Chapter 6 Delivering presents and home for Christmas

After all of the presents were loaded on to the sled Santa took his place in the driver's seat as he waited for the turtles and Splinter. We're here Santa and we're ready!" Michelangelo shouted excitedly. "Hey Santa where is Rudolph the red nosed reindeer?" asked Raphael. "Rudolph only comes when the weather is bad on Christmas Eve and this year the weather isn't foggy so he is taking time off" answered Santa. "Come abroad my sled and we can get going. Would you all like to say the names of my reindeer? It's how we're going to take off." The turtles were eager to do it and like happy little children they said the names of each reindeer "Now, DASHER! Now, DANCER! Now, PRANCER and VIXEN! On, COMET! On CUPID! On, DONDER and BLITZEN! After the names of the reindeer were said the sleigh started to fly and off it went with Santa Claus, the turtles and Splinter as they made their journey to deliver presents. Splinter and the turtles were all amazed at all of the different places they were visiting as they continued to travel with Santa. "Wow that's a lot of houses" Leonardo pointed out. "I'm used to it since I do this every year now let's start dropping off presents!" said Santa as he instructed everyone how to drop off the presents. Everyone was amazed how quickly they were able to get in and out of people's houses with a bit of Christmas magic which was just as fast as being ninjas. As they were flying through the night sky the turtles and Splinter flew past all of the places they once visited when they won that trip to travel around the world.

With each house they stopped at not only the presents were delivered but Santa shared the milk and cookies children left out for him with this honorary special helpers. "New York City is my last stop. After we deliver the presents I'll drop you guys off at the nearest manhole" Santa offered. "If it's alright with you could you drop us off at our friend April O' Neil's house? We want to surprise her" requested Donatello. "Anything for you turtles" replied Santa as he drove his sleigh through the sky and landed on each building to deliver gifts. After all of the presents were delivered the sun was almost up and Santa went to April's apartment to drop off the turtles and Splinter. "Thank you all so much for what you did for me. Not only you stopped those foul villains from ruining Christmas but you helped me make sure everything was done on time. For what you have done here is a sack of presents for all of you and that friend of yours April O' Neil. Also all of you on the nice list forever!" Santa said as he landed over a sack of presents. "You're welcome but we should be thanking you for this awesome and amazing experience. We'll never forget it" Splinter said as he and the turtles express their gratitude before saying goodbye until next Christmas to their new friend Santa Claus. Splinter and the turtles went down the fire escape until they came to April's window. They let themselves in to find April about to wake up. "You're back!" April said with a smile as she hugged her friends. "Merry Christmas April. You won't believe what an adventure we had" said Michelangelo as he and the others explained how Shredder and Kraang tried to take over Christmas and everything else that went on at the North Pole.

The sack of presents was opened and everyone got what they wanted for Christmas. Splinter got a new kimono, the turtles got new weapons and mask and April got brand new clothes. "I love my presents but I'm really glad to get for Christmas is my friends home for this wonderful holiday" exclaimed April. All of a sudden April heard sleigh bells and rushed to her window. "Is that Santa Claus?" asked April as she was amazed to see Santa flying in the fly as he shouted, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a Cowabunga night!" While April, the turtles and Splinter enjoyed Christmas day together the first thing Santa Claus did when he got back home was to make sure Kraang, Shredder, Rock Steady and Bebop got what they deserved. "For your crimes against me and trying to ruin Christmas all of you the naughty list forever! And I'll be sending you to prison back in New York City" said Santa as he snapped his fingers and instantly the four villains were in a New York State Prison. All of Christmas day Splinter, April and the turtles enjoyed spending the joyful holiday together as they ate a delightful Christmas pizza dinner.

The End

Author's Note: Hey everyone my fun tmnt Christmas fanfiction is finally done. Sorry for not finishing sooner. I hope you all had an awesome Christmas or a happy holiday if you don't celebrate Christmas. Please stay tune for the next time I write another tmnt story or any other fanfiction. Happy holidays from Princesspeach102!