It had been close to four months since Raven and Robin had spoken of the bond that was formed between them. One hundred and twenty days since the interaction had occurred within the gym. Two thousand eight hundred and eighty hours that Raven still loved her leader, they said that time was supposed to heal all wounds. They were full of shit.

She watched Robin and Starfire begin to grow closer. Jealousy and relief constantly fought in her head to the point that she couldn't stand to visit Nevermore.

Most of the time she stayed in her room.

If she desired social interaction she would help Cyborg work on the T-Car; his terrible music blared so loudly and her focus on one task allowed her to block out the voices of her emotions in her head. It became a sanctuary of sorts.

If she wanted to torture herself she would once in a blue moon allow Starfire to drag her to the mall. It served as a punishment for the times that she found herself wallowing over Robin more than usual. Sometimes those torture methods worked; others made her hate Starfire for her beauty, charm, and consistent chatter about the Boy Wonder.

Beast Boy still annoyed the hell out of her. Although sometimes his jokes were funny. But she delighted in the simplicity of Beast Boy; the animal like way that he thought and felt his emotions. Loyalty, compassion, anger, sadness. They were there, they were simple, they were a relief.

Try as she might she still couldn't escape Robin. Their schedules always seemed to coincide; his from a caffeine induced obsession, hers from nightmares and good books. Late nights and early they managed to have a conversation in Romanian, others they exchanged simple hellos. She still loved their conversations, even though his smile and laughter were contagious.

The worst was when she had to heal him which was a frequent occurrence because of how reckless the Traffic Light was. She never preformed skin to skin contact anymore, which was less effective but a necessary evil. The seals of his memories were broken, and she couldn't risk another event like what had happened in the gym to happen again.

For once luck was on her side, Robin took her warning to heart, although she could feel him watching her more than usual. And now it seemed as if every time she had a nightmare, he would knock on her door. Trying to get her to let him in.

'"I can feel your nightmares. I can see things in shadows; smoke, fire, a demon. Please Raven."' he said, his voice always muffled but she could still feel the hope, sadness, and care radiating from her friend.

Occasionally she would open the door. Most of the time she would leave it closed, pretending not to hear him until he let his frustration get the best of him and storm away.

They only talked about the Bond once after their confrontation in the gym. He had awkwardly approached her. '"I know that you saw things"'

'"All of your secrets are safe with me. So are Batman's."'

'"Thank you."'

Now, Raven sat on her bed and stared angrily at the clock in her hands "Only six more hours." she said aloud. The hours until her birthday were ticking by and Raven was scared, she knew the prophecy, the same one that the monks of Azrath and Zantanna had foretold. She knew it by heart. She sighed and set the clock down on her bed when a sudden knock on her door caused her to jump.

She opened the door only to find the dark hallway abandoned. Suspicion and curiosity got the best of her and she walked down the moonlit hallway to the living room. She looked around hesitantly before the lights came on and her team yelled "Surprise!"

She almost screamed and saw the banner and balloons hanging from the ceiling. The team must've noticed her face go from surprised to angry and Starfire was the first to speak "What is wrong, Raven? We only wish to celebrate the day of your birth."

"I told you a surprise party was a bad idea." Robin stated as he turned his attention to the green changling beside him.

Raven's dark powers began engulfing the grass stain, and Beast Boy let out a small yell.

"How did you know today was my birthday?" Raven demanded.

"Remember how you made a big deal last night about today? I did some snooping and I kinda found a restricted file. And it had all the information on you! Although it wasn't very much, you and Robin have next to nothing in the files."

Now it was Robin's turn to glare at Beast Boy.

"And we have been preparing for the celebration ever since!" Starfire interrupted.

"We put up tons of decorations!" Beast Boy stated as he gestured at the decorations that the team had put up, encouraged by Starfire's oblivious happiness.

"And I made my famous seven layer cake with three kinds of frosting!" Cyborg exclaimed as he help up an enormous cake with indeed three different types of cake and three different colors of frosting although the green frosting made Raven bit nervous.

"And I have prepared for you the Traditional Tamaranian crown of meat!" Starfire sang as she held the crown out to Raven hopefully.

Raven took a step back, unable to hide her anger and disappointment. Then mentally winced because she knew that Robin could feel it through their bond.

"I hope this is okay?" Robin asked as he stepped forward.

"No it's not." Raven replied. "I really appreciate what you are trying to do, but I am not interested." she turned away from her friends and began to walk out of the living room towards her bedroom.

