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Chapter 1 - Aw hell

Nick and Judy sprinted for their lives, running from the crazed sheep and her ram minions. The fox was weighed down by the injured bunny he clutched to his chest, the bunny holding on firmly to the steel case they had salvaged from the ruined subway car mere minutes ago. Moving deftly through the exhibits, Nick emerged into the main atrium once more, pushing his tired body to keep moving for the double doors at the end of the hall. A sudden clack of hooves from ahead had him turning his gaze to the large, horned ram who came up alongside the two mammals. His head down, the ram butted Nick in his side causing him and Judy to fall more than a dozen feet into the wildlife exhibit in the middle of the hall. Dazed and winded, the pair quickly scrambled together for protection. Looking around, Nick thought that if they found the steel case they might be able to use the weapon against Bellweather. His hopes were soon dashed as he heard a sneering voice from above.

"Looking for this, pelt?" Nick growled as he watched the sheep pull the deceptively harmless dart gun from the case in her hoof. "You know, this wasn't part of my plan at all." Nick slipped his cell from his rear pocket slowly and, without looking behind him, pawed the 'record' button. He slid it into the fake fern he was resting on. "I was content with letting the random preds attack each other. Maybe a few prey maulings to make it sell better to the masses. But now. Oooh boy. I get to see this for myself. A predator lose control. Kill their friend. Be lost forever in the shame of what they have done. Who knows. Maybe I'll even use the antidote to bring you back to sanity, fox. Let you weep over the dead body of your little friend. Maybe see how long it takes for you to hang yourself over the guilt."

Bellweather turned to Judy. "You know. At first I thought we could be friends. I thought I could turn you into an ally. But then I saw you were too much of a goody-goody to ever want to join me. So I did the next best thing. I used you to depose that stupid oaf, Lionhart. Poor fool couldn't even see what was happening under his own nose. And then your failure of that conference speech? You had the city eating out of my hand! At least you were good for something. Too bad that's over now."

"What are you gonna do?" Shouted Judy. "Kill me?"

"No. No no no," laughed Bellweather. "He is." At that moment, the crazy sheep turned the dart gun on Nick and let loose a bluish-purple orb at the stunned Vulpine. He steeled himself for what was about to come, knowing he was going to lose himself to the animalistic rage of his ancestors and murder his friend when a bullet of gray and white sailed in front of him, the Night Howler projectile rupturing and dousing her side with the liquid.

"Oh god… Carrots!" Nick leapt to her side as he watched her face begin to contort. "Why Carrots? Why would you do that?"

"You can...restrain me…dumb fox!" Judy gasped with each word as she fought to keep her sanity. Her logic was sound though, he thought. As a larger predator, she would never have been able to fight against him, not when she was injured. However, a small, injured rabbit could easily be held down by that same predator.

"Well, this is certainly a twist." Amusement in her voice, the sadistic sheep stared down at the pair of mammals in the pit. "I haven't seen what this does to prey. I wonder if she'll pick your bones clean like you would do to her."

Nick went to reply with a few choice words but before he could open his mouth, he felt a strong hind paw catch him in his chest. The impact drove all of the air from his lungs, leaving him horribly winded and unable to get any oxygen. Gasping at the lack of breath, he focused on his attacker. The small gray bunny had begun moving around the enclosure, her movement's limited due to the gash in her leg but she was still formidable. Acting on instinct, she was unmoved by thoughts of morality or decency, unlike Nick who was focused on subduing his friend without causing her any harm. Easier said than done, he thought to himself as he massaged his bruised ribs.

Stalking the rabbit, he cautiously moved behind her and put himself in position to grab her from the side, avoiding the powerful hind legs. Sensing his presence, she turned quickly, launching herself at her target only to find herself sprawled on the ground, her leg stinging fiercely. Unable to put any weight on it, the gray bunny used her one good leg to shove herself off the ground in a strong, low hop. Two quick bounds and she was on top of the predator chasing her, her claws digging into his skin through his shirt, drawing blood. She opened her mouth and bit down hard into his shoulder causing him to yelp as his coppery blood filled the psychotic rabbit's mouth. Knowing that pushing her away would likely mean part of his neck being torn open, he used both his paws to pry open the surprisingly strong jaws of the rabbit at his throat.

Bellweather watched on with glee at the scene below her. It was working out perfectly for her. Either the bunny dies and he secures the 'preds are savages' or the fox dies and the 'hero rabbit officer' is seen as tainted and I can use this for a frame job if need be.

She was so distracted she didn't notice the full compliment of ZPD officers now standing behind her. Chief Bogo took one look at the scene below them and the dart gun in the hands of the maniacally laughing mayor and became enraged. "DAWN BELLWEATHER! YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!" Bogo's booming voice echoed off every wall causing the mammals in attendance to grab their ears, all except the two currently fighting for survival in the pit. "Take these disgraced fools into custody as well!" He gestured towards the uniformed rams.

Moving to the side of the exhibit, Bogo called down to the pair, serious concern on his face as he saw the fox pinning the rabbit beneath him. "FOX! What the hell do you think you are doing?!"

