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On a Supernatural binge... Continue?


Sam could only sigh in response as Dean kicked at a rickety old chair in his irritation, "You've checked every room?" He asked, trying to keep his cool and wits about him.

"Twice," Dean ran a frustrated hand through his blond hair, "The damned Incubus must have escaped," He then narrowed his green eyes, "Though there was one room that was strange. I didn't really look at it since the Incubus wasn't in there." He gestured with his head for Sam to follow him.

"What was so weird about it?" Sam asked quietly as they silently made their way through the old abandoned house.

"There was a pile of ash in the corner." Dean answered, glancing back at Sam, who nodded as they both tensed in preparation for a possible fight. The older Winchester peeked his head through the doorway, looking around to see nothing had been disturbed since he had last stepped in the room fifteen minutes ago.

Sam stepped in as soon as Dean gave the clear and knelt before the ash, which, surprisingly, seemed to be lightly smouldering, "It's fresh." He noted, wanting to pick up a handful, though he knew better not to touch an unknown substance with his bare hands.

"Do you think it could be the Incubus? Or what's left of it?" Dean asked, though his expression remained a bit doubtful, "Maybe someone beat us here?"

Keen hazel eyes scanned the room for any sort of weapon or any remains of one, "I don't know," Sam answered after a second, "Do you have any gloves? I think we should analyze this ash here–"

"Shut it!" Dean hissed to his brother before pulling out his gun just as the door behind them creaked. He grit his teeth, preparing for anyone or anything to step through the door, "Get ready, Sam." He ordered, hearing Sam pull out his own weapon.

Neither, however, were prepared for the sight.

"What the...?!" Dean slightly lowered his gun in shock when a tiny cream-coloured animal stepped into the room, "Is that a... cat?!"

Large red eyes blinked at the Winchesters before letting out a chirp-like mew as it calmly sat down in order to observe them in an eerily intelligent manner.

"Dean!" Sam gasped, finally taking notice of the two fluffy appendages attached to the small creature, "I think it might be a Nekomata!" He lowered his gun in shock as he stared at the small cat-like animal in pure awe.

"A what?" Dean looked at Sam with a dubious expression, "You've been hitting on the books way too much, Sammy," He snickered when Sam glared at him, "Well, if you think it's... neekoma or whatever, then I believe you."

"It's called a Ne-ko-ma-ta, a Split-Tailed Cat," Sam rolled his eyes, "It's a supernatural creature that used to reside in East Asia," He said, peering at the twin-tailed feline with fascination, "But I've read that they went extinct a few hundred years ago."

Dean's brows shot up, "So," He began casually, "We could make a lot of money if we capture this thing and sell it?" He thought out loud, earning a bitch face from Sam and a hiss from the two-tailed cat, "Yeah, yeah, I'm kidding," The Hunter's face then quickly grew serious, "So, what exactly are we supposed to do now?"

That was a very good question.