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Judal curls up against Hakuryuu, wide awake and needy.

"I'm supposed to be up keeping watch, and you should be asleep," he says, but wraps an arm around Judal anyway.

"Can't sleep," he explains, snuggling further into Hakuryuu's touch. "You're nice to snuggle."

"Better than Absol?"

"She has pointy bits," he says around a yawn. "And- and it's more intense, somehow, I'm just always so in tune to her that it gets to be a bit much sometimes. You help me calm down. It's just quiet."

Hakuryuu leans against him. "I'm glad I can help."


It's started getting colder at night, and Judal is glad they made the choice to head south. Winter isn't terrible; he loves running around and playing in the snow. But he doesn't want to be living outside when the temperature drops more. Absol is warm, but not that warm. They'll have to deal with the beginnings of it while they double back, though Judal is hoping they'll get through it quickly.

There's a crinkle of paper as Hakuryuu turns the page of his book, and Judal focuses on just the soft noises around them. Night sounds have always calmed him, and there's a nice buzz in the background from the trees. Probably bugs or something else rustling around, but nothing feels malicious.

He leans up to nip at Hakuryuu's neck, and grins against the soft skin there when Hakuryuu gasps.

"Yes?" Hakuryuu asks quietly.

"I wanted to see if you'd make noise," he answers honestly, and does it again. Hakuryuu gasps again and then pushes him away, despite Judal's complaints. "Whyyyyyy?"

"I'm being responsible," he says. "We're too close to towns again, and-"

"I could give you some stress relief," Judal interrupts, grinning up at Hakuryuu, and it widens as Hakuryuu's face flushes red.

"Don't talk like that," Hakuryuu manages, still flustered. "I know you well enough to know that you're just shitting with me."

"What if I'm not?" Judal shifts to look at him more clearly.

"Then we still shouldn't be fooling around in the woods," he says firmly.

Judal groans in frustration. "Look Hakuryuu, I'm not good with this whole….feelings and talking about them thing, so don't make me explain why I wanna stick my hands down your pants."

"Why are you like this."

He cackles. "You wouldn't have me any other way! Come onnnn," he whines, tugging Hakuryuu closer and into a kiss.

At least Hakuryuu stops complaining once he's kissing him, and it's so good to transfer all their stress and worries into something fun. Judal practically crawls into his lap, grinding up against him as he nips at his neck, and Hakuryuu's hands on his hips are solid and warm.

There's almost a power to it, to drawing needy moans out of Hakuryuu, and Judal grins against his neck. It's such a rush that he can't restrain himself; he squirms in Hakuryuu's lap until they're both gasping, Hakuryuu's cock straining in his pants while his own cunt is almost uncomfortably wet.

Yeah, this is what he wants. Something fun and distracting, something that isn't a fight for their lives, and Hakuryuu seems more than happy to join him. Maybe another time they'll go slower and he'll spend an entire evening worshipping Hakuryuu's scars, kissing every jagged edge until he knows how much Judal loves them, and just the thought that makes him needier. Judal fumbles with Hakuryuu's pants, frustrated because he just wants this now, and when did buttons get so difficult?

He grins when he succeeds and wraps a hand around Hakuryuu's cock, stroking it until he's fully hard and there's precum dripping from the tip. Judal leans back down to kiss him deeply, and they're equal parts breathless and desperate for more. Hakuryuu nips at his lips, sharp and possessive, and Judal makes himself stop touching Hakuryuu's dick so he can get out of his own pants.

"I didn't pack condoms," Hakuryuu tells him, pulling back and grabbing Judal's wrist. "You know, since they they didn't seem like something we could possibly need, and-"

Judal cuts him off. "It's fine, don't worry about it," he says, leaning in to kiss him again.

Hakuryuu frowns and keeps talking instead. "Safe sex is important, Judal, and there are some risks-"

"I'm not diseased," he tells him, put out. "Seriously, dude-"

"There are other risks," Hakuryuu stresses, clearly worried, and Judal just whines.