Nick gasped for air, his energy reserves severely drained. "That sheep…hit her with Night Howler toxin...makes animals go savage. Prey aren't immune obviously," he gestured to the several slashes and bites on his torso, neck, and face. "I have the whole confession on my phone but you gotta get someone down here and tranq her. She's already injured and if she keeps going she's going to get far worse."

Bogo called out for someone to get the necessary ammunition. "Wilde, is it?" Nick nodded. "We're not equipped for rabbit-sized doses of tranquilizer. They're going to get one now, but it will take a few minutes. Can you hold her like that for now?"

Nick narrowly avoided another claw mark to his abdomen as he pinned the bunny down into the dirt. "I can handle it. But I'm almost spent. This has been one crazy ass day." Bogo snorted and nodded at the fox.

Turning back to his officers, he supervised the evidence gathering and the arrests of the mayor and her ram cohorts.

Nick struggled a little to keep his friend in check. Her thrashing was become increasingly erratic as her instincts to survive became overwhelming. "C'mon Carrots, you can fight this. You're the most stubborn, foolhardy mammal I know. If anyone can find a way to beat this it's you." There was several more violent thrashes. He felt a sharp pain in his paw as she bit him, drawing even more blood. "Alright, that does it Carrots. I'm not your damn chew toy. This is gonna suck but at least it should stop you until they can put you out." Leaning forward, he encircled his arms completely around her torso, locking her arms to her chest. He moved his legs and wrapped his knees around hers preventing her from moving them as well. Laying down across her back, he pressed her head into the dirt floor trapping her from being able to turn and bite her.

Well. This isn't awkward at all. Nick imagined they looked quite the spectacle from above the enclosure. I don't recall ever being this literally close to someone and now it's a 'savage' bunny of all mammals. He chuckled to himself at the audacity of the day he was having. Too bad you aren't here to laugh with me, Fluff. I'll have to remember to tell you all about I-…Wait. What the hell? Nick suddenly realized there was some movement happening from his captive. And it was not from a place that he would normally associate as dangerous, but now may be the most dangerous of all.

Glancing down as best as he could, he noticed the feral eyes of the bunny beneath him were glazed over. Her nose was twitching as her open mouth panted rapidly. He closed his eyes trying to forget what was currently happening but he couldn't. Her tail was flicking against him, sending nervous shivers up his spine. Her waist was wiggling across his thighs, her hips rolling backward, pressing against him. "Oh jeez, Carrots. I knew the serum is supposed to make you go crazy, but not this kinda crazy. Do you have any control over this at all?" In answer he felt her hips buck against him, nearly causing him to lose his grip. Son of a bitch.

"Hey Buffalo Butt," Nick called to the mammal at the top of the pit. The Cape Buffalo glared down at him.

"What do you want, Wilde? We're still a few minutes out from the cure. Is Hopps okay?"

"You need to clear everyone out right now, except yourself. I'll explain as soon as it happens," he said quickly as Bogo raised his hoof to speak.

Bogo snorted before ordering everyone to clear the building. The strangeness of the order was not lost on anyone and several attempted to peer into the pit only to be caught by Bogo's stern glare. As soon as everyone was out, he turned back to the, now distressed, fox. "What the hell is going on Wilde?!"

"Well O' Mighty Chieftain, it's like this. Originally Carrots was aggressive and attacking me, trying to rip out my throat. Now for some reason she's aggressive and attacking me in an entirely different manner."

Bogo took a second to process this as he took a closer look at the situation his rookie cop was in. His eyes widened as he saw the bunny frantically throwing herself back into the fox. "Are you trying to take advantage of her?!" He bellowed.

A look of rage flashed across the fox's face as he glared back at Bogo. "You dirty, rotten, son of a bitch! Carrots is my best friend. I would NEVER hurt her like that. I'm only keeping her pinned because I'm worried what will happen if I let her go! She's not herself, obviously. I wanted the rest of the officers to leave so that she wouldn't be a joke around the precinct after she worked so hard to earn their respect! This could destroy everything she's worked for!" The sincerity of his outburst reassured Bogo that he was not trying to harm her but during his ranting he hadn't noticed his grasp slip slightly on the rabbit. With one mighty push of her hindpaw she was free.

Nick's astonishment turned to trepidation as he saw his friend turn directly towards him, her eyes still feral. Her movements were no longer erratic and dangerous, but slow and methodical. As if a part of her savage mind knew exactly what she wanted. She crept slowly towards the fox who was frantically crawling backwards as far away from the bunny stalking him now, the only thought going through his mind was the concern of what would happen when she caught him. Based on her earlier actions, he was scared out of his mind.

With one large leap, Judy launched herself onto his chest. Nick was paralyzed as his brain just shut down. He eyed her with worry, both for her and himself. Judy stretched her paws and kneaded his shirt. He looked down at the holes she was making. "Dammit Carrots, these are silk." She snagged her claws into his shirt and tore the front open. Curling up against his bare chest, she buried her nose into his neck and breathed deeply before falling asleep.

Nick froze as he looked up at a similarly bewildered Chief Bogo. A single thought flashed across both of their faces. What the hell just happened?

Post A/N: This will not be a "savage Judy goes into heat" story as I have seen around. It will be much more complicated than that. In fact 'heat' never appears in the main aspect of the story.