Doctor Emmet Lathrop Brown had escaped with his girl, the women that he had met when he had traveled back to the year 1885. The date was

September 7, 1885 and they had witnessed the crash of locomotive 101 as it had crashed into Shonash Ravine. It had been a spectacular

crash and the doc and Clara had rushed to the side of the ravine to make sure that the DeLorean had not crashed but had made it back to the

year 1985. They both breathed a sigh of relief as they saw that the car had not crashed.

The Doc had to think fast, for the people of Hill Valley were going to want some answers. They had destroyed a train and stolen it as it came

down the tracks. They had forced people off of the tracks and had left them on the side of the tracks standing there. The people heard the

crash of the train and ran as fast as they could to see what had happened.

Clara and the Doc thought a minute and as they watched the people running down the track they hid the hover board. The doc started

yelling "Clint. He ran towards the people who were coming down the track and told them "Clint, he saved you all. He knew that there was

something wrong with the train and he tried to stop it but it exploded in flames and kept going faster. He saved Clara and my life today

by pushing us away from the engine and trying to stop it on it's own. He not only saved all of your lives but he saved our lives too."

The engineer came over and looked in the ravine. It was obvious that no one would have survived the crash. "He declared Clint Eastwood

a hero" Everyone there cheered and headed back to town.

That morning the men of the town went to the crash site and try as they could no trace of Clint's body was found. There were parts of the train that

were so damaged that you could barely tell what was and what was not there. They were afraid that Clint was lost forever. Everyone in the small

town of Hill Valley was in mourning. This man Clint had come into their life and save them from the evil Buford 'Mad Dog Tannen. He had been

charged with the robbing of a stage coach along with his friends. Finally the people of the town were safe.

Two weeks later there was a town meeting led by the mayor and Doc Brown where it was voted that the ravine where the train crossed would be

named after the hero Clint Eastwood. It was voted that once the bridge was built they would place a placard for all to see for the next few hundred

years in his name.

In the meanwhile the Doc had been working on looking at some of the mechanisms on the hover board. There were some things that made the

hover board fly that might help him build another time machine. He had the time machine that he had arrived in the year 1885 that he could

use for parts and he thought that he might be able to make another time machine. Yes, he would work on that.

Clara was the woman of his dream. His best friend Marty had told him that love can be at first sight. The moment that he had saved her from the

horse and buggy that had almost landed in Shonash Ravine. He and Marty had made the horrifying discovery that Clara Clayton was supposed to have

gone over into the ravine that day. They had changed history by keeping her In the year 1885. She was supposed to have died before coming into

Hill Valley and he was not due to be born until 1920 some thirty-five years in the future.

Doc worried about what he was doing to the future and dedicated himself to do nothing but good things for the town. The trial of Buford Tannon

and his gang was quick and Buford was sentenced to the state prison for the next ten years along with the rest of the men in his group. Hill

Valley was a safe place to be and a good place to raise children now.

Seamus McFly and his wife Maggie had become good friends with the doc and Clara. They owned a small farm on the edge of town something

that the doc and Clara thought about getting for their own some day.

Courting in the year 1885 was very different from courting in the year 1985. It was considered improper for the two lovers he and Clara to spend

time together alone in her or his home. She was a school teacher and the town looked upon her much more critically than they did other women

so they spent their times together at church and Emmett found himself spending many hours working with Clara at the schoolhouse. Each time

that they were together he felt himself falling in love a little more each day.

The holidays were coming and Thanksgiving was just two weeks away. Emmett had been raised in the twentieth century and was not sure about

the way that the holiday was celebrated in the 19th century. But he listened to the people and Clara helped him. They were both invited out to

the McFly farm and the doc was treated to a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. It was the first celebration at the McFly farm as well. They did have

a turkey with potatoes and turnips peas and bread. For desert they all celebrated with a piece of apple pie. The food was delicious and the

atmosphere was cheerful and happy. The doc thought that he had found his piece of heaven and did not want to ever lose the woman he loved

Clara Clayton.

The days were starting to get chilly and the nights cold. Emmett was used to central heat and running to a non efficient wood stove of the year

1885 to get the little heat that the stove provided the Doc was glad that he had not moved to the northern part of the country. The snow would

be there shortly and he was getting much better at taking care of the animals at his stable.

The doc had ordered a ring out of a magazine for Clara and had held it in his pocket for the past two weeks. He was going to ask him to marry

her on Christmas day. He thought that was a good day and wanted the day to be special to both of them. Everyday he worked and then went

to the schoolhouse to meet her. She lived in a small house next door and he had gotten into the habit of walking her home on a daily basis. Everyone

in town knew that they were in love and the doc would tip his hat to people as he walked through the town.

Whenever the doc had a spare moment he worked on his time mechanism. Between the hover board and some pure luck the machine was starting

to come along. It was going to take him months maybe even years to finish it, but he was determined to travel through time once more.