"I want your cock in me right now," Judal hisses, dragging Hakuryuu back down to kiss him. He finally stops complaining though, and that's what matters.

Judal manages to get out of his pants without any more hesitation and grinds right against Hakuryuu. One of Hakuryuu's hands slips down to rub his clit, teasing him until he's begging for more, and Judal is so glad he never learned to have shame. And then Hakuryuu slips a finger inside him and Judal grabs his shoulders, digging his nails in from the sensation. It's so intense and so good, even just this little bit, and now he wants all of Hakuryuu, as much as he can take and then some.

"Hakuryuu," he begs, squirming on his finger, hoping for more. "Come on, I know how hard you are, lemme feel you in me."

Hakuryuu's cheeks are flushed, either from arousal or embarrassment, but he's smiling either way. "You- you're so demanding."

"I am," Judal agrees, nipping at Hakuryuu's ears and cackling when he moans. "So you should give me what I want."

"I'm trying- I'm getting there," he says breathlessly. "I want to make sure you're ready."

Judal groans in frustration and shoves Hakuryuu's hands out of the way. Hakuryuu can take his time some other time, but for now he knows what he wants. Judal shifts closer, trying make sure he's got a good angle, and he wraps a hand around Hakuryuu's cock to guide it in.

It's tight but it's what he wanted, and he feels so wonderfully full with Hakuryuu in him. Judal grips Hakuryuu's hips to steady himself while he adjusts. to the stretch and slight ache.

"Hey," Judal says. He tries to grin at Hakuryuu casually but it feels like a stupid smile, and he can't even feel too silly.

Hakuryuu smiles back at him and reaches up to brush some of Judal's bangs out of his eyes. "Are you glad you got what you want?"

"I dunno, I think I need to try it out a little more first," he responds, slowly rocking his hips. Hakuryuu jerks against him, hands dropping to Judal's shoulders to hold on, and they try to find a rhythm that works for them. Even when it's not quite perfect, it feels so right with Hakuryuu, like nothing like this ever has before, and Judal can't help how noisy he gets.

Hakuryuu works a hand between his legs again, light touches on his thighs until Judal is begging him to just please, please touch him, and gasping out Hakuryuu's name when he does. He's going to leave bruises on Hakuryuu's hips at this rate, but it's so intense, so stimulating it's almost painful, and Judal doesn't want any of it to stop. He's still trying to work his hips, to keep the rhythm they have going, but it's hard when his focus is on Hakuryuu's fingers working some sort of magic with his clit.

Judal relishes watching Hakuryuu lose his reserve too, once he's too tired and overstimulated to do anything but watch Hakuryuu bucking under him, thrusting into him without restraint. He grinds down, trying to somehow get more and less of Hakuryuu touching him all at once because it's too much, too much of everything that Judal can't take it, and for once, losing all control doesn't feel horrible.

He clenches around Hakuryuu and Judal tries to chuckle at the practically obscene noise that Hakuryuu makes, but it comes out as a needy gasp instead. He's so close, he realizes, from Hakuryuu's fingers on his clit and the overwhelming fullness of his cock, and he wants to come so fucking badly now that he's willing to beg for it.

"Hakuryuu," he whines in his ear, kissing and nipping at it as he does. "Come on, I wanna feel you come okay, cause I- I wanna."

Hakuryuu groans, thrusting deeper into him, and Judal grins against his neck. "You're filthy. That's- that's obscene," he says breathily, but he's still teasing his clit, pounding into him, and Judal spasms around him when he comes.

Judal slumps forward, still shaky from orgasm while Hakuryuu's trying to finish. "Yeah, come on, just keep using me," Judal whispers in his ear and he delights in the way Hakuryuu shakes against him. "I wanna make sure you feel good, Hakuryuu, please."

