Jess tried to hide his smile when Rory entered the diner. He liked it to have her around. Rory walked to the counter and sat down.

R: "Hi"

J: "Hi"

R: "Where's my mom?"

J: "Not here"

R: "Weird, we were supposed to meet here and I thought I was late"

J: "She'll come"

R: "I know"

J: "You want coffee?"

R: "You have to ask?"

Jess handed her a mug.

R: "Thanks"

J: "So, how was school today?"

R: "Why do you care?"

J: "I don't, not really, I'm just pretending I'm interested in what you did today"

R: "Well, in that case, school was fine, I handed in a paper about the green house effect and I think I'll get an A"

J: "Of course you'll get an A"

R: "What do you mean?"

J: "Don't you always get A's?"

R: " I get B's"

J: "In my whole school career I never got an A"

R: "Never?"

J: "No, and only a couple of B's"

R: "Well, you're school career isn't really impressive, is it? You go to school like twice a week. You can't expect to get A's if you never show up"

J: "I don't expect A's, I know how the whole school-thing works"

R: "I'm sure if you took the time to do your homework and actually went to school you could have the best grades."

J: "Maybe"

R: "So, why don't you do your homework and why don't you go to school?"

J: "Do we really need to have this conversation?"

R: "No, I'm just curious"

J: "Then don't be!"

R: "Sorry, I didn't know you were gonna get mad"

J: "I'm not mad"

R: "No, you're not mad, you're just in a bad mood"

J: "I was in a great mood before you came in"

R: "So, now you're saying it's my fault you're in a bad mood?"

J: "No, I'm just telling you I was in a great mood before you came in"

R: "I gotta go"

J: "I thought you were waiting for your mom"

R: "If she shows up, tell her I'm home"

Rory walked away. Jess sighed. Great, he thought. The only person who really likes me in this town and I just couldn't keep my big mouth shut. I don't like it to talk about school, but I didn't have to take that out on her. I should apologize to her, later. After work.

He tried not to think of it when he poured the other customers coffee. It wasn't really working. He couldn't stop thinking about it......about about it. He had to talk to Without saying anything he left the diner. On his way to Rory. To apologize.......nothing more.

A few minutes later he rang the door bell. Like he expected, Rory answered it.

J: "Hey"

R: "Hi"

J: "Can I talk to you?"

R: "Sure"

She let him in. They walked to the kitchen. Rory sat down and offered him a seat. Jess sat down nect to her.

R: "So, where do you wanna talk about?"

J: "I want to apologize"

R: "For what?"

J: "For being a big jerk"

R: "Tell me something I don't know"

J: "I'm sorry for what happened at Luke's"

R: "Well, it was sort of my fault too, I went on and on about that school- thing"

J: "I'm really sorry"

R: "That's okay"

There fell a silence.

J: "Isn't your mom home, yet?"

R: "No, but she left a message on the machine. There was a guest causing trouble or something. She had to take care of it"

J: "Ah"

R: "Did Luke just let you go? It seemed pretty busy"

J: "It was, so I think I have to get back"

R: "Yeah"

J: "Would you like"

R: "To what?"

J: "Well, tomorrow is the book-market, right?"

R: "Yeah......"

J: "Are you going?"

R: "Yeah"

J: "You wanna go with me?"

R: "........sure"

J: "Wow, that really sounded like I asked you out on a date"

R: "And you didn't?"

J: "No!.........unless you want it to be......."

She smiled.

R: "When are you gonna pick me up?"

J: "You didn't answer my question"

R: "Just a second ago I saw the shy and vulnerable Jess for the first time, and now you're back"

J: "Well, don't get used to the shy and vulnerable me. He shows himself not very often"

R: "Well, I'm honored he decided to show himself in front of me"

J: "I'll tell him that. So, do you want it to be a date or not?"

R: "Let's just not call it a date. If you really wanna have a date with me, you need to come up with something better than a book market. I'm kind of old fashioned when it involves dates."

J: "You're difficult"

R: "I'm a girl"

J: "But if I would ask you out on date and I would organise something special, you wouldn't immediately say no?"

R: "Maybe not. I guess you have to ask me first"

J: "What if I ask you now?"

R: "You have something special in mind?"

J: "Maybe, but I won't tell you if I have. It want it to be a surprise"

R: "Another thing you don't know about me: I don't like surprises"

J: "I told you you're difficult"

R: "I thought you had to get back to the diner"

J: "Yeah"

R: "Well, go then"

J: "You want me to leave?"

R: "No, but you have work to do"

J: "You're right about that"

R: "Jess......."

J: "Yeah?"

R: "You know I like you and I would love it go the book market with you tomorrow and I would even consider it to go on a date with you, but me and Dean broke up only a month ago and I'm over him, but.....I just don't wanna rush anything"

J: "Okay"

R: "Okay?"

J: "Yeah"

R: "Thank you"

Jess got up. He walked to her and gave her a kiss on her hair.

J: "I'll pick you up at 1 o'clock tomorrow"

R: "Okay"

He left the house. Leaving Rory with a smile on her face.