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"Hey Lex" Chloe smiled as she came into his office.

"Chloe" he smiled back as he came around the desk, his butler left the room despite not being given instruction to do so. He knew that Mr Luthor did not approve of spectators when he had visitors, especially female visitors.

"You sounded weird on the phone" said Chloe as Lex pulled out a seat for her and gestured for her to sit down, which she did, "Is everything okay?"

Her heart was pounding for so many reasons. One was the memory of the previous evening, a second was having him so close to her again and the third was the realisation that despite what had been said and done before, this could be the end of her relationship with this man. One night was the average length of Lex's relationships, if speculation was to be believed, but Chloe had thought that just maybe...but it seemed she was wrong. The look on his face was too serious, she predicted she was about to be spectacularly dumped. For once those reporters instincts of hers were wrong.

"Chloe, despite what you may have heard about me" he began, seating himself on the edge of the desk right in front of her, "I am not in the habit of using people that I care about and I do not lie to them either"

The absolute truth was that he was lying right now, but Lex had been taught how to lie and how to do it well, there was no way she was going to suspect him.

"The fact is, I have to tell you that not all your friends care for you enough to tell you the truth about themselves" he continued and this is where Chloe got confused.

"I'm sorry" she said, "You've lost me"

He sighed and took one of her hands in both of his.

"How many years have you known Clark Kent?" he asked her.

"I don't know" she shrugged, "about eleven, maybe twelve"

"And in all that time, he never told you" Lex said more to himself than to her, although he intended for her to hear it.

"Lex, are you're telling me Clark has a secret that he's not telling me?" she checked they were on the same wave-length.

"Yes, Chloe" he nodded, "that's exactly what I'm telling you"

"But you know about it?" she asked him and she received another positive answer, before he decided it was time he explained.

"You must have noticed how he was always in the right place at the right time back in Smallville, saving lives all the time, performing these incredible feats, which he always said were adrenaline but it always seemed just that little bit unbelievable..."

"Kind of like Superman" Chloe interrupted with a laugh, before she noticed the look in Lex's eyes. In that moment, Chloe Sullivan put it all together and he hadn't even had to tell her out-right.

"Clark is Superman" she breathed, as the incredible realisation sunk in.

"Yes" Lex simply confirmed, as he watched her face go through so many emotions. He knew she would be relieved to finally have an explanation for so many things but she would also be upset, hurt and angry, and those were the emotions Lex wanted to use to his advantage.

"Chloe, I know it's a shock, but whatever happens, I want you to know I'm here for you if you need me" he told her, gently, but she was barely listening.

"How long have you known?" she asked and he was prepared for that too. He knew that if she thought he knew but chose not to tell he then she would never trust him like he needed her to.

"Not long" he lied, smoothly, "but Clark knew when I found out and he threatened me. He told me that if I told anyone he'd make sure that was the last words I ever said and basically the last breath I ever took"

"But, you and Clark" she started, astonished by all this information, "you were like brothers"

"Yeah" he nodded, "we were, but he changed Chloe" he let go of her hand, got up from the desk and turned his back to her, "he changed into someone I don't recognise anymore, someone dangerous when provoked" his voice cracked with sadness, and as fake tears rolled down his face, he turned back to face her.

"I can't believe this" she said quietly, "I suppose it makes sense when I think about it" she said, doing just that.

"I didn't want to have to be the one to break it to you" another perfect lie, as Lex knelt beside Chloe's chair, "but I thought you had a right to know, a right to know just what kind of person Clark and Superman really is"

Chloe looked down at him with tears in her eyes and a million thoughts running through her head. She'd been lied to and betrayed by her best friend, who had also threatened this man who she felt, well, she wasn't sure what she felt for Lex exactly, but at that moment it was a more positive feeling than that which she felt for Clark or Superman.

It seemed bizarre to both of them that they could turn off their feelings of friendship for a man they'd known for years and feel something indescribably good for each other, and all in such a short space of time, but it was happening.

It wasn't love, not yet at least, but something was between them. Yes, there was a physical attraction, but it was more than that. Chloe was physically attracted to lots of men, Clark and Superman included at different times, but there was something else, something that was on a completely different level that she felt for Lex. It was almost like someone had out a spell on them, or destiny wanted them to join forces in one way or another.

Lex felt that feeling too. He wanted Chloe, and it wasn't just physical for him either, or though he would not object in the slightest to a repeat performance of last nights activities, he wanted her because, well, because he just did. There was something about her that he couldn't describe but that drew him to her like a moth to a flame. He hoped he had enough sense not to get burned.

"He threatened to hurt you if you told anyone his secret, but you're telling me" Chloe said, slowly, breaking his train of thought "Why?"

"Because I trust you" he said, taking her hands in his again and looking up at her with his best fake truthful look, "and I don't want you to be in danger. You deserve to know the truth about this man so you can be safe from him. I want to protect you Chloe"

As much as he wanted this woman anyway, Lex knew that making Chloe his own was a perfect revenge on Superman and that was a wonderful added bonus.

He didn't say anymore, as she leaned over and kissed him softly.

"We'll protect each other" she whispered as she pulled away.

Lex had done what he'd set out of to do and the second part of his plan was already fully organised in his head. He would spend his time convincing Chloe of the evil that is Clark Kent and his alter-ego Superman. He would gain her trust, her mind, maybe even her heart, and together they would cause the downfall of his nemesis.

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