Hill Valley had certainly changed over time. Marty and Jennifer had been married for over ten years now and were the proud parents of two children. Sometimes due to the nature of their business they found their lives to be full of changes, without warning. Each and every time that they would go through time there would be a small change. Sometimes the change was a major change, where sometimes the changes would be minor.

Marty missed his time with Doc and always had it in his mind to go back and see him. But, time was strange days could turn into weeks and even months. Sometimes it would be many months before he would once again have the pleasure of seeing his partner in time Doc and his wife Clara. He thought of them as a sort of aunt and uncle.

But, time had been good to the McFly family now that they had corrected the wrongs that had been done to both the Doc and the McFly family. The best thing was that he and the Doc had saved Clara from going over the ravine that day. They had their children and their children had children and so forth. There was now a large group of people who knew about the time machine.

Now, Marty was looking at the newspaper and found another birth announcement. The Doc was now an official great great grandfather to a little boy named Emmett. He knew that the Doc would find a way to find about his future family and he hoped that his friend would show up today. But, much to his despair the Doc did not come.

Jennifer, who was now working in the quantum physics department at a local college and was enjoying her work immensely. She was very good at her job and was working towards getting her doctorate. She was a good mother and wife and Marty loved her very much.

As for Marty he had stayed in Hill Valley and had remained doing experiments on the time machine. He had become a stay at home father. It was not his intention when he and Jennifer got married, but he had found his work very rewarding. Jennifer and Marty had found their niche in life and they were both happy.

Marlene and Marty Jr. were becoming good kids. Both were doing very well at school and had been on many trips through time. They were lucky because they had their father home during the day.

Marty's mother and father lived only a couple of miles away and had readily accepted the fact that Marty and Jennifer traveled through time thanks to an invention that Doc Brown had made. Both of his kids loved going to their grandparents, even when they knew that their parents were going on a trip through time. Most of the time they both wanted to travel with their parents, but sometimes it was not safe.

Doc Brown was now feeling the affects of growing old. No matter what he had done to stop the aging process, age was catching up with him. He was now having a hard time hearing and concentrating. In the year 2025 he had been given time by a rejuvenation process, but now he was slowing down once again. He didn't like to think about it, but he was I true age now 93.

He had been adding up all of the years and taking into affect all of the time travel and his true age, he was now 93 years 3 months and 10 days old. he was still walking without a cane and was still mentally competent. 'But how long?' he thought to himself. It was then that he decided to write a letter to his best friend and time traveling buddy Marty.

As the Doc took a seat his desk he thought of his wife and family. His invention had sometimes felt like a curse, sometimes a blessing. One of the blessings of being able to travel through time was that he knew that each and everyone of his family was going to see him again. They would see him in the future as a time traveler and be bale to relate with him. Strange, but he had those memories too.

Doc wanted to write a letter that would not be found by anyone but Marty. A long time ago, they had come up with a place in the back of his bookcase, as the place to put things for reading in the future. The Doc would date the envelope so that Marty would know when to open the letter.

As Emmett sat his desk he picked up the pen and began the letter.

August 11, 1920

Dear Marty

I have now reached the age of 93 and wanted to let you know my wishes. I have had a long and fruitful life. Clara and I have a good life . I have been happy here in the early 20th century. It is my wish that the original time machine remain with you upon my death. I leave Clara my train time machine and all possessions from this era. All my possessions that remain from the 1980 s are to belong to you and Jennifer.

I love you and always will. My time is near I fear, but still I will make at least one more trip to the years 1985 and later.

Emmett Brown

Each and everyday Marty would check the location of the Doc's communication. On this day he found the letter from the Doc. He read it and felt the tears forming on his cheeks. The Doc had always wanted to take care of him and his family. It was true that his friend had not made another trip to see him, he had passed in his sleep that night. He closed the letter and thought "I will wait to see you again. I know that you will come back during your many time traveling escapades.

This the story goes.