It was a week now after the talk at the bridge and Rory and Jess had been avoiding each other. Rory hated it, but she didn't know what to do about it. She was on her way to Luke's with her mother.

R: "Mom, I don't wanna go"

L: "And what? Don't drink coffee?"

R: "You can bring home coffee"

L: "Yes I can, but I'm not gonna."

R: "Mom!"

Lorelai grabbed her daughters hand and pulled her with her to Luke's. They entered.

L: "But I'm not an evil mom, so it's okay with me if we sit at a table instead of the counter"

R: "Thank you"

They sat down at a table. Rory looked at the counter. Jess was reading a book. She tried to read the title, but he turned the book a little, so she could only see the back. Luke came to their table.

Luke: "What can I get you except for the caffeine?"

L: "Pancakes for me. Lots of pancakes. Like hundreds of them"

Luke: "And you?"

R: "For me too. Just not hundreds"

Luke: "I'm so glad there's still a normal person in your family"

R: "Me too"

L: "Hey!"

Luke walked back to the counter.

R: "Mom, I have to do something"

L: "Yeah, you just insulted me! An apology would be very welcome"

R: "I'm sorry"

L: "Okay. Apology accepted"

R: "I still have something else to do"

L: "Well, go ahead. I don't need to give you permission"

Rory got up and walked to the counter. She sat down in front of Jess.

R: "Okay. I can't do this anymore"

He didn't look up.

J: "Can't do what?"

R: "This. I can't stand not talking to you"

He closed his book.

J: "No one said you couldn't talk to me anymore"

R: "No, but I thought you were mad at me"

J: "I'm not"

R: "You're not?"

J: "That's what I said"

R: "But I said......."

J: "I know what you said."

R: "And you're not mad?"

J: "Nope"

R: "So, I've been avoiding you for........nothing"

J: "Pretty much"

R: "Thanks for letting me know so soon"

J: "Well, I had a great week. So quiet and peaceful"

R: "I can't believe you"

J: "You were right about something, though"

R: "I was?"

J: "I understand you couldn't give me time, did. I've been thinking this past week and I think I'm ready to tell you"

R: "You are?"

J: "Yes"

R: "Well, go ahead"

J: "Not now"

R: "Okay."

J: "Let's go to the bridge"

R: "Okay. How about my breakfast?"

J: "If you think that's more important than what I've got to tell you........"

R: "I don't know, cos I have no idea what you're gonna tell me"

J: "I'll give you breakfast when we get back"

R: "You're the best. "

She got up.

R: "I'm gonna get my coat"

Jess nodded. Rory walked back to her mom.

R: "I'm gonna go take a walk with Jess"

L: "No more problems in paradise?"

R: "I'm not gonna answer that"

L: "How about breakfast?"

R: "I'll eat that later"

She grabbed her coat.

R: "I won't be gone long and if you need company during breakfast you can always ask Kirk, he's always so lonely at the counter"

L: "Well, that's a great idea, except for the fact that............I'd rather die!!!!!!"

R: "Just a suggestion......."

She gave her mom a kiss. She and Jess walked outside. Without talking they walked in the direction of the bridge. They sat down next to each other. Their hands touched. They stared at the water in silence. After a while Jess started to talk.

J: "It happened about a month before I came to Stars Hollow. I had a girlfriend. Hannah. We were very close. I thought she was all I needed. She was one of those popular kids in school. You know what I mean, cheerleader and all. We had been dating for almost six months. One day she suggested we would stay home the next fridaynight. She wanted to watch a movie or something. I didn't want to let her down, so I said yes.

He paused.

J: "I really wasn't looking forward to it. I wasn't the kind of person to sit home on a friday night. Then Mike told me he was giving a party. Also Friday night. I told him I would come. I didn't think it was such a big deal, so I told Hannah I made other plans. Of course she got mad. I was such a jerk back then. Anyway, I felt guilty so I promised I wouldn't go to the party and stay with her fridaynight.

R: "Well, that was a nice thing to do"

J: "It was.......or it would have been if I hadn't called her fridaynight that I was sick and I couldn't come"

R: "And went to the party after all"

J: "Told you I was a jerk"

R: "She believed you?"

J: "That's what I thought, so I went to the party. Great party, not like that makes any difference. The next.....well, morning I got home and I saw her car in my drive way. She was sitting in front of the door, waiting for me. We got in a fight, of course. I was kinda drunk, so it's possible I said some things I didn't mean. Things got kinda ugly and she left. She was so mad. I don't think I had ever seen her that mad. With all the reasons of course."

He paused again. Rory wanted to say something, but she wasn't sure what. It seemed like he didn't knew she was there anymore. He seemed in another world.

J:"That afternoon suddenly the doorbell rang. The police. I wasn't surprised, back then I wasn't exactly a great role model.......but they didn't come for me."

She looked up at him. He had tears in his eyes.

R: "Are you okay?"

He ignored her and went on with the story.

J: "She must have been so mad that she didn't really pay attention to the road. She crashed against a tree. A man called 911 and she made it too the hospital, but.......................when I got there she was already........well, dead"

He was still staring at the water.

J: "Aren't you gonna say you're sorry?"

R: "Will that help?"

J: "No, but it's what everybody does"

R: "I'm not everybody."

J: "I felt so incredibly guilty, you can't even imagine. I blamed myself for the accident even though people kept saying it wasn't my fault. That it was just an accidant. I didn't believe that. I don't believe that. But I learned to live with it. And living here made it a little easier, no one knew about it. "

R: "Then Mike came"

J: "I knew I couldn't hide it from you anymore. I just didn't want your compassion. I want you to know, that when I got here I felt horrible, but then I met you. You probably don't even know this, but you helped me. You became the only light in my life. You were the only one who could make me smile."

R: "Smirk"

J: "What?"

R: "You smirk. You don't smile"

J: "Well, you would know"

R: "Yeah"

J: "Can you forgive me?"

R: "Forgive you what?"

J: " Forgive me that I kept this from you, that I lied to you about it"

R: "If I had known what it was I would have given you the time"

J: "I know that"

R: "And of course I can forgive you"

He turned to her.

J: "Thank you"

R: "Well, would you have taken no for an answer?"

He smirked.

J: "Come here"

She gave him a hug. For the first time she felt like she really knew him. Like she knew everything there was to know about him. Now she could trust him. Now she could truly love him. They let go of each other and looked in each others eyes. Their lips moved closer and gently touched. They shared a passionate kiss. Rory wished that moment could last forever. She had never been so close to him. She never felt so connected to him before.. They stopped kissing.

J: "This probably sounds crazy to you but I loved you ever since I first saw you"

R: "That doesn't sound crazy"

She put her hand on his cheek and kissed him again. She was happy now. She finally understood him. He had been through so much in New York and she was sure it wasn't only this horrible thing with Hannah. There were other things. Smaller things. And he was gonna tell her. She knew it. One day he was gonna tell her everything. But that didn't matter right now. All that mattered was this. Them. Together.................
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