Apparently that was what Hakuryuu needed to push him over the edge and he finally comes, a shuddering mess moaning Judal's name. It's hot and perfect, and Judal doesn't care how wet and sticky he feels because of it, since that's kinda hot too, in its own way.

There's a bit of quiet between them where they're trying to regain themselves, with just their heavy breathing interrupting it. Judal knows he should get out of Hakuryuu's lap but he doesn't want to lose the closeness, even though his cunt aches and the stickiness is quickly feeling decidedly less sexy.

"That was nice," Judal finally says lamely, breaking the silence, and Hakuryuu laughs at him. "Don't laugh!"

"I'm laughing because I'm happy," he explains, and Judal can feel his cheeks heat up. How dare Hakuryuu say something so openly sweet? He can't take this.

"Whatever," Judal says flippantly, trying to hide his face by rolling off him. There's an almost pleasant feeling when Hakuryuu's cock slides out of him, but it's still so sensitive that it's uncomfortable at the same time. He's not sure he likes it. They'll have to try again, he guesses, and see how he feels next time.

Judal tries to snuggle up against Hakuryuu now that he's free, only to be stopped by...his own pants. What.

"You cannot sleep in the nude in a public space," Hakuryuu hisses, shoving Judal's pants at him. He whines but takes them, reluctantly pulling them on.

"This really ruins the whole afterglow, you know," Judal stays, before rolling back into Hakuryuu's arms.

"If you keep complaining I'll make you go sleep with Absol instead."

"That was a really bad way to say that."

"Oh, for fuck's sake-"

"You're the one who told me to fuck my pokemon."

"I did not!"


Judal wakes up to find Hakuryuu still curled up against him, soft and peaceful looking. It's so different from his usual serious attitude that Judal can't help but smile and pet his hair lightly. He wishes they could have been this close sooner, when they still had the comfort and stability of a warm bed to sleep in, but even on the uneven ground in the middle of the woods it's nice. It's like a little bubble of safety.

Absol nudges his arm, trying to join the warm cuddle. Judal pushes her back a little, trying to keep quiet and mostly still, but he hears Hakuryuu murmur and groan anyway.

"Sorry," Judal whispers, shifting again.

Hakuryuu just shakes his head. "Absol was licking my hand earlier. I've been up."

"No, you haven't been," he says. "You were laying there all peaceful, letting me pet your hair and looking like someone finally pulled that stick out of your ass."

"I am capable of joy, you know," Hakuryuu teases, shoving at him lightly before shifting out of cuddling him. Judal whines and tries to pull him back down, clinging to his arm. "You're so needy."

Judal manages to drape himself over Hakuryuu enough that it sort of counts as cuddling, and grins. "I like to be wanted."

Absol trills, crawling over to sit partially on Hakuryuu too. Judal ruffles the fur on her head, laughing, and Hakuryuu groans underneath them.

"I'm not a pillow for both of you," he says, shoving at Absol. "Especially not Absol, I think she's almost as heavy as you now."

"Good! She needed to put on some weight," Judal says, patting her on the head and grinning. "Isn't that right sweetie? You're enjoying all those pokepuffs aren't you?"

She nips at his hand, annoyed at the nickname. "What, I can't even call you sweetie? You just want Absol? Why do you have to be so boooooring?"

Hakuryuu manages to shift enough that Absol can curl up against his side instead, despite Judal still being mostly sprawled across his chest still. "She just seems to have very specific taste. You should respect that."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever…" he trails off. "You know I like to nickname everyone, though. I feel bad that she doesn't have one."

Hakuryuu leans up to kiss his chin, and smiles up at him. "I know. But she's happy with just Absol."

"Oh, I know. I just think it's boring."

"You are so rude," Hakuryuu tells him, shaking his head. "But if you get off of me, I'll make you some breakfast."

Judal rolls off immediately, narrowly avoiding crushing Absol's tail. "Do we even have real food right now?"

"I think we have some berries that I could mix with the granola with still have left. It would be at least a little more exciting."