Starfire immediately blocked her path, "But there will be dancing, and the ice cream, and a strange game that includes pins and the tail of a donkey.

"We even got a piñata shaped like Beast Boy, don't tell me you really don't want to give it a good smack." Cyborg also blocked her path.

"I said no." Raven stated her voice getting angrier.

She felt Robin behind her, obviously preparing to calm her down. She almost let him until Beast Boy cut in front of him mentioning how important and fun it would be to celebrate her birthday.

"No!" she screamed and her powers immediately got the best of her; destroying all the decorations, plates, tables and chairs surrounding her. Even the Beast Boy piñata, which she could hear her inner demon chuckling in the background.

She saw the terrified and sad expressions on her teammates faces and before anyone could say anything, Raven turned and walked out the door quickly, pulling her hood up in the process. Behind her she could hear Beast Boy muttering something about a party being a bad idea.

She could feel Robin following her and chose to ignore it. But the Boy Blunder soon caught up to her "Raven what's wrong?" he demanded.

"I just don't like parties." she stated as she paused.

"It's more than that. I can tell, we have a bond remember?"

Of course I remember, idiot. I am the one who placed it there. she thought to herself.

"You've been inside my mind, let me inside yours.

"Absofuckinglutely not." Raven replied.

"Let me help you." he begged.


"We know each other, we trust each other with our deepest secrets." he tried.

Raven sighed. "I know. But this one…it won't be a secret for long." she phased through the floor before Robin could stop her and reappeared in her bedroom. Her clock sat on her bed mockingly and with a sigh, she picked it up and continued to glare at it.

Robin knocked on her door again and again before sighing and walking away. What was she hiding from him? What did she mean when she said that this secret wouldn't be a secret for long. He thought back to the day that he had seen the brands on her skin, It has to be something to do with that said his inner detective. He paused and wracked his brain for any type of clue about Raven that he had. She was from another dimension, she was half demon, she was mysterious, intelligent, selfless (almost annoyingly so), quiet. Beautiful in an exotic way. His thoughts went in every direction as he tried to think

Then he remembered. "She tried to join the Justice League." he said aloud as he pounded his fist into his open palm, proud of himself for remembering.

He had received a call from Batman, the day that he submitted the paperwork to the Justice League about his new team. Batman was always the first to know things. The call came in less than an hour after.

"You have an interesting set of teammates." his former mentor stated. "An alien, a half man half robot, a changling, and a half demon"

Robin nodded suspiciously hearing the hesitation in Bruce's tone. "What?" he demanded.

"Raven. She applied to the Justice League a few days after she came to Earth." Batman explained.

"Why did you deny her? She is an amazing fighter and private like you. It seems that the two of you would get along swimmingly. You both even have a thing for long dark cloaks."

"We denied her entry because she is dangerous."

"She is a meta-human like the rest of my team. Of course she has potential to be dangerous. Starfire destroyed an entire city block before Raven helped us stop her. Beast Boy can transform into any animal, including the extinct ones. He could easily go Jurassic Park on our asses."

"Raven is a liability. A big one. Demons are dangerous. Half breeds even more so, they don't know their potential or the damage that can be inflicted. Zantanna had a vision about her. She has been labeled a threat."


"It's classified."

Robin rolled his eyes, getting irritated. He could tell that Batman was questioning his protege's decision making skills.

"You need to report to us any changes. Any threats. You will keep an eye on her.

Robin sighed. He sat back in his chair and glared at the file he had pulled up on Raven. To his annoyance, Beast Boy had been right there was almost no information on Raven to report. Just the basics and a few of his own observations

Name: Rachel Roth

Age: 16

DOB: October 13

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 108 pounds

Place of Birth: Azrath

He looked over her file again and again and again, hoping that there was something that he had missed. Anything that would give him a clue as to why Raven was not invited into the Justice League as well as why Batman and the rest of the League were afraid of her.

Her scream broke him from his thoughts.

He ran of his room and used the over ride code to force her door open. "I heard you scream!" he cried out.

Raven sat on her bed; drenched in sweat with her eyes wide in panic. He could feel her emotions through their bond and almost smell the smoke in the air.

"Raven?" he asked again softly as he approached her, he had his hands raised in a surrender pose as if he were approaching a caged animal.

She looked at him her breathing still hard.

He kneeled down beside her bed and gently took her cool hand in his own, he found himself liking the way that their two hands fit together.

She winced at the contact but allowed him to hold her hand.

"You're safe. In the tower. What happened?" he asked.

Before the dark beauty could answer the alarm blared. She looked at him "Trouble." she sounded relieved.