A silent escape would have been ideal, she had thought to herself. She could have left him and Lorien before the sun broke on the morrow, and headed towards her doom. He had upset her plans, and she was torn. When she awoke to leave that morning, she had discovered him already awake, and waiting with provisions. He was going with her, he had said, and he wouldn't take no for an answer.

Perhaps it was for the better that he was with her. She still had not regained her all of her strength, and he was able to show her a most unknown way from the golden wood. And she needed this company. Without it she did not think her spirits and strength would last her before she could vanquish her dark sister.
"You are my strength…" she murmured to him as they came to the edge of Lorien.
"I know, melamin, that is why I came." She searched his face to see if there was any mischief in his expression, but he stared out before them, utter seriousness paling his complexion. He turned to her and smiled softly and sorrowfully, his eyes glittering with untold emotion. Away again he turned from her.
"How will we find your dark sister, Rhyiel?" he asked her.
"We will find her… She will come… I am drawn to her, as she is to me. East… She is in the east, but she comes… I can feel her coming ever closer."
"Then we move east?"
"Yes, we move east. Come. The dawn will not wait for us, and we must make our way quickly." Without a word they stepped from the fringe of trees and into the openness of the plain before them. The predawn glow did nothing to warm the frosted chill of the early winter morning, and they hastily made their way through the expanse of open ground. Open ground had always made Rhyiel feel uneasy, and she longed for her home in Lummenare Anneroth, upon a high, snow-covered plateau, which was forested with all manner of beautiful trees. The sun had risen high into the snow-filled sky before they had made it across the plain. A light fall of snow dusted their cloaks and hair as they passed through a dark valley and its forest of tall evergreens.

They travelled for days upon days, days which turned into weeks and all the while Rhyiel could feel that Lómódë was growing ever closer.

"She is so close…" Rhyiel whispered sharply as they strode carefully and silently across the ruins of what appeared to be an elvish archive. "I can feel her as if she were breathing down my neck… She is here somewhere." Lómódë, where are you? Rhyiel thought as they searched the old ruins.

"Rhyiel, watch yourself!" Haldir cried as he pulled her closer to him, so that she narrowly missed being hit by a fireball.

"You are slow in your old age, my sister…" Lómódë's silky voice wafted from behind a rocky enclave and she stepped into the open.
"I am no slower than I ever was, except when I was with you, my dark sister… You were my strength, as I was yours."
"You were my shackles, Rhyiel, and that only. You are nothing to me."
"You tear my heart, Lómódë… But I know that I am not 'nothing' to you. When I leave this realm, you will see just how much I was to you. We are soulbound, you and I, and my death will rip you, just as your severing from me has torn my own soul." Heavy tears flowed from Rhyiel's beautiful crimson eyes, even as Haldir held her. Lómódë's own sapphire eyes shone bright with tears, but they were not tears of sorrow, but tears of deep hatred, and subconscious angst.

"We aren't going to leave this place are we, sister?" she cried in mortal contempt.
"No, Lómódë, dear dark sister, we will not. Not in this day." A shriek of rage and fear came from Lómódë and echoed around the ruin. "I hope that you will never leave this place, Lómódë… For I know that I never shall…"

* * * * * * * * * *