Chapter 1 The plan to take over Christmas

It was five days before Christmas and everyone in New York City was busy getting ready and doing any last minute shopping and decorating. April O' Neil the famous channel six news reporter was on her way to visit her good friends the teenage mutant ninja turtles and their sensei Master Splinter. "Hi guys how are you?" April said as she arrived at the lair and greeted her friends. "We're doing just fine and you arrived just in time. We just finished putting the finishing touches on the Christmas tree and we would like for you to put the tree topper on top" said Leonardo. "Awww thanks I would be honored. So what am I putting on top? A Christmas star or an Angel?" April asked. "Something even better a turtle" Michelangelo pointed out as he handed April a Christmas tree topper shaped like a turtle eating pizza. "Where did get this?" April questioned and Donatello answered, "I made it. We thought it would be a good idea." April thought it was cute and unique. She climbed up on the step stool and placed the special tree topper right on top of her friend's Christmas tree. "Ok now that we're done decorating let's eat!" exclaimed Raphael as he opened up a box of pizza. While April was enjoying a meal with her friends in another part of the City the evil Shredder leader of the foot clan along with his henchmen Rock Steady, Bebop and Shredder's annoying partner in crime Kraang were trying to come up with another plan to beat the turtles.

"I'm sick of always losing to those blasted turtles. Why can't I ever win?" whined Shredder. Before Kraang can say anything he and Shredder heard Rock Steady and Bebop singing Christmas carols. "What are you two knuckle heads doing?!" Shredder questioned. "Bebop and I are singing Deck the Halls. It's almost Christmas and we want to be on our best behavior for Santa Claus because we want presents" Rock Steady answered as Bebop agreed with his fellow mutant buddy. "You dummies there is no such thing as Santa Claus!" Shredder stated. "Yes there is because we keep getting these black rocks every year" Bebop said as he and Rock Steady showed Shredder a box of the black rocks they were talking about. "You dummies that's coal which is what Santa Claus leaves for children who are on the naughty list" Shredder pointed out. "We know and that's why we're trying to be good so we can presents this year" Rock Steady and Bebop told their boss. "Maybe if you were in charge of Christmas even bad guys could get presents too" Bebop pointed out. "True but I don't believe in Santa because he isn't real" Shredder stated. "Actually the jolly fat man you speak of is real. I've been tracking him every year ever since I was banished to Earth and just like all the naughty children I get coal too. I say we go to the North Pole and take over Christmas for ourselves" Kraang said as he showed Shredder, Rock Steady and Bebop proof that Santa Claus is real and how to get his work shop in the North Pole. Rock Steady and Bebop were excited to go to the North Pole. "I can't believe Santa Claus is real. Let's go to the North Pole and take over Christmas" Shredder said as he laughed evilly while he ordered his foot soldiers, Rock Steady and Bebop to hijack a plane heading for the North Pole.

Author's Note: Hi to all of my fans and followers. I Princesspeach102 present to you a holiday fan fiction entitled The Ninja Turtles Save Christmas. This fun story is based on the 1987 tmnt series. I had this idea for a while and I decided it's finally time to bring it to life. I hope all of you out there like this story. Please stay tune for my next update. Peace out from Princesspeach102!