow perfectly.

"You're so lucky growing up in such a lovely house," Hermione said as she sat down on the bench Draco had cleaned and then warmed up.

"When I said that in school, you called me a show off," Draco argued.

"That's because you tended to brag about your large house," Hermione pointed out.

"Let's face it, if you lived here, you would brag," Draco replied with a smirk.

"Not to the extent you did," Hermione protested.

Draco chuckled in response as he wrapped his arm around Hermione's shoulder and slid along the bench so they were snuggled together. Hermione was content to sit in silence, enjoying the Christmas morning with her boyfriend, when she noticed it was snowing again. Draco also noticed and cast a spell around the bench so they weren't disturbed by the snow.

"Is that snow blue?" Hermione asked after a few minutes, staring at a flurry of blue snowflakes that were falling in front of her eyes.

"Blue?" Draco frowned. "Wow, you're right, it is blue," he said with a nod when he realised his girlfriend was right.

"How?" Hermione asked, watching the snow falling.

Hermione frowned over the snow, trying to work out what was happening. The snow was definitely pale blue, but as she watched it land on the ground in front of them, it turned a darker shade of blue.

"This is magic," Hermione declared, scrutinising the snow.

"Is it?" Draco asked, a sly smile creeping onto his face.

"What's going on, Draco?" Hermione asked, turning to her boyfriend.

"Watch and see," Draco replied cryptically.

Turning back to the snow, Hermione watched as it continued to fall. Ever so slowly the snow that had fallen began to take shape on the floor. Because the fresh snow was blue, it as easy for Hermione to make out the shape on the floor and she was amazed to see her own name being spelled out.

"What are you up to, Draco?" Hermione asked.

"Patience," Draco replied with a chuckle.

Rolling her eyes, Hermione turned back to the snow only to find it was falling faster than before. While her name had taken several minutes to appear, it didn't take as long for the rest of the message to start taking shape. 'Hermione will you', was soon visible on the floor and when the blue flakes began to form the next word, Hermione gasped when the letters 'mar' appeared.

"Yes," she cried, turning to Draco.

"Yes what?" Draco asked innocently.

"Yes, I'll marry you," Hermione replied.

"How do you know I'm asking you to marry me?" Draco teased. "The message hasn't even finished yet."

"What else could it be going to say?" Hermione asked, but she did as Draco wanted and turned back to watch the word marry fully materialise on the ground. "See," she crowed once the words, 'Hermione will you marry me?' were visible in the snow.

"Looks like you were right," Draco laughed.

"And that's all you've got to say?" Hermione asked, arching her eyebrow at her boyfriend. "Isn't there more to this proposal? I think you're missing something."

"I think you're right," Draco agreed, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small black velvet box he'd slipped in before they'd left the manor. Flicking the box open, he showed Hermione the dazzling diamond ring he'd bought for her.

"It's gorgeous," Hermione gasped. "And my answer is still yes."

"That's a relief," Draco replied with a grin. Plucking the ring from the box, he slid it onto Hermione's left hand. "It suits you."

"You suit me," Hermione said, throwing her arms around Draco's neck and giving him a deep kiss. "I love you, Draco."

"I love you too," Draco replied quietly. Expressing his emotions wasn't exactly his forte, but he had no problems with letting Hermione know just how much she meant to him.

The couple remained outside for a couple more minutes, before they headed back to the manor to share the good news with Lucius and Narcissa. Hopefully by next Christmas, Hermione would be at the manor as another Malfoy, and then in the future there would be a whole new generation of Malfoys to enjoy Christmas at Malfoy Manor.