The world wouldn't stop spinning. Harry opened his eyes seeing Snape placing the cloth on his forehead. He said something which Harry couldn't quite make out. Everything hurt. His breathing was even faster. He couldn't catch his breath. He reached out, grabbing onto Snape's arm. The fabric of his clothes felt smooth and cold. He pulled the other tighter against him and curled up against his arm, whimpering, wanting it all to stop. He was so tired.


"Potter, enough. Release me!" Severus hissed. The boy, however, was far too gone to register what the potions master was saying. He tried tugging the other's arms away but the boy had an iron grip and ripping himself free could possibly hurt the sores on his face and arms leaving him scarred.

So, Severus Snape tried to get comfortable, lying beside the boy. It was entirely inappropriate but the boy would not let go. His fever was going too high. And he wasn't eating. Severus sighed and replaced the cloth which had already gotten warm. It was hard doing it all with one arm.

The boy trembled and Severus frowned. His body was still trying to raise the fever further? No. He couldn't allow that. He placed the cloth over the side of the boy's face, covering his very flushed cheek and temple, then he reached into his robes and pulled out a fever reducing potion, bringing it to the boy's lips. Sitting up to make sure the boy didn't choke, the boy drank it all and groaned in sleep.

Severus lay back and waited for the fever to begin to recede.

This was entirely unnecessary! There was no reason for Potter to be in this condition! The headmaster should have had him immunised! What else had not been done for the boy? What else was still pending?

He reached down and removed the cloth once more. Potter's green stained skin had faded to milky white. His heart skipped a beat and reached down to feel the boy's cheek. The temperature was coming down. He kept his hand over the side of the boy's head. He wondered… had things gone any differently… did the fates have a dimension where the boy would have been his?

"Agh! Stop it." Severus hissed, disgusted with himself and pulled his hand back, a sense of relief coursing through him as the boy began to look better. Still, in this feverish state he looked more like the child he was than the man he was trying to become.

He hoped the other could clear the rest of the infection quickly.


The baby cried as Draco pointed the wand. He opened his mouth to whisper the spell.

The crying stopped. Draco froze. Did he… chant the spell without even realising it? He began to breathe quickly. "No. No. No." He yanked the door open, staring with wide eyes at the little girl that sat there, biting her fist, looking up at him with wide teary eyes.

The little girl stretched her little arms into the air, asking to be picked up. Draco let out a shudder and reached in to pick her up, holding her close and beginning to cry.

"I'm sorry… I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…" He cried. He was vile, he was filth, he was a bloody coward. He was a shame to the Malfoy name. He was about to send an innocent baby to get tortured, probably killed.

He cried holding the little girl, wishing the other would know how sorry he was. In the end, he gently pulled the girl away. The little one cooed and smiled at him, smacking his face firmly a couple of times, playing with his tears.

A smile found its way to Draco's lips and he shook his head. He didn't deserve her smiles. He needed to get her back before someone noticed.

"Come on, Potter." He said to her. She cooed in reply. Again he used the quiet corridors, however once he got to the Hospital Wing, professor McGonagall was with the Matron both desperately looking for Lily. Draco's heart raced and quickly thought of what to say. He looked at Lily who didn't get the memo of sneaking around and squealed loudly. Time to improvise.

He stood tall and walked out of his hiding spot, entering the Hospital Wing.

"Mr. Malfoy!" Professor McGonagall exclaimed.

"What is the meaning of this? Where is Potter? This is a school not a nursery! I found his brat crawling away and diving for one of the moving staircases!" He passed Lily to Professor McGonagall who took her surprised.

"She's crawling now?" McGonagall asked shocked. Crap.

"Well she wasn't flying!" Draco said and turned his back to them. "Ridiculous!" He exclaimed on his way out and he heard Lily squeal and giggle, trying to match his voice in volume.

Once he was on the next floor, Draco dropped against the wall once more, taking a deep breath. Somehow… he made it. And now? What was he supposed to do? He could lie… he could tell him the place was guarded and the child was never unattended. The Dark Lord would be able to know he was lying once they came face to face… but for now it could work. Maybe… by the time he had to face that man again he would complete his main mission, and this failure would seem trivial. Hopefully.


"Potter! You haven't eaten in a whole day. Unless you want your fever to come back you will eat this food." Snape hissed at him. Harry had refused to eat, claiming he was nauseous. Now that he'd had the required potion, his excuse simply was that he wasn't hungry. An excuse Severus Snape was not willing to accept.

"I'm fine…" He mumbled. Snape was about to argue again when he became furious and Harry became a little scared. He thought the look of utter hate and disgust was directed at him but the moment he looked away from Harry the potions master gripped his left arm hard. "Are you ok?" Harry asked reaching for him but Snape moved away.

"Eat your food." Was all he said before leaving. That was weird. And then the pieces in his mind clicked and it wasn't so weird. The Dark Lord must have been calling him. Harry stared at the food and slowly began to eat. He closed his eyes every time he swallowed but the nausea he expected remained dormant.

He glanced at the red spots which were starting to dry up. His skin looked paler green now, the infection beginning to fade. He hoped Snape would be alright. He frowned at himself. Was it too late? Was he already too attached to the potions master?

But didn't he still doubt his loyalties? Yes and no… What was wrong with him?!

Forget that, he needed to focus on getting better and staying in bed wasn't going to help. He got out and sighed as he walked around the room, trying to make himself feel normal again. He needed to get back to Lily.


Severus put one step forward and kneeled. "My Lord." He said with reverence.

"Ah, Severus, you didn't tell me that Harry has become ill." The Dark Lord said, his voice smooth and comforting but Severus could feel the venomous undertones.

"Yes my Lord. Dumbledore requested I guard him at all times. There simply was no time to inform you."

"I do not like not being informed, Severus."

"Yes, my Lord. Potter's condition is improving, he is likely to be back in Hogwarts by the evening or tomorrow morning."

"How charming. Perhaps it's for the best, there is nothing I could do with the boy just yet. But I had hoped that at least Draco would have completed the task I assigned him."

What task? Another one?

"Anything I could assist with, my Lord?" Severus asked.

"No, no. I had asked Draco to bring me Potter's child. He claims she was being guarded at all times as well. Dumbledore must be getting quite resourceful."

He'd wanted Lily? What had Draco done? Had he tried? Had he been able to? He knew for a fact that Lily was not likely to be guarded that strongly within the castle walls.

"Naginni will have to wait a little longer for her snack."

Severus felt a wave of nausea strike him as he realised what the Dark Lord meant.