Twilight and Aurora by Takato's Dreamer (rainytears)

a/n: This poem was inspired by the scene/chapter that depicted the differences between Valjean and Cosette as they watched the procession of convicts.

Disclaimer: Victor Hugo, the creator of this masterpiece, owns the rights to Les Miz.


One enters life as the other leaves it,

The rosy dawn and the fading dusk.

Side by side they stand on a windy day,

As pain and suffering floats before their eyes.

Aurora does not comprehend the distant darkness;

Twilight is the cousin of the convicts.

The gray eyes of midnight reflect these lives,

As the past marches down a street in Paris.

Aurora still has her delicate halo;

Twilight still has his lacerated past.

And yet the dawn is the pancea to the dusk's wounds.

Aurora is losing her youth day by day;

Her sun will soon dawn,

And life will begin for her.

Twilight is ready to leave the world,

To join the distant glimmering stars.

Twilight grows weaker by the day as Aurora fades,

The echoes of childhood are leaving the golden fields.

Aurora will leave someday, he knows.

And at this moment he will stand alone in the field of life.

The golden sun will shine for a brief instant,

And then...... midnight.


Hmmm, that was an odd poem. It could have been a bit better, I suppose, but these words truly came from my mind (and you can't tamper with that). Anyway, review if this was compelling, so-so, or lackluster. And, btw, I hope that you figured out that Twilight was Valjean and that Aurora (goddess of the dawn) was Cosette!