He had decided to purchase an old train and make it the time machine. With the flying circuits from the hover board he had been able to figure out

how to make it fly. He could fly the darn thing but it was not going to be able to go through time as of yet. He had learned so many things from his

time travel before but was it going to be enough? He knew that if Marty had done things as he had asked him the time machine had been destroyed

in the year 1985, but perhaps if nothing else he could leave some kind of message for Marty in the future. 'No that would not work he needed to do

this himself.'

Clara was a brilliant lady and a lady she was. She was kind smart and loved children. The two of them were happy no matter where they went and were

always laughing together. The Doc could not wait to marry her and go ahead with their lives.

Clara was at home thinking about the man that she loved. He was a strange man who had come to her from the future. He came from the year 1985,

but did not talk about it very much. She knew that he was afraid that they would do something to the space time continuum that he was always mentioning

to her. She knew that he knew things about the future and sometimes she was tempted to ask him something. His answer 'she would learn them

through the natural course of time'. Sometimes that made her mad. She just wanted to know certain things not everything. She loved him with all

her heart and she wondered how they handled love in the 1980's. She was sure that there was still courting and love, but life must be very different

there in the end of the next century. She loved his feel, his smell and his strange way of doing things. She knew that he was working very hard at making

another time machine and hoped that he would succeed at his attempts. She wanted to travel through time with him. It sounded like a lot of fun and

they could learn things about history that no one else would know.

The Christmas season was upon them and the people decorated their homes with candles. It was very dangerous but although the electric light had

now been invented by Edision it was still not in use in most parts of the country. It was especially not used here in Hill Valley and the doc wanted to

convince the town that it as time to give those new electric lights and the telephone a chance.

There was to be a town meeting in January and the doc was going to bring it up. The two inventions would greatly help him with his work of making

the time machine. So he and Clara spent most of their time at the school house where it was nice and warm. When the days got very cold some of

the towns people would actually come into town and sleep at the school house. It was a safe place for them.

As the doc and Clara sat on one of the benches and looked out the telescope that she loved so much, they held each others hands. Emmett had

never even kissed her. Clara thought 'do men no kiss in the 1980's ?' He was so nice and such a gentleman. She was not sure what to do. She loved

him and wanted to have his children, but he had not asked for her hand in marriage. It was not her place to make the first move, but she was starting

to get desperate. She put her head on his shoulders as he looked through the telescope and he responded by putting his arm around her shoulders. He

held her close and looked right into her eyes and smiled at her. But then he went back to gazing at the stars.

That year the winter came early and many times the children of the village could not make it into school. Christmas was coming in just one week

and she had been trying to help her students make their parents a present. The snow was deep and some of the students got stuck at the school

one night. They were safe and warm at the school house and she and Emmett made sure that they were fed and warm. The parents had been told

that if the weather got too bad she would keep them in town for their safety and she worried that the parents were not worried.

That evening the two of them worked together and she brought the children to her home. She had a warm hearth thanks to Emmett and there

they would have a bed to lie on. The benches were not comfortable.

Then Christmas came and the caroling and the celebration at the church. Clara and Emmett went once more to the McFly farm and spent Christmas

with them. William was growing so fast and was now walking and starting to talk. Emmett thought of his friend Marty and how this little boy was his

great grandfather Seamus and Maggie were his great great grandparents and reminded Emmet of Marty somewhat.

That evening doc brought Clara home and asked if he could come in. Clara could not believe that he wanted to come in . He had never been inside

without someone with him but she did let him in this time. He looked nervous and she asked him to take a seat at the table. As she sat down he

got down on his knees and asked her "Would you follow me through time as my wife?"

She couldn't believe it he did ask her. She replied "yes." and with that for the first time Emmett reached over and gave her a kiss. It was not a passionate

kiss but it was a kind kiss one that she would expect to get from him. He left a few minutes later so that the people of the town would not talk and went

back home.

The following days were fun and great for Clara and the doc. They told all of their friends about their engagement and all in town congratulated them.

The wedding was to take place on valentines day February 14th and neither one of them could wait. Emmett was from the twentieth century and

he had forgotten that in this previous time woman were not allowed to work once they were married. They would have to find a place to live. Clara

would not have her home and the stables was not the type of place that a lady would want to stay.

The one thing that Emmett had was plenty of money. He had brought all kinds of money with him as he traveled through time. He and Clara started

to look around Hill Valley for a home. There was a home where widow Lawrence had once lived. She was now in her seventies and had gone to live

with her son and wife. They looked at the home and both were pleased with it.

The home had two bedrooms and a loft. It had a large barn and the train tracks went right through the land that the property had. This would make

it easier for Emmett to make his time machine. The house was out on the outskirts but not too far from town. Emmett could make it to the stables

in less than ten minutes on horseback. The house came furnished and so it was settled. They now had a place to live.