"Mm, that does sound good. I mean, not a real meal, but I guess I can let it go this time," Judal says, grinning.

Hakuryuu doesn't even bother to answer, pushing himself off the ground to deal with breakfast. Judal watches him go while Absol moves to snuggle with him in lieu of Hakuryuu, and it's almost domestic. They're just in the middle of the woods instead of an actual house.

Well, not completely in the middle anymore. They're cutting closer to some towns on their route, since apparently they'd hit some more rugged terrain in Mt. Silver if they cut straight east. He's tried to convince Hakuryuu that they could handle it but he'll take the compromise of actually going into a city again for the longer route. It's still going to be a bit of a trip, but apparently New Bark should have some life in it.

Hakuryuu passes him a bowl, and Judal digs in before Absol gets too curious. She's taken to trying to eat his food if he's not careful, and he isn't really up to shooing her away this morning. She bumps her nose into the bottom of his bowl, trilling quietly, and tries to persuade him.

"Hakuryuu made this for me because he loves me more," he tells her, shoveling food into his mouth and sticking his tongue out at her in between bites.

"I actually made a mix for our pokemon too," Hakuryuu says. "If you want to let yours out, they're welcome to some."

Absol practically looks like she's smirking when Hakuryuu puts a small bowl of berries and kibbles in front of her, before happily chowing down on them. Judal still keeps his bowl close as he calls out the rest of his pokemon, while Hakuryuu sets out more food and does the same with his pokemon. They fall into the silence that comes with eating good food until they're satisfied and pleasantly full.

"I don't know how you made something so simple taste good," Judal says. "It's not fair. I can't even keep food at their base tastiness without messing them up."

Hakuryuu just shrugs, taking Judal's bowl back. "I just try to put things that are pleasing together."

"And then they're magically delicious!"

"That's not quite how it-" Hakuryuu begins, and stops himself as he notices Judal's grin. "Stop playing dumb."

Judal just laughs. "We gonna head out today? I want to get to civilization again!"

"You're always so excited about it until we get there," Hakuryuu points out, gesturing at him with a spoon. "Remember Saffron? You wanted to leave pretty quickly."

"We were in an Al Tharman lab in shitty disguises and I was kind of overwhelmed and paranoid. You know. The usual. No big deal, just existential dread!" Judal tries laughing and it comes out far too high pitched, nervous and stressed and he hates it, and he loves Hakuryuu all the more when he doesn't call him out on it.

Hakuryuu just cleans up quietly and moves onto going over the map once more, and Judal tries to pull himself down from feeling tight and stressed and worried again. Sparkle comes galloping over, a few bright red leaves clutched in his mouth, and crawls into his lap excitedly.

Judal pulls the leaves out, patting Sparkle on the head. "Did you find these nearby?"

He chirps happily and nods, nuzzling Judal's chin as he does so. It's Sparkle's idea of a present: brightly colored and mostly useless, and it's more comforting than anything else Judal could be doing right now. He pets Sparkle, trying to slow his breathing in time with Sparkle's, and he's feeling more like himself by the time Hakuryuu has their supplies packed up.

"I'm ready," Judal says, and Hakuryuu jerks his head over.

"I didn't want to rush you."

He shrugs and shoos Sparkle out of his lap. "Like I said, it's whatever. And I want to get moving anyway. But- eh, nevermind."

Hakuryuu just raises an eyebrow, until Judal breaks down and explains himself.

"We're not going anywhere too...public, right? I was going to leave Sparkle out of his pokeball today, too, since I kind of- you know, wanna spend more time with him too."

"I think we've got another day or two before we have to travel on actual roads again. You should be fine," Hakuryuu says. "I know Absol has been hogging your attention."

"She hasn't been hogging it. Sparkle just thinks I'm giving her more to spite him or something," Judal says, sticking his tongue out at Sparkle, and he growls playfully in response. "Maybe they'll get along better if they have to wander the world with us."