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Agent Charles Carmichael was the NSA's best agent hands down. He could do it all, from programming and hacking to fieldwork. Today, his boss, General Beckman, had called him and told him to be at a briefing at the DNI's office at 9 AM. Chuck, as his friends call him, wasn't sure exactly what was going on, but he knew it was important.

Chuck pulled into the parking lot of the DNI headquarters. As Chuck was pulling off his motorcycle helmet, he looked up and saw his mentor and partner getting out of his Crown Vic.

"Hey, Casey! How are you this morning?"

Casey just looked towards Chuck and let out a low grunt.

Chuck thinks to himself, "Ah, the number 15, I hate being here and wish I was shooting something."

"Good to see you too Casey. Shall we go in and see what's so urgent?"

Casey grunts again. "Of course, moron."

Chuck and Casey exit the elevator and walk down the hall towards the DNI's office. As they enter the waiting area Chuck notices a petite brunette sitting behind a desk to the left.

He nods to her, "Agents Carmichael and Casey."

"Please have a seat, the Director will be with you shortly"

Just as Chuck turns to go sit down, he hears a familiar voice.


"Bryce! Hey man! How are you? What are you doing here?"

"Same as you, waiting to see the Director," Bryce replies.

Chuck grins, "It's good to see you. It's been a while." Just then, Chuck looks over Bryce's shoulder and is stunned! Standing behind Bryce is beautiful, tall, blond haired woman, with amazingly blue eyes.

"Earth to Chuck!" Bryce chuckles, "Houston, we have a problem!" Bryce snaps his fingers a couple of times to get Chuck's attention. As Chuck shakes his head slightly to get rid of the daze. He smiles shyly knowing he was caught staring.

"Chuck, allow me to introduce my partner, Sarah Walker." Bryce turns to Sarah, "Sarah, this is Chuck. He's an old college roommate of mine."

Chuck reaches his hand out to Sarah, "Ch.. Charles Carmichael, but my friends call me Chuck."

"Chuck? I didn't think people named their kids Chuck anymore," Sarah replies.

"What can I say. My parents were sadists." Just then Chuck hears a grunt from behind him. "Oh, man, sorry Casey. Guys this is my partner, Major John Casey."

"Walker, Larkin" Are the only words out of Casey's mouth as he extends his hand.

"Major." Bryce and Sarah reply, each shaking his hand.

Just then, another voice is heard. "Did the party start without me?"

All four agents turn to see a tall, red head standing behind them. Each agent has a different reaction.

Casey grunts somewhat discussed. "God help us all!" "Casey," Carina deadpans, "still have the clovers in the rotation?"

Bryce replies with a little mirth, "Hey, Carina! You look gorgeous!" as he kisses her on the cheek. Carina smiles, "Thanks, Bryce. You look pretty good yourself."

Chuck, gulps, and replies with a little fear, "Uh,... Hi, Ca.. Carina." Carina saunters up to Chuck and pulls on his tie, "Hey Chuckles. Do you have plans after our meeting? We could go to your place or if you prefer, mine. We could do a private briefing of our own." Carina winks at Chuck.

Sarah replies, "Hello Carina." Carina analyzes her best friend for a few seconds. "Somethings different about you Blondie," as she hugs her.

Before the conversation gets any further, the secretary interrupts them. "The Director will see you all now. Please follow me to the conference room." The five agents turn and follow the secretary to a large conference room back towards the elevators. As they walk in, they each notice their respective bosses are there all sitting at the other end of the table.

"Agents." The director motions towards the empty seats, "please sit down. We have a lot to discuss." After everyone is seated he continues, "I know in the past your agencies have not been very cooperative with each other. So much so that there is even some distrust between agencies. My hope is that with this team, we can begin to break down some of those barriers. You will each find in front of you a folder detailing the specifics of this assignment."

A few hours later, the briefing is finishing up. The director looks at the agents. "We are all professionals, and I expect everyone at this table to act like it. Put aside your differences, the security of our nation may very well depend solely on you. Thank you agents. Dismissed."

Chuck is the first one out the door and down the hall. He is standing at the elevator frantically pushing the button. The last thing he wants to do is get cornered by Carina, for his own safety. The elevator doors open and he jumps in. As he turns to press the button for the first floor, he looks up to seen the others just making their way out of the conference room. Just as the doors close, he sees not one, but two pairs of blue eyes staring at him. As the elevator starts descending, all Chuck can mutter is, "Oh boy!"

Later that evening, Chuck is in his kitchen cooking supper. His iPod is playing some soft jazz music in the background. Just as he is about to pick up his phone and send a text, his front door opens and in walks his guest.

She puts her purse away and takes off her shoes. As she walks into the kitchen, she looks at Chuck with a scowl on her face. "Is there something you would like to tell me, Mr. Bartowski?"

Chuck swallows, "N.. No, nothing Mrs. Bartowski."

"Good. Cause I would hate to make you sleep on the couch tonight." She walks over to Chuck and looks straight into his eyes, "I saw her looking at you! This better not be a problem on this assignment or you WILL ask for a transfer. Do we understand each other, husband?"

"Yes, ma'am. Perfectly! I would never do anything like that to you."

"Good. Now, what's for supper, sweetie?"

Chuck grins, "My specialty. Chicken pepperoni."

She nods and heads to the table. As Chuck brings the food to the table She looks at him again and with a soft sure voice she tells him, "I love you, Chuck."

He smiles at her with a big Bartowski smile, "I love you too, Sarah."

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