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The story-CH1:

Steve Rogers stared at the machine in front of him with no words. Yet it was his sights telling that he was ready instead of his voice. Tony Stark, who was the host of the workshop in which they were standing, stood next to Steve with an obvious look of pride.

"You are to change the history, Cap." There were more than enough reasons for Tony to be pride, after all, the machine in the room was invented by him together with Dr. Bruce Banner. A few kinds of material were so rare that they had use up the whole storage they could collect so far. Since Bruce was always gentle and modest, Tony thought it would be him to do the proud part, "It is my honor to witness such a great time."

Captain America nodded slightly. His motion was too slight to be noticed but enough for Tony to understand his determination.

Steve felt his one arm held from behind when he had just put one foot into the machine. He turned around and saw Tony with a serious look on his face, which usually belonged to a playboy. Tony's tone was also solemn:"This machine had only been proofed theoretically, but we are not able to test it, Cap. If only it fail, you would be trapped in the fracture of time and space. Moreover, even if it succeed…the shape changes of the machine parts would be caused by the bent of time and space. As a result…"

Tony felt difficult to finish his sentence because of the expression on Captain America's face. It seemed like that blonde man was marching to death instead of a time trip. Bruce, who had entered the workshop without being noticed by the other two men, helped his finishing the instruction:"The more you repeat, the less stable the machine would be. And if you want to come back…" He passed a micro remote-control unit to their Captain, "press this button and everything would be back to origin, and nothing would be changed."

"Thank you, Bruce. I know how dangerous it could be, but…even when I had nothing, I had Bucky, so whatever is worthy risking if only I could save him from suffering." With these words Steve took the remote-control unit and stepped into the machine with no hesitation. As soon as the cabin door was about to close he added to his two friends:"I feel honored to have friends like you." Before Tony and Bruce recognized the sign of farewell in what Cap had said, the door closed in front of them.

Steve did as what he was told by Tony and Bruce. He set up the four-dimensional coordinates of time point and location, and then he started the machine calmly.

He would be back to seventy years ago, only a few minutes before Bucky fell off the train, and he would be on the train. This time, Steve promised to himself, this time he would got Bucky's hand, and he would protect him from being tormented by Hydra, from becoming a man-shaped weapon without memory or emotion.

If the machine fail this time, Steve knew Iron Man had the ability to be the new leader of the Avengers, not to mention there were still Natasha known as Black Widow, and Hawkeye, and Sam the Falcon. There were other avengers other than Captain America protecting people.

Steve was willing to risk whatever he should, and pay whatever price for taking Bucky back. All he mattered to him was Bucky, the whole world he had even when he had nothing.

He fell into darkness, yet Steve could feel himself getting through something. When darkness faded he could again see the surroundings around him.